Summary (because FFN is greedy on their word count):

Someone has seen the Animorphs. And it's a runaway kid named Kelly. How did this happen and what are they going to do? They know the consequences of making someone another Animorph. There was a sixth Animorph and they had to stop him, trapping him in a rat's body. Now they don't know if they should make Kelly a possible seventh. A mistake they don't want to repeat. What makes the decision even harder is that they've discovered Kelly's nerve-racking problem of having dream-like premonitions. About them and the invasion!

But before they had a chance to decide, chaos breaks loose- A familiar face appears bent on destroying the Animorphs, Ax and Kelly. The Yeerks are after her too. And a mysterious black-suited woman suddenly appears and aids the Animorphs with strange powers and weapons. But whatever is going on, they know with their secret in danger, it's a race to save Kelly.

The ultimate choice of recruiting or abandoning another again lies in their hands. And they must choose soon before it's too late...


From the Memory of a Child

I felt cold...

Something was dripping on my cheek...

Was it rain? Why was it raining?

I weakly opened my eyes. It was so dark everywhere. I could hear cricking and crackling sounds somewhere. I wanted to see what is around me but the water kept stinging my eyes when I tried to open them wider.

Where was I? I didn't know this place.

...I didn't remember how I got there.

I shivered. My neck hurt and it was so cold. I feel filthy too. I looked at my hands and clothes to see that they were wet with something green, blue and red. I didn't know where these colours came from.

...How come I didn't remember where I got these colours?

I was scared. Where was Mommy and Daddy?

Wait...what did Mommy and Daddy look like...? I couldn't remember.

...I didn't remember anything.

Who was I?

...What was my name?

...Why couldn't I remember?

I heard the sound of crunching leaves. I looked up and saw a black figure.

Someone was standing in front of me. I couldn't see her face clearly. She hid it in something that glimmered with colours of orange, black and blue.

Clank! She dropped something from her hand.

Crack! She broke it with her foot.

What was it?

She then turned around and walked away. Was she leaving me?

I didn't want her to go. I have so many questions to ask.

But I was so sleepy. So tired.

My eyes wouldn't stay open.

I wanted to ask her before everything went dark...but my mouth wouldn't let me speak.

Who are you? Why am I here?

Do you know who my mommy and daddy are? Where they are?

Where are you going? Can you take me with you? Because I don't like this place.

Why do you have to leave...? Please, don't go.

Do you know who I am?

From the Analogs of E-bzzzt- Van-bzzzt-d

...Analog 001. Time...XX September XXXX, 1:36 AM. Location...unknown. Possibly somewhere in British Columbia. Conditions...


It beats heavily on the screen of my helmet. My tension has mellowed from the impenetrable rhythm as I gaze up to the trees, loosening my finger off the trigger. I find it amusing...that the drops resembled bullets. Yet, they have a calming effect on me, washing the blood off my suit.

A foreigner. A stranger. An outsider of this 'time'. But the weather seemed to be welcoming this 'alien', cleansing the ugly part away.

Sadly, I know it will return again once the rain has passed.

I wonder... Have I had this soothing sensation before?

I don't remember such a thing, not even from my robbed childhood to my present existence as nothing more than a constructive tool. I did not reject the feeling or fear it. Instead, I accepted the invitation...a pleasing end to a blood-bathed calamity.

Some time ago, an unfortunate accident happened that led to an unplanned discovery, one nobody was to know. A four-year-old child became immediately alone as one of the invaders approached her, whipping blood off his tail.

...I did the unthinkable. I stepped in and rescued the child.

That should not have happened. But it did...

I took her somewhere safe. And in an hour, someone will find her and take her far away from the terrible scene...from the blood-soaked memory...

I returned to the aliens and readied my weapon.

I mercilessly slaughtered them. I gave them no chance to shoot their Dracon beams or tackle me with their blades. Not for what they did to the child's family and their attempts to forcefully recruit her to their growing army. A child at that, and to be one of them.

This was their punishment...

