Good morning, holocron! Today is my birthday - I'm officially nineteen! The guys pooled their credits and bought me a miniature toolkit. I can't imagine how long they saved up for it. Needless to say, I'm touched.

Our little enclave here on Dantooine is abuzz with excitement: some Knights from Taris are visiting. Visiting Knights don't ordinarily cause a stir, but these guys are special. They happen to be Master Krynda Hulis' former Padawans. Master Krynda! Widow of the celebrated Jedi hero, Barrison Draay! There isn't a single Jedi who doesn't know who he is! He was fantastically rich - one of the richest men in his sector of the galaxy, an entrepreneurial genius, a man with what Master Kae called "the Golden Touch". Gossip has it that he was wealthy enough to have bought several moons for his private use: I don't know how true that is, but - man, what an achiever!

Yeah... okay, okay - I admit that I'm a huge fan of Barrison Draay. Pity he died so young, though.

And you know what? He gave it all up. All of it! Donated everything he had to the Order, save for certain key assets which were held in trust for any future non Force-sensitive Draay descendants. Rumour has it that the requisite paperwork took an entire standard year to complete.

That's a lot to give up. A lesser man couldn't have done it, but Barrison Draay did. That, I think, is what it means to not have attachments. 'Attachments' aren't necessarily what more and more folk these days are saying, i.e. that Jedi can't have... feelings for other people. Barrison Draay truly modelled selflessness and unfathomable generosity, coupled with good old common sense, for generations of Jedi to come.

Hmm. One of the visiting Knights is his son. Do you think he's anything like his old man? Wonder what he's doing here. Knights usually visit Dantooine for the purpose of inspecting our collection of younglings. Actually - that might be it. Padawan-shopping. Which means, he'll probably visit the -

...I think... yes, worth a try...



Lucien Draay is nothing like his father.

My hunch was right. Our visitors did go to the creche, in fact, they were observing the older children when I arrived. My heart was pounding with anticipation, and I did my best to appear nonchalant. Everything was going ok, but then I messed it up by asking, "Are you Lucien Draay?" How stupid can you be, Revan? Embarrassing, but what Lucien said next made it worse.

He said, "See any other Draays around here?" - which was terribly rude, not to mention he didn't even bother looking at me. Shocking. Looked towards the floor in my perplexity - that's when I noticed that Lucien was holding hands with one of his companions: a Miralukan lady. That surprised me, because typically those Jedi that do have... relationships try to keep them quiet and low-profile. I mean, not that there's anything wrong with having a relationship if you're a Jedi, but it's kind of starting to be - you know, politically incorrect in certain circles. This sounds totally ridiculous, but there are some Masters here - like Atris - who you really don't want to piss off. Know what I mean? That's why I keep telling Alek that he's got to stop being so damn obvious when he makes passes at girls... I keep wondering when his luck will run out and one of them will slap him - well, anyway, as I was saying - that's how things are on Dantooine. So I was rather surprised. Which made me hiccough. Then I totally put my foot in my mouth by saying something along the lines of how I didn't know Master Draay had a girlfriend, and what's her name - oh Force, Alek will never let me hear the end of it if he knew...

I wasn't really expecting Lucien to answer me - and it didn't cross my mind that she might - but she did. Her name's Q'Anilia. She had just started to talk to me when Lucien butted in. He was pointing to a skinny Human boy. Then he said, "That one will do. He'll be good for a laugh, if nothing else."

For the second time, I was stunned. Looked up to see which child Lucien was pointing at: recognised Zayne Carrick immediately. He'd just had another one of his famous 'little accidents'. That's when I stopped being embarrassed and shocked, and started getting mad. Zayne might be the galaxy's biggest klutz, but he's the most good-natured child around! He's honest, polite, friendly, genuine and... and well, so what if he's an accident waiting to happen? That doesn't make him a lesser person! What kind of teacher chooses a student because he thinks it'll be grand to laugh at him?

Poor Zayne...! He doesn't deserve to be treated like this... and there's nothing I can do to help him, holocron. The name of Draay is so synonymous with selflessness and honour that nobody would believe me if I said that Lucien is an arse, and shouldn't be allowed to have a Padawan. This just isn't fair.

...man. You know - I'm going to go sit in the garden and clear my head, maybe meditate. Enjoy the rest of my birthday.



Aargh! I need to bitch to someone, and it can't be Alek.

Listen - in just twenty-four hours I've had not one, but two run-ins with folk whose heads are bigger than they have any right to be. First that Draay asshole, now Bastila Shan! What a way to spend my birthday...! And I thought the garden would be peaceful...!

"The Gift", indeed. I swear, holocron! You could literally hear the capitals in her speech! I bet anyone can learn Battle Meditation if they put their minds to it. She just has a natural advantage, that's all! Sheesh! Why in the Force did I even bother...? All I wanted to do was to say hello, and introduce myself since she and her friends sit near us every mealtime - what - I don't even - how is asking about someone's homeworld personal? And for crying out loud, woman - just because a guy invites you and your friends for a walk after dinner doesn't mean he's interested in you, he might just be friendly!

And I am at a loss as to how she made the leap from someone being romantically interested in her to, to - Battle Meditation. Huh? What? Clearly, her implication was that the only reason I (a) wanted to talk to her, (b) was allegedly "interested" in her, and (c) inviting her and her friends for a walk... is because she's supremely gifted with The Gift. Holy raving banthas - are all girls this mental? Or is it just Bastila?

Do you know, she more or less accused me of straying from the Jedi path by finding her attractive? Yes, what the frack - straying...! And, attractive? Her? I'd need to be mind-wiped!