Suteneko: Now CharaNari Special: Amulet Beat!

Amu: Yeah!

Suteneko: My Amu, aren't you pumped up.

Ikuto: She probably is still in cheerleader mode.

Kukai: Or maybe from mykiss

Ikuto: Go to hell

Kukai: You first

Suteneko: *sweatdrop* AmuKuroNekoHime does not own Shugo Chara or its characters.

Nagi's POV

I was taking a shortcut through the park until…..



I turned my head to see Amu-chan blushing furiously as Ikuto had his arms around her petite waist.


I should really encourage Amu-chan to file a restraining order against him…

"Ikuto! Let me go you hentai!"

Amu-chan squirmed under his grasp but it just made him tighten his grip.

"Not until you apologize for leaving me with everyone at the Garden yesterday."

"You guys deserved it! I knew you were a hentai but keeping pictures of me on your phone? How sick is that?"

Actually Hotori-kun kept Amulet Royal as wallpaper for his phone and Souma-kun kept Amulet Jack as well.

I decided enough was enough and cleared my throat to get their attention. They looked up. Amu-chan had a grateful look on her face and Tsukiyomi-kun looked downright annoyed.


"Need some help Amu-chan?"

"Nagi! Yes please! Thank you so much!"

She must really hate being under his grasp.

I darted my eyes away from Amu-chan's face and noticed a smirk on her captor's face.

What is he up to?

He leaned forward, to her neck and kissed it. Amu-chan cringed and when he drew back his face, a kiss mark was there!

I'll kill that sexual harasser!

"How do you like the kiss mark Amu?"

She gasped and once again tried to squirm free.

I'm sick of this…

"Let her go Tsukiyomi"

There was anger in my voice and he chara changed and smirked, "Mine" With one last glare, I pulled it out from my school bag.

As I waved it in front of my face, his tail and cat ears started to twitch with excitement. I smirked, turned around, lifted my left leg, extended my arm and threw it as far as I could. Ikuto immediately released his grip on Amu-chan, dropped onto his hands and feet and ran off after it.

It worked!

I looked up to see Amu-chan about to fall face flat on the ground.


Amu's POV


Thanks to Ikuto's sudden movement, I'm losing my balance and is about to fall face flat on the cold, rough brick ground!

I closed my eyes, prepared to face the impact, but instead of feeling excruciating pain…

I felt…

I felt…

Ikuto: Yes an Amuto moment! Thank you *runs up and hugs me*

Suteneko: *face colours* Uhmm, Ikuto could you let go off me now?

Ikuto: *release*

Suteneko: *fidgets*

Ikuto: Something wrong?

Suteneko: Nothing! I'm watching Chibi Vampire now..its really funny! And uhh please vote on my poll and uhh…

Ikuto: What are you rambling about?

Suteneko: *avoids eye contact with Ikuto*

Ikuto: What's wrong with you!

Nagi: She's embarrassed dumbass

Ikuto: Seriously? *looks at me*

Suteneko: *looks away*

Nagi: I don't understand though, you've had a lot of physical contact with the opposite sex so why is Ikuto any different?

Ikuto: How do you know?

Nagi: *hands him pictures*

Ikuto: Wow, you're even hugging a guy in this one, this guy seems to be important a boyfriend perhaps? *shows me the picture*

Suteneko: No! We're just best friends that's all! And he has a girlfriend!

Ikuto: What about this one? A love-hate relationship? * a picture of me and a another guy bickering*

Suteneko: He's a pervert and he teases me!

Nagi: Isn't that what Ikuto does to Amu?

Suteneko: *blushes* He's a freaking player! No way I'll be interested in a playboy like him!

Nagi: But from his actions, he seems to be interested in you.

Suteneko: Shut up!

Ikuto: So wait… If you were embarrassed earlier, does that mean you find me attractive? *smirk*


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