This is something I've been doodling with for a while now (who am I kidding; I'm still doodling with it); the town of White Lake is, once again, my own invention. I picture somewhere that looks suspiciously like Lake Louise or Lake Moraine.

Just a bit of scene setting in this chapter, I promise there will be some serious action involving deep, frigid water, a certain supernatural creature, and a certain pair of brothers soon

Rated T for a little bit of gore and a few naughty words (wash your mouth out, Dean)

Disclaimer: I own nothing except my own tiny mind

I hope you enjoy!


Fall had swept like an artist's palette over the beautiful mountain town of White Lake. Nestling into the lap of the Rockies, and surrounded by shimmering banks of russet, gold and green, the town clung to the edge of the milky blue glacial lake which provided it's name.

Tourist brochures were full of words like 'breathtaking', 'magnificent', and 'natural splendour'. They spoke of the outdoor sports opportunities, great food and warm welcome that awaited the thousands of visitors to White Lake.

What the brochures conveniently omitted to mention was that along with it's sporting opportunities, great food and warm welcome, the town also currently boasted twelve missing persons, a lot of powerless and baffled authorities and a whole population living in fear and dread.


On this crisp and cloudless Fall day, the hundreds of visitors to White Lake went about their individual business; walking, picnicking, souvenir shopping and availing themselves of the well documented good food and warm welcome. In the midst of all this benign activity, a group of fishermen and kayakers were engaging in a heated discussion with a ranger because the lake was out of bounds until further notice due to some 'environmental survey'.

No one took any notice of two young guys who sat on a bench huddled over a laptop, one staring intently at the screen, the other's eyes following a pair of shapely butt cheeks which had just jogged by in tight, black lycra.

"It has to be something to do with the lake" muttered Sam, staring at multiple news headlines on the screen, "five fishermen, a picnicking couple, and two kayakers among those who have gone missing," he scratched his head, "but this could be anything, there are dozens of malevolent spirits associated with the water; we're gonna need to … Dean?"

No response was forthcoming.


"Dude, did you see the ass on that that just went by? " Dean sighed in admiration, "jeez, it was like two rabbits in a bag having a fight."

Sam glared, "Dean, have you heard a word I said?"

"Sure I have", he tore his eyes away from the distant silhouette as it disappeared over the horizon, and reluctantly turned back to Sam "we've got ourselves a whole bunch of missing dudes and a serial killer Loch Ness Monster to hunt."

"Uh, Dean - you would only find the Loch Ness Monster in Loch Ness …"

"Yeah, whatever, bro'", Dean glanced over his shoulder, "an' right now you're only gonna find me in that diner over there. There's a double deluxe bacon cheese burger on the menu with my name on it".

He got up and strode away, punching Sam on the shoulder to follow him.


The following evening, the brothers were settled in their room at the Mountainside Motel. Dean sat on Sam's bed, tossing peanuts into his open mouth. The stray nuts scattered all over the pillows spoke of his limited success.

"I know what we're dealing with!" Sam looked up from his laptop.

That morning had seen the brothers, posing as Agents Ulrich and Hammett, paying a productive visit to the local Sherriff's office; he had imparted the as yet unreleased news that two unidentified bodies, or at least what was left of those bodies, had been found floating in the lake.

Eaten, he had said; the bodies had been eaten; that's why they didn't want to release the news until they knew more, didn't want a panic. They could only theorise what happened to the other missing people … but the best guess was that whatever snacked on these two finished the job with the other ten.

Local naturalists were baffled, the number of disappearances and the damage weren't consistent with bear or cougar attacks and they knew there was nothing living in fresh water big enough to do that sort of damage; the eviscerated corpses were a theoretical impossibility. The authorities were spinning a yarn that the water was out of bounds due to environmental surveys until further notice. Until someone figured out what the heck was going on.

"It's a Kelpie" Sam announced confidently.

Dean looked up from his beer bottle, "a what?"

"A Kelpie" Sam repeated, "a faerie water horse".

"A flesh eating, psycho faerie water horse?" Dean queried, "Dude, just when I thought our lives couldn't get any weirder!"

Sam took a mouthful of pizza, "they were just ordinary horses once that strayed into the faerie world. When they return to this world they appear in the water as beautiful creatures that mesmerise anyone who sees them". He took a swig of beer, "if you fall under their spell, basically, you're screwed!"

Dean looked at him, an expression of saucy glee on his face, "by a horse?"

Sam snorted, "can we keep our minds out of the gutter?"

Dean sniggered at his own joke as Sam continued; "if you fall under it's spell, it drags you down under the water and eats you - with the exception of your liver". Sam paused to let the words sink in.

"The bodies", Dean gasped, "all their internal organs were missing, except …"

"… their livers." Sam completed the sentence.

Dean shook his head, "friggin' faeries" he grunted, "vindictive little bastards; why can't they just leave people alone!"

Sam shrugged, "The lore says that this used to be their world before we turned up, I suppose they're just pissed that we came along and spoiled it for them!"

"Times move on," snapped Dean, "hasn't anyone ever told them that?"

"Has anyone ever told your music collection that?"



The brothers ate the remainder of their pizza in silence; Dean eventually spoke up, "So, how do we send this nag to the glue factory then?"

"There's tons of lore", Sam replied, "some speculate that you can kill it with the power of a name, but the most common theory is that if it can be harnessed by a mortal man, it will lose it's faerie powers and transform back into a harmless ordinary horse."

Dean stared at his brother. "Have you ever harnessed a horse - supernatural or otherwise?

"Nope!" smiled Sam.

"Great", Dean sighed, "better take plenty of sugar lumps with us!"