Suteneko: The last chapter of Amulet Beat!

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Ikuto: Go to hell

Suteneko: *sweatdrop* Okay…

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Amu's POV

I moaned from the tapping sunlight against my face and wondered how long I've been sleeping. I blinked, shut my eyes and blinked again. I yawned and finally managed to fully open both eyes. Shocked by what I just saw, I immediately sat up in my bed and took another good look around. I pinched my arm to find out if this is real or a lucid dream.

It hurts….so this means…


I was in a bedroom and a well furnished one at that.

Currently, I was sitting on an unbelievably warm and comfortable queen sized white Kyoto bed. There was a healthy looking bonsai tree on a small brown bedside table. Behind me, just behind the bed, was a shoji. To the front, just in front of the bed, there was a light brown totomi mat on the floor. To my left, there was a shoji styled wardrobe on the right corner of the room. On the left corner, there was a dark brown Kyoto kona desk with a matching Kyoto sideboard next to it. I turned to my right to see a Kyoto dresser with a large mirror above it. There was a woven basket on the dresser as well.

Whoever owns this place must love Kyoto.

I turned to my right again and glanced at my reflection in the mirror, my face was tired and pale, my hair was uncombed and messy and there were dark circles under my eyes. I rubbed the sleepiness out of my eyes and combed my hair with my fingers giving me a more decent bed head look. I looked at my reflection again and finally noticed what I was wearing.

I was wearing a light pink slip nightgown that ended at mid thigh and a matching long sleeve button front robe that ended just below the knee and hung loosely around my shoulders.

Why do I always end up in such revealing clothes?

Does God hate me or something?

It was getting hot and I started to sweat so I took off my robe and got out of the bed. As soon as my feet touched the ground, I looked up and got a closer look at the woven basket I saw earlier on the dresser to see 5 eggs inside. 4 were my own chara's eggs and the other…

Seemed somewhat familiar…

That's when it hit me,


At that moment, Temari came out of her egg and answered groggily, "Yes Nagi?"


Temari rubbed her eyes with her kimono sleeve and fully opened her eyes. When she saw me, she shrieked and tried to fly back to her egg but I was too fast for her. I grabbed her with my right hand and Temari tried to wiggle free but it was no use.

"Temari, give me answers."


I sighed and sat down on the edge of the bed with Temari still in hand. I closed my eyes and blocked out Temari's pleas for me to release her and her constant wiggling in my hand as I accessed the situation carefully in my head.

Temari is Nadeshiko's chara.

Nadeshiko is not here.

Could Nadeshiko have come back?

No it's something else….

Temari called me Nagi when she was half asleep meaning this is Nagi's room.


He's Nadeshiko's older brother

But then she never mentioned him before…..

Wait a minute….

I distinctively remember that I had asked Nadeshiko once whether she had any siblings and she said no!

But then who is Nagi?

Could it be?

Its crazy but this could only mean one thing.

I opened my eyes, surprising Temari a little.

"Temari, your chara bearer is Nagi who in fact cross dresses as a girl right?"

Temari's eyes widened in shock;

"How did you-"

"I remembered a rumor that Nadeshiko was always the first one to change before everyone else. Meaning she was preventing everyone to find out who she really was."

Temari looked down, "Please don't be mad at Nagi. It's a tradition in the family."

I released my grip on Temari and she flew over and sat on my shoulder.

She took a deep breath before explaining;

"In the Fujisaki family, they're a family of dancers. Every son born in the family will cross dress as part of his training for his dancing in order for him to understand and be fully into the role."

I nodded, slowly digesting the information and asked;

"They why isn't he cross dressing any more?"

"Nagi had lost sight of his dancing. Thus I returned to my egg and Rhythm was born. I waited for the time, Nagi found his passion in dancing again to hatch and join him which happened during the Easter Battle."

"So since you were gone and with a new egg, Nagi used the opportunity to be a normal guy right?"

Temari nodded and I asked another question;

"Am I the only one who knows?"

"No, Hotori-kun, Souma-kun & Mashiro-san knows plus Saeki Nobuko"

I took a deep breath to calm my nerves,



As if by instinct, Temari explained "It's because he cares about you greatly. He couldn't find the right time to tell you and he thought that you might think badly of him if he did."

I raised an eyebrow at her reasoning;

"Why would he think I'd feel that way? Nagi is a guy and he has to follow the tradition right? I would have understood."

"You would have?"

"Of course."

Temari & I smiled at each other until another question popped into my head.

"Temari? I have a few more questions."

"Go ahead."

"1. How did I get here?

2. Why am I in these clothes?

3. How long was I out?

4. Are my charas alright?

5. If this is Nagi's room, where did Nagi sleep?

"Nagi carried you here yesterday, you had a fever so we took care of you and his mother changed your clothes because they were wet. Nagi called in his Nadeshiko voice and told your parents you were sleeping over. Your clothes are probably dried by now so you can take them later and return home. Your charas had a fever as well buy they're alright now. Nagi slept on the floor."

Nagi slept on the floor so I could sleep on his bed?

He really is a gentleman.

"One more question."


"What's with the night gown? It's short!"

"I think it looks good on you, the pink matches your hair quite nicely."

I blushed a bit at the compliment knowing she was right until Temari shouted;

"X Egg!"

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