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Luffy was running onto the street together with his brother Ace. Both ran as hard as they could towards the bar with a bag in their hands. It was early and it already begun hysterical.

Makino was getting married.

Luffy and Ace finally entered the bar and they ran upstairs. Makino was at Nami's, Nojiko's and Bellemere's house, preparing there since it was too small here. Luffy and Ace prepared fast and they dressed into their suits. They had to go to theNami's house after they were done and they were going to the town hall where Shanks was waiting. Luffy and Ace had to give Makino away. Luffy smiled slowly thinking about that again.

~ Flashback ~

"Hey…" Makino looked up well writing 'thank you' notes. "Who is going to give you away?" asked Nami.

"Yeah! What about gramps!" said Luffy with a smile. Makino frowned and thought. It wasn't really something she thought about…

"No, not Garp." She said. Luffy and Ace frowned confused. Nojiko and Nami joined them "I haven't seen Garp in ages… I don't want him to give the honour for giving me away." Luffy and Ace frowned sad. They totally understood her. They only had seen him back at Sabo's grave and the tournament, but he never came to visit because he was too busy…

"I want Luffy and Ace to give me away." She said with a smile.

"Heh?" both asked simultaneously.

"I will give you both the honour! As my foster children!" she grinned. Nami and Nojiko both smiled. It was extremely sweet. The two girlfriends looked at their boyfriends but they didn't look happy at all. They looked with painful expressions. Makino looked confused when she looked at her foster sons.

"Don't call us that…" murmured Ace.

Makino backed up in total confusion "How? Foster childre-"

"Boooo!" said Luffy and Ace holding their fingers crossed before their mouths. Makino blinked. Wasn't that the way she taught them manners? Well, they didn't learn a thing. Nojiko and Nami smiled knowing what they meant.

"We are already far from 'foster children'" grinned Ace

"You raised us so I think you have got the right to call us just your children or sons now!" added Luffy with a genetic D-grin

"Of course we will give you away!" laughed Ace "That would be great!"

~ Flashback over ~

Giving Makino away seemed simple… Luffy smiled while he looked into the bathroom mirror. His red dress shirt under his black tux fitted secretly good with Nami's dress. Nami didn't know Luffy already took a slight peek from her dress. Luffy straightened his tie but he frowned. He still couldn't tie a tie… He had to ask Nami later. Ace entered the bathroom with a smile. He already saw Luffy couldn't tie his tie. He walked to Luffy and he grabbed Luffy's tie. He tied it around his neck. So he didn't need Nami at all for now…

"You look handsome." Ace smirked

"I will ignore that since I don't like incest." Grinned Luffy.

Ace blinked "Not? Why is your pc full with incest doujinshi's then?" asked Ace.

Luffy punched his upperarm with a scowl. "Not funny." Murmured Luffy.

"Be happy, and close your bedroom door. It depresses me." Said Ace with an unreadable expression.

"Huh?" Luffy asked, speaking through puckered lips with Ace's hands on either cheek. Ace smiled softly, ruffling Luffy's hair and he walked away, going downstairs. It depressed him? Luffy walked towards his bedroom and he opened the door slightly. His eyes slightly widened and he breathed in sharply, feeling pain in his chest. That was why… He almost forgot…

His room is totally empty. Here and there a few boxes and only his bed was made for the last time. Luffy frowned painful at his room. His whole youth lay in this room and he just… Blew it away by leaving tomorrow… Luffy closed his eyes and sighed deeply. He closed his door and walked downstairs after Ace, going towards Nami who he also was going to leave tomorrow…

Luffy and Ace walked onto the street towards Nami's and Nojiko's house without saying something. They didn't need to. They already saw the limousine and many people looked surprised. They saw Luffy and Ace walking in their tuxedos and a flower in their hands.

"Are you going on a date with the girls here?" asked a woman.

"Nope." Grinned Ace "Our mom is getting married to our dad."

The neighbours looked utterly confused and Ace and Luffy only smirked. They knocked and Bellemere opened the door, looking at her two sons in law.

"Darlings!" yelled Bellemere hugging, or more likely, choking them. "Come inside!" she said.

Both coughed but nodded. "Nice dress." They added. Bellemere grinned and pinched Ace's cheek.

"No hitting on me." She smirked. Luffy chuckled and Ace scowled rubbing his cheek.

They entered the house and they had to wait in the living room. They waited and they heard someone come downstairs. Both Luffy and Ace both gaped when they saw their girlfriends. Nojiko had her hair a bit curled and Nami had her hair raised, holding it up with some clips.

