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Here's the first chapter in "I Need You" A love story between Jasper Whitlock and Bella Swan, my favorite pairing!


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Bella P.O.V

Why did my parents have to be such, idiots? Do they not realize what they are losing? They are losing their only daughter's trust and love, by showing her into a boarding school? I was not build for this! I ran around looking for room 44 - my room - but the only numbers I could find was 187 and such...

I groaned in frustration for the millionth time. How could they! Leave me in this hell hole? I leaned against the wall and sighed. I missed Jessica and Lauren! They would drag me into the nearest club, and get me drunk. Just like when Mike left me, now when I think about it, he did leave me for Jessica... Well this is madness! Now I just loosed a best friend, again! I glided down the wall, sitting down on the floor, and looking around in my many papers.

"Do you need help ma'am?" I quickly froze in surprise as I heard his calming voice.

I looked up at the voices owner and gasped. He had dirty golden locks that reached just over his brown eyes, he smiled at me with wonderful lips that I have only seen on pictures of manly angels. He had a strong jawline that, it looked so unlikely that a real humanbeing was born with that, that I wanted to touch it. He had a tight green t-shirt on, that hugged his mussels perfect, his long legs was cowered by faded dark blue jeans. God he was handsome.

Jasper's P.O.V

"Jasper! Where are you going?" Alice yelled after me, as I ran out of the room. God that girl was pushy. That had been the tenth time that she tried to make me take her back. Not likely! Not after I had found her in bed with Taylor Watson, a guy on the football team, extreme bulky and tall with brown hair and brown eyes. I hadn't talked to him after that.

I ran out in the many hallways, I knew this plaice like my own hand, it was always fun just to wander around in the corridors. Just then I stopped my walk; a beautiful girl with brown hair was sitting on the floor with some papers, mumbling a mantra to herself "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck," I guess she was lost.

"Do you need help ma'am" I asked.

She froze and looked up at me, a crimson blush was spreading on her face.

In that moment I was lost, not lost like her but I was lost in her beautiful deep chocolate brown eyes. Between her dreamy eyes, her cute nose was placed, I could see the small few orange and brown freckles, she had tried to hide with her make up. I immediately tough of it as a shame. Why hide such and beaut? Right under her nose, her perfect delicate lips were, she was slightly biting down on the bottom lip, making a white line around her teeth on her lip. She looked so kissable. She had a sky blue t-shirt hugged her curves perfectly, showing of how much of a woman she was.


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