The humans were quickly disarmed and they fled in horror. The reptilian aliens were beheaded and the large worms were swiftly cut down to size. I was not stopped by their choking pleads.

I tore them apart pitilessly.

At last, only one remained. Their leader stared at me with terror in all four eyes.

Then...I ended the fight. I lowered my gun from his forehead and walked away. In anger, he cursed at me, as if I was mocking him. The alien tried to pursue after me, flicking his scythe tail at me. However, I had already chopped it off seconds before I put him at gunpoint.

The alien demanded I fight him, to come back, calling me a nothlit coward. But I ignored him, leaving him to recover.

Why should I continue? Fear was enough for the likes of him. And death was out of the question.

Once I no longer could hear his shouts, I was where I am now, watching the rain drizzle. I am.

...Who am I?

I am known as many things. And yet, I don't know what is the real me. I have been through many hardships to the point I have long lost my old self. That old persona has become nothing but a faded memory.

I stand as an instrument, given one mission only, one that I cannot fail and no other means to divert away from it. I am marked as disposable; regardless of whether I live or die after the completion of my task, I cannot return. I am an executioner, tasked to kill if necessary. I am hardened to the core and divested of emotions. I am a monster in many tongues and yet I am suitable for this position. I am one who is not bounded by emotional, mental and physical materials. I am someone who has nothing to lose.

I am the perfect subject for this mission. I am the perfect red pawn on this chessboard.

The perfect tool in this game...

I am not a saint or a saviour...and yet, I saved her.

Now, I have something to lose. And they will come.

But it doesn't matter. Let the aliens come and I will eliminate them without mercy. Let the one known as the traitor threaten me and I will fight him. Let the two high-and-mighty appear and test me as they had before, trying to enlist this tired puppet to one side or the other.

Let that repulsive eyeball come to taunt me constantly. Let that persistent old man come to judge my intrusion into their game. Let them try to control this trump card...

They can move me but they won't improve me to their favour. They can damage me but they can't kill me. They can slow me down but they won't stop me. They can win but I won't let them be triumph.

Their game, their war can bring me to a halt but those won't prevent me from completing my mission. Nothing can stop me from securing her existence...

So let them come...

I am ready for them...

Vickie: Hello all. I have returned back to the world of writing fanfics on old but favourite books. After so many years and looking over my most favourite fanfic I've ever written, I've decided to renew my Alteramorphs: The Alteration. It has been a long time that probably my pervious readers have sadly...been gone...sniff. So I plan to re-write my story and improve it (kinda noticed I could do better in the old one).

I hope you don't mind a re-appearance of this story but I assure you while it'll be taking a bit more extra space in FFN but it will, I hope, be better with more action, drama, bit of strong angst, less mushy (cuz I see my old one, I feel kinda queasy) and more blood spill and humour - cuz I'm evil. Some parts may not be improved or a bit different from the original one but I'll try my best to go a different direction for your joy in reading Animorphs.

And in addition, there is a reason for the title Alteramorphs. I really didn't have intention of taking that title but in much later chps will reveal why (Hey, maybe the Animorphs get something new and Marco decide a new name, who knows? I'm not telling). Also to ensure's not like the 'Alternamorphs' books. Nor will I write it that way.

Lastly, please please PLEASE don't read my original yet until Chp Fourteen! For new readers, there will be a guessing game on who is the 2nd anonymous person is as her identity will be revealed in this story in the same way I had in my original.

Actually, if you do plan to peek at my original, it'll lose the fun in what's different between them so HANDS OFF MY ORIGINAL FIC!

And so without further ado, please enjoy my prologue of "Alteramorphs #0: The Alteration" and review. And I'm open for beta and grammar mistakes. :)

P.S. This chapter has two different POVs but the two are in the same location after a terrible event. Hope that's not too confusing. Prologue revamped and inspired by the song, "What Become of Us?" by Cinephile from CSI Season 5 Episode 13, Nesting Dolls. I'm surprised the song fits.

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