Nami wore a red dress which curved her body. It had a v-neck that showed her cleavage a bit and the silk buckle around her middle emphasized her figure. The dark red colour of her dress matched the Luffy's shirt, which made Nami looked confused.

Nojiko wore a purple long tight dress going down onto the ground. Her dress didn't have any sleeves of some sort. She wore some bracelets with purple stones which matched with her dress and same goes for her necklace and earrings.

"Doesn't that make you incredibly horny?" Ace asked bluntly. Luffy looked with half lidded eyes. He walked to the drawer, grabbed a cigarette and he lit it while having it in his mouth. He lit the cigarette and he burned it into Ace's hand. Ace gasped and punched Luffy's upperarm with all his might. "Fucking hell!"

Luffy grinned. He knew Ace was immune for a punch, so he just did it this way. The girls giggled and knew Ace could handle the pain.

Luffy looked at Nami with a smile. "You look beautiful…" he said, giving her the red rose. Nami smiled with rosy cheeks and she accepted the rose. Luffy grabbed her hand and grinned.

They heard someone walk downstairs again.

Bellemere smirked announcing Makino was ready. "Wait… I smell a cigarette…" she said.

"Yeah sorry… I smoked for a se-" Luffy stopped when he saw the bride.

Makino entered the living room. Luffy and Ace were quiet and they gaped looking at her. Her long hair was curled and it was bind so that her hair lay over her shoulder. Her dress was beautiful, white and long spreading on the floor. She wore a diamond tiara on her head and a diamond necklace decorated her neck. Her veil was long and also laid spread onto the floor. Her face looked also beautiful and peaceful. She looked like an angel.

Luffy was the first one who turned back to earth. "You look… Beautiful, mom…" murmured Luffy. Makino smiled and blushed softly.

"Shanks is so lucky…" murmured Ace "He's getting married with an angel…" Makino giggled and the other girls too. They really were sweet.

"Let's get ready! Shanks is probably waiting!" grinned Bellemere. Everyone nodded and went to the limousine. The neighbours looked at Makino with a gaping mouth. She looked stunning… Makino went into the limousine and the others followed behind her. They closed the door and the driver drove them towards the town hall which took a few hours.

All family members, teachers and acquaintances sat on chairs, waiting for the bride to arrive. Luffy and Nami was the first pair who went out of limousine. The couple entered the town hall to look if everything was ready. Luffy and Nami looked around the corner, looking at all the people standing and sitting there. He saw a nervous Shanks, Ben as the best man and Garp as one of the witnesses. Luffy frowned when he saw who also was a witness. Nami frowned confused as she looked at Luffy.

"What's wrong?" asked Nami. Luffy looked at her and he coughed slightly. "There." Luffy pointed. "Promise me not to get mad." Nami looked at a man with black raven hair and a tatoo on his face.

"Euhm… Promise?"

"That's my dad. The one who wants me to go to New World." Nami's eyes slightly widened. So that was the man who was going to separate Luffy with all of the others? Nami did want to go to him and slap him against his cheek… But she promised not to… She would slap him even though it was her father in law.

Nami still glared at Dragon and Luffy looked at Shanks. Shanks looked at Luffy and smiled. He nodded, indicating he was ready. Luffy smiled and text messaged Ace to tell everything was ready and steady.

Ace received the message and he looked at it. He smiled and looked at Makino. "Mom, they are ready." Makino slightly shivered in nervousity. Nojiko and Bellemere went out of the limousine and they already went inside. Luffy walked to the limousine and helped Makino out of it. Luffy gave her the wedding bouquet. Ace also walked out of the limousine and he closed the porter. Ace walked on the left side of Makino and Luffy on the right entering the town hall.

Makino shuddered and trembled and both Ace and Luffy chuckled. They waited until the music started. The music started softly and the three entered the room. Everyone stood up and looked at Makino with her two sons with a smile. Shanks gaped seeing his soon to be wife. Luffy and Ace let go of her and they sat down. They of course greeted the Mugiwara crew who also already were arrived.

Makino looked at Shanks with a beautiful smile and Shanks still gaped. "Close your mouth, you are almost drooling." Giggled Makino closing his mouth via his chin.

"Can't you wear this more often?" asked Shanks. Makino giggled again. The whole room grew silence for Beckman to begin.

" Dearly beloved, we are gathered together here to join together this man and this woman in holy matrimony." He began. "For be ye well assured, that if any persons are joined together other than as God's Word doth allow, their marriage is not lawful. If there's someone against the marriage, speak up or remain silence forever, and if you do, Shanks will kill you."

