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Chapter 16

Space Paranoids (The Grid)

"Sora!" Sora skidded to a stop before the Gummi Ship as Leon came running toward him, panting.

"What's wrong?" Sora said, immediately alert.

"We found something strange inside Ansem's computer! We think it might have something to do with Tron."

"TRON!" Sora bolted past Leon to Ansem's study where his computer was stored. Kairi and Donald followed behind him and Kairi was shouting out while running.

"What's-Tron?" She gasped.

"He's our friend. He was a program inside the computer that was trying to stop the MCP from letting heartless into our world."

"A program? MCP? What are you talking about?"

"You'll see!" They reached the computer and Leon pressed a button, which revealed a blue laser looking at them through the computer screen.

"What does it do?" Sora asked.

"I don't know. And honestly, I don't wanna find out." Leon said.

"I do!" Donald pressed a button before Sora could stop him.

"DONALD NO!" The laser ignited and came out of the computer, slamming into Kairi, Donald and Sora. Before Leon's eyes, they began to disappear and he sighed, smacking his forehead with his hand.

"Not again." He muttered.

"Ugh..." Kairi woke slowly, her whole body aching as she stood to her feet, Sora and Donald waking up beside her.

"Where are we?" She asked. Donald shook his head, looking around.

"Hey, watch out!" Sora turned and saw a disk flying toward his head. He ducked and grabbed his keyblade, running to the side as the others followed him. He looked to the left where the disk had come from and saw a guy staring at him angrily.

"You trying to get yourself killed?" He yelled. He flung his disk again and it hit another person. The opponent's body disappeared in a flash of what looked like diamonds that scattered on the floor, then disappeared. He walked up to them.

"You're not programs." He said, looking down on them.

"No, we're users." Sora said, gripping his keyblade tighter.

"You are? So am I. My name's Sam Flynn, I'm looking for my father. He got sucked into this game of his and he's been gone for twenty years." Sam said.

"Uh, I'm Sora, this is Kairi and Donald. We kinda just got sucked in here, too."

"Great." Sam muttered.


"Hey, get back." Sam said, stepping in front of them. A man was slowly walking toward them, the flourescent lights on his outfit orange. He pulled out two identity disks and Sam pulled out his own one, his whole body shaking.

"I don't think I can beat him." Sam said slowly.

"Man, I wish Tron was here." Sora said, looking at Rinzler. Rinzler froze and looked at Sora in surprise and Sora looked back, confusion filling his mind.

Rinzler flung a disc at them and Sora backwheeled, pushing Kairi backward as he went. It clipped Sam on the arm and Sam fell to the floor, clutching his arm. Rinzler glared at him.

"A user?" He said. Sora got up, looking at Rinzler.

"Sora, I think that's..." Roxas said.

"Tron?" Sora whispered. Rinzler looked at him in surprise, when suddenly a gigantic truck came out of nowhere, stopping in front of them. A young girl was glaring at Rinzler and she grabbed Sam.

"All of you, get on quick!" They all hopped into the seats, Donald sitting in Sora's lap as they took off.

"Who are you?" Sora asked.

"The name's Quorra." She said, turning to look at them with a big grin on her face.

"Oh, I'm Sora. This is Kairi and Donald."

"I'm Sam Flynn." Sam said.

"I know. Your father sent me to rescue you."

"My father?" Sam said, surprised. Quorra nodded. She looked at Sora.

"Where did you come from? You are also users, right?"

"Yeah...We came from another world." Sora said. She nodded.

"I see..."

"I don't." Sam said. "Where's my father."

"I'm taking you to him now." Quorra said. They rode through terrain and rocks before coming to a stop outside a building.

"Let's go." She led them out and into the building. As they climbed stairs, Sora sighed.

"Do you think there's a keyhole here?" Kairi asked. Sora shook his head.

"No...but Sam's in here against his will. We've gotta help him."

"We're in here against our will, too, Sora!" Kairi said. He sighed again.

"I know..." They walked into a bright room, it's lights illuminating as they walked through.

"Creator...he's here." Quorra said. They saw a man sitting crossed legged on the floor. He slowly got up and turned, staring at them.

"Sam?" He said.

"Dad?" Sam said. The man ran at Sam and hugged him tightly.

"That's his dad?" Kairi said.

"Looks like." Sora said.

"Namine, is there even a keyhole in this world?" Kairi asked.

"I don't think so, Kairi." Namine said.

"Why are we here then?" She asked her.

"Donald hit the button. You got sucked in. Simple."

"How do we get out?"



"Dad, we need to get out of here." Sam said.

"I know...But the portal is in the city, where Clu is. And he's going to be looking for all of you."

"Okay well we can devise a plan and-"

"The portal closes in less then eight hours. We don't have time to devise a plan." Sam's dad said.

"What do we do then?"

"We'll distract 'em, while you guys head to the portal." Sora said.

"But what about you? You have to return to your home." Quorra said.

"We'll find another way. We're from a different world, which means we'll have to get out a different way."


