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Puri Tea (AKA Why Niou Says Puri)

Yanagi was sick and tired of Niou. Not of the boy himself but of his pranks. Niou had pulled thirteen different pranks since the week began on Monday morning. And it was only Tuesday lunchtime now. The most recent prank had involved taking all of Yanagi's notebooks and watching as the poor boy almost had a fit before returning them with all the pages highlighted neon pink. Yanagi thought that it was time for revenge. When he got home that evening Yanagi immediately headed to the basement where he had a small laboratory set up. He set about working.

"Is Renji working in that lab of his again?" His father asked his mother as she handed him a cup of tea.

"Yes. He is such a smart little boy." His mother gushed as there was a small bang and the house shook. Downstairs in the basement, an almost feral grin pasted itself on Yanagi's usually calm features and he started to laugh maniacally. It was complete!

Yanagi waited until just before morning practice before cornering Niou with a cup in one hand. The liquid in the cup looked like milk with glitter spilled in it. He held the cup up to Niou.

"Niou, I was wondering if you could help me with an experiment. All you need to do is drink this." Yanagi said. Niou glared and pushed the cup out of his face.

"No way in hell, Yanagi. Marui's still trying to get the taste out of his mouth from you forced one of these things on to him and I'm not ending up like that sugar freak." Niou said as he reached for his tennis short. Yanagi's closed eyes flashed dangerously.

"I must insist." He said neutrally as he grabbed Niou by the neck and forced the glass into his mouth. "There's nothing to worry about, it'll just give you the mind of an innocent child. I call it Puri Tea." Niou gagged as he swallowed the strange concoction and shoved Yanagi away.

"That was fucking nasty, Yanagi, puri!" Niou yelled before blinking. "Wait, what, puri? Why the hell am I saying 'puri', puri? What the hell have you done to me, Yanagi, puri?" Niou fumed.

"It seems that my juice has not given the desired effect but instead a rather amusing side effect." Yanagi said to himself as he pulled out a notebook (one devoid of any pink pages).

"HOW THE FUCK IS THIS AMUSING, PURI? I'M GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU, PURI! SEE IF YOU FIND THAT AMUSING, PURI!" Niou yelled as he chased Yanagi out of the clubroom, round the tennis courts and past Yukimura and Sanada.

"Oh, look, Genichirou, Renji and Niou are running laps without us even telling them. How enthusiastic of them." Yukimura smiled. Sanada decided not to say anything and to take a dose aspirin later as Yanagi and Niou ran past them again.