"Probably." Chuckled Shanks with a smirk. Everybody chuckled but they were quiet soon after.

"You may now say your wedding vows. You know what to say."

Shanks smiled and began "I, Shanks, take you Makino, to be my wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part and here to I pledge you my faithfulness."

Makino almost had to cry, but she was strong enough "I, Makino, take you Shanks, to be my wedded husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part and hereto I pledge you my faithfulness."

"And now just to be sure. Shanks, do you promise to love Makino? Do you take Makino to be your lawfully wedded wife, to love and cherish her?"

"Hell yeah." Some people giggled and chuckled

"Makino, do you promise to love Shanks? Do you take Shanks to be your lawfully wedded husband, to love and cherish him?"

"Of course." Said Makino almost crying.

Luffy and Ace listened at everything with a smile. They were so happy for them…

"You may now exchange your rings."

Shanks grabbed Makino's ring and he slid it around her finger. "You know you are worth thousand times more than the ring." Makino sobbed looking at her wedding ring.

"So cute…" whispered Nami with a smile. Luffy looked at her and smiled.

Makino grabbed Shanks' ring now and slid it around his finger while trembling. Shanks chuckled and Makino pouted cute with rosy cheeks.

"I pronounce you to husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride." Beckman said, closing his book.

Shanks leaned forward and kissed Makino. Everyone applauded and cheered for the new wedded couple. Makino finally burst out in tears and hugged Shanks in happiness. Luffy and Ace laughed and they applauded the loudest.

Everyone stood outside and prepared with the bouquet throwing. Makino stood with her back towards the other girls.

Luffy, Ace and Zoro looked with half lidded eyes because their girlfriends also stood there.

Makino threw the bouquet and Robin caught it. Zoro's chin fell on the ground and Nojiko, Nami and Makino laughed. Luffy frowned softly when he saw how Nami's laugh was… Forced… The three girls walked to their boyfriends with laughter and Robin showed the bouquet.

"Tada~" she said.

Zoro snorted "Well done. Now what?" he asked. Robin pouted and Zoro laughed. "Sorry, sorry!"

Nami and Luffy looked at them with a smile. Ace and Nojiko noticed their smiles though… Forced smiles on a lucky, happy day like this…

"Ok! Time for the after party!" yelled Sanji happy. Everyone nodded and cheered. The whole Mugiwara crew went crazy and the others looked at them with a smile. All the teachers looked at them with a proud smile. They even were troublemakers after school… But it would have been very boring otherwise.

"I have a surprise for you soon." Grinned Luffy to his crew. Sanji nodded and smiled very proudly. The others frowned when they didn't understand it and how come Sanji did understand? "But you all see it when we arrive at the party!" Everyone cheered again and waited for the limousines to arrive.

The teachers had their own limousine, the Mugiwara crew – Ace and Nojiko added - had their own, the married couple owned one and the family members had one. They went into the limousines and drove towards the after party.

The after party took place at a restaurant on a beach. The weather was beautiful so they were lucky! Everyone was having fun and they were drinking some champagne. They sometimes greeted people when someone entered the party. Makino and Shanks had to cut the wedding cake. It was huge – three levels high – it had white icing and here and there little flower petals.

"It's beautiful!" said Vivi.

"And here's the surprise…" said Luffy looking at the cake.

"What? The cake?" asked Robin.

"Yeah…" he murmured.

"Why?" asked Chopper

"I made it." Luffy said, scratching his nose in embarrassment.

"WHAT!" yelled everyone

"You who makes soup burn, made this super beautiful wedding cake!" said Franky in shock

"Quilty…" said Luffy "Sanji helped me though."

"But Luffy did the most." Grinned Sanji. Everyone looked with amazement at Luffy and Luffy turned uneasy. Makino and Shanks cut the cake and they shared a piece.

"I am so going to taste the cake." Decided Zoro. Everyone nodded. They tasted a piece on their plates and they gasped.

"Oh. My. Oda. My taste buds just got raped…" said Usopp in shock. The others just gaped at their cakes. Luffy looked away and he ate his piece in silence. The others also ate further and they were still amazed. This really was unbelievable… Nami enjoyed the cake and she cheered with every bite. Yeah, it really was that tasty…

After some time Makino and Shanks were being photographed on the beach and Nami and Nojiko looked with amazement. They were so extremely happy…

"Where's Luffy?" asked Nojiko out of nowhere.

