Title: Gone

Author: Rachel

Disclaimer: I own nothing, aside from my original characters.

Author's Note: This was inspired by a true story I saw on TV, but the story is completely mine. Thanks for reading!


She remembered the moment when she knew something was wrong, even as her brain struggled to catch up, still trying desperately to grasp what exactly felt so wrong. She remembered the fear and the panic and the knowledge that this was really happening to her. To them.

She remembers the smells, the sounds of the woods around them, the crickets and the wind rustling the trees. She remembers the haze and the lights. She remembers being struck with the knowledge that she needed to stay put, they needed to avoid being moved, along with the blind panic when she realized they were already being moved and neither could do a thing about it. She remembers that absolutely hopeless feeling she had before she succumbed to the rapidly invading darkness.


Gone. Vanished into thin air. That was what the cops said. It was hard to believe. Not her, not them. They were girls he knew, girls he was actually friends with. This was Ohio, this shit didn't happen here. Except that it did and they had all become well aware of that over the last few hours. They had all sat, gaping at the cops as they explained the situation and questioned the glee club. Had anyone seen them? When had someone last spoken to them, either of them? Did either of them have reason to run away? Could it have been something to do with a boy, some sort of teenage rebellion? Puck had laughed at that one. These were two girls who probably didn't even know the meaning of the phrase, two girls so well adjusted and put together that there was no way it was anything other than a brutal, violent mistake. A mistake they might never recover from.

He put his head in his hands, listening to the cop go over and over the facts, few though they were. They were grasping at straws here and they all knew it. They should be out looking, finding their girls. Before it was too lateā€¦