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1st Period: Shock! A contract with Kotaro?

The magical blast rocked the small shelter that Negi had quickly had made and was hiding in with Kotaro. The 16 year old fox growled. "We're dead," he said under his breath as he braced himself against the wall of the shelter. "Dead, dead, dead."

Negi looked up from repairing his broken wand. "Well, actually," he said, in a deep voice that had long since long it's girlish edge. "I can think of one thing. But you won't like it."

Kotaro, thrown to the floor after another blast, glared at him. "Will it get me out of this mess you and you damned father created?" Negi nodded. "Then I like it. Spill."

The whole reason Kotaro was in this mess in the first place was Negi and his father's fault. An ex-girlfriend of Nagi Springfield a.k.a. the Thousand Master had come to Negi in search of him. But Negi had no idea where he was. Still! When the woman he found this out she flew into a rage and instead of wanting to kill Nagi she settled on killing his son and Kotaro, who only just happened the be there. So now they were hiding from the sorceress Alexandra, and her monstrous dragon pet.

Negi sighed. "Well, okay then. But I warned you." He stood up with his repaired wand. "You'd have to make a contract with me."

Kotaro blinked. "A contract?" The fox thought about it. When those human girls had made a contract with him they had gotten very powerful, so powerful they could stand up to demons. If he, a powerful dog demon, made a contract with him he could be unstoppable. Never mind he was only half demon. With the power of a Pactio added to his own strength, even the Thousand Master wouldn't be able to take him down. And then he could kill him for getting him in this mess in the first place. Kotaro smiled. "That's a great idea! Let do it!"

Negi shook his head. "You haven't heard why you won't like it. You have to kiss me, remember?" The mage smiled apologetically before adding: "All the girls did."

Kotaro took a half step back. No way was he going to kiss Negi. But then again... A blast shook the shelter and threatened to bring it down. The red haired magi could be heard screaming shouting insults outside. Then again it might be their only choice Hell, it actually was their only choice, aside from dying. "Alright then," he grumbled. "Let's do this already and get it over with."

Negi nodded and started drawing on the ground with a piece of rock. After sketching a crude magical circle he looked up at Kotaro. "Okay," he said above the next earth shaking blast. "It's done."

Slowly Kotaro approached Negi. He was going to just quickly kiss him but found it was harder to do that than he thought it would be. He was stalling, just staring at the magical circle on the ground. No choice or not, he was about to kiss his best friend and rival. Slowly he looked up and Negi pressed his lips against his. Kotaro stood there shocked and felt a strange warmth flood through him.

Negi pulled away and smiled. "It's all done," he said. "Just take the card and active it." Kotaro took the card. It had the picture of him mostly naked with some sort of fur clothing covering what needed to be covered. Why was it all these showed the user in such skimpy outfits. When the shelter cracked under the strain of another explosion, Kotaro forgot about the outfit and activated the card. The same warmth as before flooded him and he rose a little feeling lightheaded.

Kotaro dropped to the ground and looked at himself. He was dressed in a fur tank top like shirt with leather straps, fur shorts and leg warmers and no shoes. He also had whiskers which was odd even for the dog hanyou. It was the same as the picture on the card. Negi smiled at him. "You'll get used to that. Come on. Let's end this." Kotaro nodded his head and jumped from the shelter. He almost landed right on the dragon's nose he jumped so for. 'So strong," he thought. 'This must be the power of a contract.' The battle after that didn't take much time. The mage and her dragon retreated very soon after Kotaro and Negi emerged from the shelter.

Negi smiled at Kotaro and sighed. "Some day we've had, huh?" Kotaro only turned away and nodded. Negi came up behind him. He draped his arm over the dog's shoulder. "Hungry," he said in his ear. "My partners always are after they get a power up." Kotaro was about to say something when there was a pop and he was back to normal. Negi shrugged. "It must have worn off." He squeezed Kotaro playfully. "Let's get something to eat. You must be starving."

Kotaro could feel Negi's hot breath in his ear and swallowed. "No. I'm not hungry."

Negi took hold of his arm and pressed himself against the dog. "Come on," he commanded cheerfully.

Kotaro slapped him away. "I said I'm not hungry!" He looked at Negi, who looked shocked and hurt, and bowed his head. "Sorry. I'm tired."

Negi gave a tentative smile. "Okay Kotaro. See ya later then?"

Kotaro nodded then walked off knowing Negi was watching him leave. He tried to walk as normally as possible to hide the fact that he was aroused. Kotaro took a deep breath and began to run. He jumped up over a building and looked to his destination: Library Island.

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