Nami still looked at the couple and smiled. "He's talking with his father for a sec." she replied "Talking about tomorrow and such."

Nojiko looked confused. "His father? His father is here? His real father? His father who makes him go to New World?"

"Say 'His father' one more time and I swear…" murmured Nami while rubbing her forehead.


"Oi!" Ace slapped Nami on her back – not softly, may I add – wanting her attention "Is Luffy still talking with Dragon?" Nami coughed irritated and she nodded "Hmm… Problematic… The banquet is going to start soon…" he murmured.

"Don't worry! When Luffy smells food, he will be here in a nick of time!" Nami said healed already.

"That's the problem…" retorted Ace while he walked away. Nami looked confused and Nojiko looked away. Ace finally saw Luffy outside done talking with Dragon and the freckled one grinned. He sent a text message to every mugiwara member, minus Nami. Everyone replied immediately with 'Over'.

Ace grabbed Luffy by his arm with a huge grin. "How are you?"

"You need something…" said Luffy with suspiscious. Ace shook his head. Luffy turned confused now… And slightly afraid.

Nojiko pushed Nami outside and Nami refused irritated. "What the hell are you doing!" yelled Nami mad.

"Just work together with me or you are going to regret this big time!" replied Nojiko.

"Let me go!" she yelled. Some people looked with confusion but two other looked with a smile, namely Shanks and Makino. Shanks whistled loud on his fingers and Zoro and Sanji came into action. They grabbed Nami and carried her holding her arms and legs. "WHAT THE HELL!" she yelled still kicking against them.

Shanks looked with half lidded eyes and whistled again, now Vivi, Brook, Kaya and Usopp helping them out. She still kicked and Shanks sighed with half lidded eyes. "Such a fierce girl…"

They finally carried her outside and she still yelled. Nojiko opened the limousine and they pushed Nami into it, closing the porter closed and standing against it for Nami wanted to open it. Nami turned fast and looked at the porter behind her. She went to it but it already opened before she could open it. She blinked confused when she saw Luffy. Luffy also blinked confused. Ace pushed him into the limousine and he closed the porter making Luffy turn back to look at the door.

Luffy and Nami looked confused. They turned even more confused when the limousine started to drive. "What the hell is going on?" asked Nami puzzled.

Luffy frowned and shrugged his shoulders. "I have no idea…"

They sat in the limousine in quiet. Why the hell was this awkward? "So…" Nami began "What did your dad say?" she asked.

"Just some things about the house he and I are going to live in… Together which is quite awkward I think…"

"Or maybe it will be fun!" Nami said, trying to cheer him up.

Luffy looked at her and smiled sweetly. "Sorry." He said. Nami looked with an unreadable expression. "You deserve something better… I know you are trying your best not to get angry, cry or yell…" Nami looked at the ground. "I could come often in the vacations or something. Maybe you could visit me often and stay over sometimes?" he said. Nami smiled sweetly. She knew that wouldn't work… In the beginning it might work, but it was going to get lesser due their own lives and their money. But Nami wasn't going to say something about it… It might ruin Luffy's happy mood.

Luffy smiled and hummed, looking around "You also are doing your best…" murmured Nami.

Luffy looked at her and grinned "Shishishi, I have to, don't I?" he asked.

"Why?" asked Nami. "It's not bad to cry or yell…" she said.

"Well… I have made the Mugiwara group. They didn't know each other if they didn't meet me… I just don't hope they are going to break up if I leave." He murmured.

Nami ruffled his hair and smiled. "We won't. Don't worry." Luffy grinned. The limousine stopped and Nami and Luffy looked opened the porter and Nami turned confused, though Luffy gasped. They went out of the limousine.

"Long time ago, right?" Nami and Luffy looked at the front window, seeing Franky looking at the same thing they were looking at. So he was the driver…

"Yeah…" whispered Luffy. They were looking at an old barn mostly filled with straw. Nami blinked. Hadn't she heard a story about a barn…? "We often came here… It was our clubhouse…" That was it!

"Why don't you go here anymore?" asked Nami with a smile.

Luffy's and Franky's faces turned purple "First kiss with Hancock." Said Luffy.

"OH ODA!" yelled Nami "Couldn't you warn me! I almost chocked in my own vomit!"

"So you tasted the cake again!" grinned Luffy. Nami and Franky pulled a disgusted expression "Kidding! But we have to go back to the party. Makino and Shanks are probably worried."

