Can't Tell



Part One

Kelly was getting ready to leave her shift and after cursing out the drivers who just obeying the speed limit, it was Kelly's turn to have some fun. She got out of nurses outfit and nicely folded them in her dresser.. She took out the pins in her hair and shook out her hair. She then went there to pet her cat and then fed her plus the little kitten the cat just had. Kelly then started to kiss her little cat and kittens then she walked out to her room…She wanted to go out tonight and then looked to the right to see her little Barbie in her glass case.

"Remember Kelly all gay women will ever be thought of as porno trash." The voice of her mother echo and Kelly held her head.

Kelly wanted so bad to go to the club especially the one she really liked and so, why not? Kelly got her red-head wig and comb it out really good. She then took a little shower and shave her legs then between them. She then wore a nice little shirt that shown a little of her cleavage and then wore a nice skirt with high-heels. She then threw them away for her over the knee boots. She then decided to get herself a name and that would be Candy…She shook her head to that and then turned on the radio with the song, Not Myself Tonight from Christina Aguilera.

I'm out of characterI'm in rare formAnd If you really knew meYou'd know its not the norm