One Piece academy

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Summary: One Piece Academy, An academy founded by Gol D. Roger! Nami is a new student and meets everyone...But there is someone bothering her...Luffy. Contains: LuffyxNami, NojikoxAce, KayaxUsopp and RobinxZoro...Huh, really? Yes.

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"Ladies, listen!" yelled the teacher hard, trying to get the class quiet. Every boy looked with a half lidded eyes and a cocked eyebrow. The teacher smirked with a fist under his chin. They have a nice teacher. He has red hair, three scars over his left eye...God know how that happened, and he's funny. He also prefers 'Shanks' instead of 'Teacher'. Teacher sounds too old, he says. "Ok, I'm going to introduce a new student in the class!" The door shove open and an orange haired girl walked in the class with an uninterested expression. She was pretty, tall; skinny and she had a smooth, white skin. Many boys were whispering about how cute and beautiful she looked. A blond person had even heart eyes.

"I'm Nami, 19 years old" She bowed "Nice to meet you" All boys cheered and Nami looked to the other way with a sweat drop. 'Idiots' thought Nami.

"Sit somewhere, I have spaces enough" smiled Shanks. Nami nodded still expressionless and walked to a table. A raven haired girl waved to her and pointed with her other hand to an empty seat. Nami walked to the seat and sat, looking at the raven haired girl with light blue eyes (a/n: I made her 19 years old, for being in the same class) She smiled and she grabbed her books.

"You know...If you point to an empty seat next to you and I sit next to me, you usually have to say your name..." whispered Nami. She grinned and Nami cocked an eyebrow not understanding this girl.

"My name is Nico Robin, I'm going to help you through the rest of the semester" Nami smiled for the first time and nodded. Robin smiled back and opened Nami's book on the right page. Nami looked in her book and yawned already. She looked through the class and looked at all the students. One with blond hair, covering half of his face and weird eyebrows.

"That is Sanji" whispered Robin "He's a Casanova, so you have to be careful with him. He's a good friend and he belongs in our group" Nami looked at Robin, again with a cocked eyebrow "Our group is called the mugiwara group" smiled Robin "It's just a little hang and chill group with activities" Nami lifted her head with a little 'Oooh' sound. She looked further and looked at a woman with long raven black hair and a dangerous looking uniform, almost showing her naked big chest. Nami wore a disgusted expression.

"That's Hancock...She's mean but all boys are in love with her...although there are a few exceptions...People in other classes call her a slut or whore...But she can be nice sometimes, but she always have to claim the boys, and it works well with Sanji..." Nami nodded, easily to imagine that. She looked further and she now saw a green haired guy with three earrings. He looked handsome and funny.

"That's Roronoa Zoro" smiled Robin with a blush. Nami noticed the blush (a/n: They don't have a relationship, still have to come) "He's the funniest in the class and sleeps through the lessons every day, expect for now...Don't tell it to everyone, but I have a crush on him all since kindergarten. He's a member from our group since kindergarten" laughed Robin.

"Why do you tell me? You don't even know me..."

"No reason" smirked Robin. Nami looked confused, really not getting her, but shrugged her shoulders. She looked further. She's looking at a guy with black hair, little curls and a long nose; he's trying to sound cool about the huge-spiders-with-twelve-legs-story.

"That's Usopp, He's a big liar but he's ok...also a member from our group, and he's always funny to talk with. He always has ideas for us what we can do, the cinema, a dance club and more of that stuff. And Usopp's father is a teacher"

Nami looked further seeing a girl with blue long hair and a girl with blond hair till her shoulders.

"That is Vivi and Kaya. Vivi is part of our group and she's really nice. She's as a sister for me, and Kaya is also part. She's Usopp's girlfriend for already...long, I really don't dare to say how long, for if I'm wrong..." Nami smiled and nodded. She noticed someone sitting behind her and she looked.

"That's Franky. He is really cool and strong, he sits in the football team. He also sits in our group and he is really nice. He knows the best places" She looked further and she looked at the last person. A boy with a scar under his left eye. He's looking outside and he doesn't pay attention in the class...Not that Nami is now... His hair is black and a mess, but it looks quite good. His school uniform is also a mess. His tie is backwards and half his shirt is out of his pants.

"And that is Monkey D. Luffy" said Robin with a little smile. Luffy glanced at Nami and returned to the outside world "He's our group 'leader'. He always was nice, hyperactive, happy, but something changed with him...I have no idea what it is...I wish I knew..." said Robin with a sigh. Nami frowned still looking at Luffy and Luffy looked expressionless. "It's been a long time I've seen his grin...I miss it, he really looked cute and at the same time handsome with it..." Nami was a bit curious but it couldn't care less, for not knowing him. Nami also wanted to know the other classmates but she figured that she would know on the end of the day. The bell sounded and it was pause. Everyone was already gone except for Luffy, who still looked outside. Nami shrugged her shoulders, stood up and grabbed her books. She walked to the school auditorium and looked around. She heard someone call her name and she looked at the person...Robin. Nami smiled a bit and walked to her. Like Robin said, they were a group. Everyone sat there except for Luffy. They talked and laughed. Nami looked around and tried to know them better by asking. Usopp was making up a bullshit story for Kaya, present on his lap and Franky and a guy with an afro hairdo were laughing.