"Nope. They aren't." Franky said "They know about this. Just go to the barn and look around." They both looked confused but Franky already drove away before Luffy and Nami could complain. They both now stood in the middle of nowhere.

"Well… Let's go then." Said Luffy. Nami giggled and nodded. Both walked into the grass towards the barn. Luffy walked towards the back and Nami followed him. She had her heels in her hand for it wasn't that easy to walk. Luffy went into the hole in the back and he helped Nami through it. Both frowned confused when they saw light flickering. They walked towards the light and they saw a table with dishes with food, one candle and beautiful cutlery.

Nami looked at Luffy in confusion and Luffy looked at her. They sat down on the chair and they were still surprised. The food looked delicious and everything looked neat. Luffy looked at his side of the table and he saw a note lying. He opened the note and he smiled softly.

Enjoy your last date with Nami.

Your crew.

"Well… Let's eat." Grinned Luffy. Nami smiled and nodded. They did enjoy their dinner and their little date in the old barn, talking about old times.


Luffy and Nami lay on the grass looking at the stars in the heaven. They were quiet since they already talked about everything they had to talk about. They now where only enjoying each other's company. They held each others hands and pointed at some stars.

"That one looks like it's getting bigger." Smiled Nami.

"Did you know if you look long into the sky more stars are showing up."

Nami smiled "I know." She said. "Let's stay here until the whole sky is covered with stars."

"Mine idea." He grinned.

"Do you know when they are going to pick us up?" asked Nami curious.

Luffy looked at Nami with a smile. "I had to call them if I wanted to." He said.

"Ok." Smiled Nami. Nami turned her head to look at Luffy with a mischievous smile. "Hey…"

"Oh, I know that smile." Grinned Luffy.

Nami giggled "Ever made out in the grass?" she asked.

Luffy chuckled and shook his head "No, and you?"

Nami crept closer to Luffy and kissed him on his lips. She parted and smiled. "Almost." She grinned.

"Wanna try?" asked Luffy


She leaned to Luffy and kissed him on the lips. Their kiss turned passionate when they used their tongues in a struggle. Luffy now traced his hands under her dress. It still was unbelievable… Luffy, the one who was pleasuring Nami now and loving her like nothing was going to happen, was going to leave in less than 24 hours…


"So all your boxes has been taken with Dragon to your new home?" asked Makino.

Luffy nodded and he turned to look at his room for the last time. The only thing in his room was his bed and a Scarlet Wind superhero poster. Luffy's expression softened again. Ace stood behind Luffy with the same expression. Makino and Shanks stood in the hallway, waiting for him to leave. The two weren't going with him since they couldn't sit in the car.

Luffy hugged Makino and Shanks for the last time. Makino started to sob and Shanks only stared in front of him, not believing the change of life now. Luffy fought the tears back and Ace smiled looking at the three. Luffy said his final goodbyes but the tears still won and rolled down his cheeks. The two siblings walked downstairs and they exited the bar. Ace already walked to the car but Luffy looked back at the bar. He smiled remembering every little single thing what happened at the bar.

Luffy looked at his watch and sighed. He turned and walked to the car. He entered the car and Ace also went into the car. He put the keys into the ignition and drove away towards the train station. It was really quiet in the car… They didn't really know what to say…

"Well…" said Ace "It's early… 5 am… Do you think your friends are standing at the train station?"

"I have no idea." Said Luffy with a chuckle. "It would surprise me though!"

Ace smirked and parked his car. Both Luffy and Ace went out of the car and Ace handed Luffy his bag. Luffy took in but Ace didn't let go of the bag. "Not funny." Luffy said, trying to pull on his bag. Ace smiled and pulled harder, making Luffy pull to him.

Ace pulled him in a hug and Luffy's eyes widened. Luffy's expression saddened and he hugged softly back "I'm going to miss you a fucking much…" murmured Ace.

"I'm going to miss you too… It's probably going to be boring…"

"Hell, I'm going to kill myself if I can't tease someone…" Luffy chuckled with a slight tremble in his voice. "I bet I'm going to turn into a lifeless vegetable if I don't have someone to tease or irritate…"

"Lifeless vegetables can be irritating too…" chuckled Luffy, hugging him a bit tighter

"You never liked vegetables…" Ace murmured.