"Let's go then!" Sam said.

"Son..." Sam's dad seemed uncertain.

"Dad, we're going home. The both of us. I promise."

Sora ran out into the city as a bunch of guards came running to them, some of them bearing heartless crests.

"They're heartless!" Sora yelled out. He struck them with his keyblade as he saw Sam, Quorra and Kevin Flynn run around the corners toward a freighter.

"SORA!" Sora turned -

And saw Clu holding his disk to Kairi's throat.

"Let go of me!" She yelled.

"Where did they go?" Clu said to Sora.

"Let her go!" Sora said, stepping forward. Donald ran at Clu and Clu growled, holding his disk even closer to Kairi's throat.

"WHERE DID THEY GO!" He yelled.

There was a flash of light and Kairi lay on the floor, clutching her neck and crawling away from Clu as Quorra fought him.

"QUORRA!" Sora yelled.

"GO!" She yelled.

"NO WAY! We're not leaving you!" Sora said. Quorra slammed her disk down to the floor and Clu got blasted off his feet, landing 20 feet away from them.

"Who said I'm staying behind?" She said, grinning. They ran off at top speed.

"NO!" Clu roared. He ran at them and Quorra held out her disk, a silver glow emanating from it and creating a sort of shield.

"How much time will that buy us?" Sora asked.

"Not much. Run!" They ran once more, Clu's roars disappearing as they finally found the freighter where Sam and Kevin Flynn were standing, waiting for them. Kevin Flynn began hitting a keyboard, trying to make the freighter go at top speed. It took off, going a little faster than normal. Sam whooped.

"The portal is just up ahead. We've gotta get out of here." Kevin said.

"Let's go!" Sam said, nodding.

"FLYNN!" They turned and saw Clu glaring at them.

"Dad..." Sam said.


"On it!" She attached her disk to one side of the freighter while Kevin Flynn attached his to the other side. The freighter flew forward, Clu disappearing from behind them as they headed straight toward the portal.

"QUORRA WATCH OUT!" A disk came flying at them and it hit Quorra's arm. She fell to the floor, her arm disappearing in a flow of tiny diamonds.

"Oh no!" Sora pointed his keyblade at her.

"QUORRA!" He yelled. A green glow filled around her, but nothing happened.


"She's been derezzed. Her body's in shock. She's not gonna heal." Kevin Flynn said.

"How do we help her?" Sora asked.

"We can't. I have to reprogram her. It might take awhile." He said. He took his disk from the side of the Freighter and began working with it, trying to fix Quorra's arm. Finally after several minutes, he moved away and looked up.

"We're almost at the portal. She'll need time to reboot. Hopefully she'll be fine by the time we get there!" He said, getting up and attaching his disk to the side of the Freighter once more. Sora looked at Kairi.

"We need to get home." He said, sighing. She nodded.

"Right." She grabbed his arm, laying her head on his shoulder.

"I'm so tired." She whispered. Sora chuckled.

"I know." He whispered.

"Get some rest if you like. It will be awhile before we get to the Portal still." Sam said.

"Okay." Sora lay down on the Freighter, and Kairi lay next to him, laying her head on his arm.

"Night Sora." She said. He touched her hair lightly.

"Night, Kairi." He whispered.

"SORA! WAKE UP!" Sora's eyes snapped open and he looked up to see the portal ahead of them.

"Kairi, we can go home!" He said, getting up. Kairi got up straight away. She looked around and to their delight, they saw Quorra looking at them, smiling.

"Quorra, you're okay!"

"Yeah, I'm okay. Now let's get out of here." Flynn handed Quorra her disk. They started running toward the portal-

And Clu stood in their way.

"CLU!" Sam yelled. He ran forward-

"SAM NO!" Quorra grabbed him.

"We gotta get to the other side." Sora said.

"Give me your disk, Flynn. NOW!" Kevin Flynn suddenly walked forward-

and handed Clu his disk.

"NO!" Sam yelled. Kevin Flynn shoved Clu aside and yelled out.

"RUN GO!" He said, holding down Clu. Clu punched him across the face as they all ran toward the Portal.

"SORA! THAT'S OUR PORTAL!" Kairi said, pointing toward a green portal just a little way away from Quorra, Sam and Kevin Flynn's portal.

"How do you know?" Sora yelled.

"I can see Leon!" She yelled. Sora looked and saw indeed, Leon pacing in front of Ansem's computer, anxious.

"HANG ON LEON, WE'RE COMING!" He yelled. He looked at Sam and Quorra.

"GO!" They yelled.

"But Clu-"

"GO!" Quorra yelled. They nodded.

"STAY SAFE!" They yelled.

"GO!" Sam and Quorra yelled once more. Quorra smiled at them sadly. Sora nodded and grabbed Kairi and Donald's arms, running toward the Portal. He jumped through-

and landed in a heap in Ansem's study.

"Hey are you guys okay?" Leon said, helping them up. Sora grimaced.

"I hope so..."