He couldn't see a thing but he could smell the mugginess and feel the cold air that told him he was somewhere horrible. He felt a thud in the back, which sent him flying forwards. He would have fell flat on his face, had he not been grabbed by the rope which was bounding his hands behind him. He felt the force of a knife shaking through the rope, and then a kick forward, which did send him to the ground. He lied still as instructed till he heard the loud thud of a door closing.

He immediately grabbed the black bag from off of his head and jumped into the sitting position. He swung his head to face the door trying to catch a glimpse of who had done this to him. There was nothing that could of prepared him, for the moment when he turned his head to see Gillian lying there.

The first thing that made her know she wasn't at home anymore was the cold air blowing down her back. There was a musty smell that reminded her of damp towels and something wet and sticky was touching her face. Her head throbbed against a hard surface.

For a moment she just lied there. She kept her eyes closed as she tried to make sense of where she must be. There was a muffled noise and then someone was grabbing her shoulders. They were shaking her and it was hurting and she wished they'd stop. With great effort, Gillian pushed through the groggy haze that was had been engulfing her, and opened her eyes to see Cal.

"Foster, Foster" Cal yelled as he grabbed her shoulders and pulled her up towards his chest. She had her eyes open by she wasn't talking to him. "Gil what did they do, oh luv, it's ok" he breathed, as panic grabbed at his heart. Please be ok. She opened her mouth, her facing speaking of the terror and confusion she was feeling.

"Water" Gillian whispered. Cal was terrified, she could tell but she didn't understand why. She just wanted water, her mouth was so dry she couldn't swallow and she was so confused, and the throbbing, it wouldn't stop. He laid her back down on the hard floor and she whimpered not sure what was happening. She didn't want him to leave her.

"Water, water" Cal said as he quickly scanned the room. In the corner, a white basin stood alone. He placed her down and rushed over to it. He turned the tap furiously, it creaked and then water began to come out. Realising he had nothing to carry it in he cupped his hands under the flowing water and tried get some. Rushing back to Gillian he tipped his hands letting the water fall into her mouth. She sucked at his hands wanting more, and he left and came back. Repeating the process until she was done.

She wasn't sure what was happening but she tried to sit up. "Cal, what, Cal what happened," she whispered.

"It's ok luv, its ok, yeah?" Cal said as he pulled her against his chest. He rocked slowly back and forth till her shaking slowed. Her fists grabbed his shirt.

"Cal, someone broke into my house, they grabbed me, I didn't see them, I don't know what they wanted, but they hit..." her voice trailed off as she reached up for the back of her head, and feeling the stickiness, Gillian sat up away quickly, pulling away from Cal.

"It's not bad luv, just a scratch really" he assured her stroking her face and trying to remove the blood that was also coming from the corner of her forehead. "Me too luv, was just getting into my car, and they grabbed me from behind, but I didn't know they'd get you. They must want something; they won't hurt us anymore because they need us for something."

It was only a micro expression but Gillian caught the doubt in his words as he said this. It was then that she realised she was in her pyjamas. She'd just gotten on her flannelette pants and her favourite grey tank top, when she was grabbed from behind.

The room was small, but fit a basin in it. The floor was white bathroom tiles, and the walls were painted with a chipped yellow paint. A single door had a hole cut in it, but was covered and locked with a sheet of metal. Cal had only been there a few minutes and he already hated every inch of that small room. Yes they just wanted us to help read lies Cal tried to convince himself. He would do what they said, he would play their sick games. But then he thought, he'd have to kill them. He would kill them for even just thinking about touching his Foster.