"That's why…" Ace grinned and he finally let go of Luffy. Luffy smiled and turned to look at the train station. He frowned and he hesitated to go… Ace pushed Luffy's back softly and Luffy turned around to look at him. Ace smiled with a reassuring smile and Luffy smiled back. He took a deep sigh and walked towards the platform. He didn't look back anymore…

Luffy looked at the time and smiled. He still had ten minutes…

"LUFFY!" Luffy turned around and his eyes widened when he saw his crew running to him. He froze when he saw them. They all looked with a determined expression. Nami was the first to hug him and everyone followed after, making it look like one big grouphug. Only someone wasn't hugging him…

"Guys…" whispered Luffy.

"We are so going to miss you!" cried Usopp.

"Luffy!" cried Chopper loud "I don't want you to go!"

"I'm not crying!" bawled Franky rubbing away his manly tears.

"Who is going to laugh about my jokes now!" yelled Brook depressed.

"I love you so much!" yelled Nami with tears.

"Who am I going to lecture now, shitty bastard!" yelled Sanji.

"Good luck, Luffy!" laughed Robin.

"Take care!" yelled Kaya, rubbing her tears away.

"It's going to be soooo boring!" yelled Vivi loud.

Luffy hugged them all back with a laugh and tears. They all let him go and Luffy was looking at the one who didn't hug him… Zoro. Zoro wore a proud smile on his face which turned into a grin when Luffy looked at him. Luffy walked up to him and everyone watched.

"Goodbye." Said Zoro with a smile. "Kick their asses out there."

"Will do." Grinned Luffy. Zoro didn't like hugging at all, so Luffy forgave-

Luffy's eyes widened when even Zoro pulled him in a hug. Everyone looked with a smile at them.

"Be happy… I never hugged someone…" smiled Zoro. Everyone looked at Robin and Robin nodded. It was too… Sticky and awkward for Zoro… Robin didn't really mind though…

Luffy laughed with tears rolling from his cheeks "So I took your hugging virginity!"

"And still making jokes…" said Zoro. "And yes, you did." He let Luffy go and said grinned, rubbing his tears away.

The train arrived shortly and Luffy looked at it. Everyone's expressions turned sad. Luffy grabbed his bag and he took a deep breath. He felt someone pull on his jacket. He turned and saw Nami with a pained expression, pulling on his jacket. Luffy frowned and tried to grab her hand from his jacket, but she really didn't let go. Luffy's expression was now equal to Nami's

"Nami, let go…" said Robin, trying to break her hand free. Still no result.

"Nami-swan, you are making it harder than it is." Said Sanji sad. Nami now pinched her eyes closed and fat tears rolled from her cheeks.

"Nami-san…" murmured Vivi.

Zoro looked at Luffy. Nami wasn't the only one with pain. "Luffy, you also are making it harder…" said Zoro. Luffy gulped. The train was about to leave soon.

Luffy sighed and pulled his jacket off. Nami gasped and she still held his jacket in her hands. Luffy smiled and he cupped her cheek, kissing her lips softly. He parted and grinned, ruffling her hair "Only think about yourself now and become happy!" grinned Luffy. "Be happy and go on with your life…" he murmured sad with a sting in his chest.

Nami's eyes widened slowly. 'D…Did that mean…' thought Nami

"Bye guys!" yelled Luffy with a grin. The others smiled and Nami hugged Luffy's jacket yelling she loved him. Luffy went into the train and he still yelled goodbye.

"Enjoy, asshole!" yelled Usopp loud.

"Shitty bastard! I won't even miss you at all!" yelled Sanji almost crying, which is really rare for him.

Nami sobbed a few times while the others were waving "LUFFY! I LOVE YOU!" yelled Nami.

Luffy laughed and waved out of his window. "I LOVE YOU TOO!" he yelled back. Nami laughed and waved her arms, just like the others. "ZORO! TAKE CARE OF THE CHILDREN!" yelled Luffy

"I WILL, DARLING! DON'T WORRY!" yelled Zoro. Everyone looked with a disgusted face at Luffy and Zoro who both snickered. The train moved and they yelled their final goodbyes, running with him on the platform until the end.

"TAKE CARE!" yelled Luffy. Everyone yelled bye as hard as they could.

Luffy's smile slowly dissapeard when the platform turned smaller in the horizon. He sat down on his seat and took a deep breath. He looked at his bag and opened it. Makino packed his bag, so he was quite curious what was in it. Luffy's eyes widened when he saw what was in it. He grabbed it out of the bag and he looked with amazement. His strawhat… The hat which made everything start… Luffy smiled and put it on his head.

He looked out of the window and smiled. He replayed the whole year in his head. He loved the whole year and everything what happened… He really was going to miss everyone… But things will be alright and it will be all fine…

Life goes on, right?

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