"That's Brook (a/n: also 19, I know, hard to imagine, flesh and skin...-.-)" smiled Robin. Nami looked at her with her spoon in her mouth "He's really cool and he sings awesome. He makes his own music and he wants to be a pop star later and next to him sits Chopper, he's a 15 year old boy and really smart too. He skipped some classes and sits in our class, he wants to be a doctor later" Nami smiled and nodded looking at the little boy with big brown eyes and a cap with a white cross on it. He was very childish and his back bag makes him really cute. She was happy also knowing something about them. She took another bite but she looked up when she heard a voice, which she didn't notice. It was Luffy. Hancock was talking with Luffy but Luffy walked past her...Did he just ignore her? Luffy sat down with his food, opposite from Nami and he glanced at her. Franky patted on Luffy's back, and none too gently. Luffy coughed.

"Hello, Captain! How are you!" grinned Franky. Luffy grinned too

"I'm feeling fine" Nami looked up

'He grinned right?' thought Nami thinking about what Robin said. Nami looked at Robin and Robin looked a bit worried and sat. She looked at Usopp and Kaya and they also looked sad. Nami really couldn't follow all of this...Nami looked at Hancock and she had her own group.

"Those are Hancock, Alvida (The pretty, new one) and some other girls, the Waterlellies"

'Waterlellies?' thought Nami 'although...Mugiwara?'

"Why are you guys called 'Mugiwara'?" asked Nami curious. Luffy coughed again.

"Eat slower, or I'm going to kick some manners in you! You sit opposite of Nami-swan, don't cough in her face"

"Sanji-kun...its ok..." Nami looked at Luffy and Luffy picked out what he didn't want to eat. Sanji stood next Nami in his love mode saying 'You know my name, Nami-swan!'

"You don't have to answer if you don't want to..." said Nami with a childish pout and big, boll, red, cheeks. Luffy looked at her for a few seconds but he turned away again.

"Our clubhouse was in a farm with a barn...The barn was overloaded with straw...I think that that's the reason..." mumbled Luffy. It was hear able. Nami smiled and nodded. The group members looked with wide eyes and Luffy and Nami noticed.

"What?" asked both in unison.

"Nothing" said the others in unison. Nami shrugged her shoulders and ate further. She looked up when someone took a piece of meat from her plate with a fork, but it was really fast. Nami looked around, but everyone was eating...So who the heck was it? Vivi, Robin and Kaya talked with each other about a beach party or something.

"Do you wanna come too?" asked Vivi

"Sorry, what?" asked Nami realising they talked to her

"Do you wanna come too? To the beach party?" Nami looked sad and shook her head.

"Sorry I can't..."

"But we don't have a date planned yet..." said Kaya

"I..I know...But I can't..." said Nami again with a sad frown. Luffy looked at her with suspicions. Nami ate further and looked to the other way.

"Luffy! We have to talk!" said someone from behind Nami. Nami turned and looked. It was Hancock...Luffy looked uninterested with his fork in his mouth

"Nope, we don't..." said Luffy

"Why can she be in your group after 2 hours, and I still can't!" said Hanckcock pointing to Nami. Nami looked afraid, not wanting to know what she wants from her. Luffy looked at Nami for a few seconds. Nami looked back in return with a confused frown.

"Because...I like her more then you, period" said Luffy. Nami looked with wide eyes and she glanced at Hancock over her shoulder. Hancock looked mad and clenced her fist. Luffy looked at her fist and back at her face. Luffy looked mad and Hancock noticed. She took a step back and 'hmpf-ed'.

"I don't care! You're such a dork lately!" said Hancock. Luffy grinned at it. Nami heard Robin gasp and she looked at her. Robin had her hand before her mouth, but a little smile was visible. 'So that's his grin...' thought Nami.

"Everyone, say 'hay' to our new nakama" smiled Luffy sitting down again. Nami blushed pointing to herself. Luffy nodded softly.

"Welcome!" yelled Franky and Brook

"We need beer!" yelled Zoro

"B...Beer?" asked Nami. Everything went to fast for her.

"We always celebrate new nakama's with beer" laughed Vivi.

"And it's been a long time ago!" smirked Kaya. Shanks walked to them, hearing their conversation.

"No beer under school time..." said Shanks with his teacher glare

"Suuush, old man!" said Usopp and Sanji. Shanks ran after them.

"Well, Cola is also good!" said Franky grabbing a few cans. Nami smiled and grabbed one, opening it.

"Welcome!" yelled everyone, even the exhausted Sanji and Usopp, being chased by Shanks.


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