Chapter 2: Hikeing is fun

"God damn i still can`t get over that escape."
Ragna, along with his new travel partner, was going further up, through a rocky path, to a higher level of Kagutsuchi. Sure, he could use one of the lifts, but he preferred to stay fit this way.

"Yes, Nu is all adrinaline high as well. You should have told Nu that you were like, out of cash, Nu wouldn t have eaten so much if you would`ve." Nu replied, seeming to have no problem with hikeing despite her bare feet.

"Bah, don`t sweat, i always eat this way. Next time i go there the waitress will have forgotten about that anyway."

Up the rocky path was a cloud of mist, thin, but warm and smelling like water.

"Hmm? Is that a hot spring or something? The first one i ever saw around here, thats for sure.."

"Hot spring? Like, really? Nu wants to bath in it!"

As if startled by an elephant stampede chaseing her, Nu dashed off into the direction of the clouds, leaveing Ragna behind, who blinked, shook his head and followed slowly.

Maybe i should take this chance and just get the hell away, but i doubt she`ll fall for that. Probably scans the enviroment for me and everything.

After a few hundred metres forward, Ragna found something that caught his eye. It was Nu`s coat, discarded onto the ground carelessly.

Don`t tell me... Gah! Bad thoughts!

Two hundred meters forth, her bodysuit was lieing around, along with the blade that held her hair together, and even further than that was the hot spring, but no sign of Nu.

What the... where did she go to?

Startled, Ragna began to run towards the spring and looked around for clues, pileing up Nu`s clothes next to it... only to be suprised and scared at the same time as Nu came up from a dive into the spring, throwing her head back to clear her vision of the hair hanging down her face.

"There you are, Ragna...!" She said, but didn`t get an answer. Ragna just stared at her, mouth hanging open and with her suit in his hands, gaining an erection the size of a skyscraper.

Jesus christ!

"Like, what is it, Ragna? Your cheeks are hot."

"Don`t talk like that!" Ragna snapped, dropping her suit and closeing his legs.

"Ehhh? But like, how is Nu supposed to talk?" Nu didn`t get the cue. "And why are you standing there? Like, get in the water, Ragna!"

"Like hell i will! You take your bath, thats fine by me, but there`s no way in hell i`m going to..."
Ragna was cut off as he saw that Nu`s eye got this teary expression again.

Oh god, no, not again..

"Nu was just asking you to join, Ragna.. you didn`t have to be mean like that... You... you can just tell Nu if she`s not your likeing."

What? Not my likeing? She looks like my sister, its absolutly disgusting to be turned on by this!

Ragna was at a loss for words, didn`t find the right thing to say that wouldn`t either put his life to such serious danger that it might end, or make her cry. In the end, with a whole series of deep sighs, Ragna resigned and undressed, getting into the hot spring, biting his tongue as he noticed how hot it actually was.

Gaaah..! Is it just me or is this water close to boiling?

His stream of thought was interrupted by Nu, who smiled again and came close to hug him. Ragna was in motion of getting away from it, but Nu didn`t dare to let him slip away. Her arms gripped him tightly, pulling him to her chest... if the water wouldn`t already let him be red, he would be now.

"Nu loves Ragna very much... Nu doesn t like it when Ragna says such mean things."

"Ugh. This again. Listen, Nu, i don`t know if you can comprehend what love is, but its not love when you want to take someone against thier will down a pit of molten... something and eventually turn them into a beast..."

Nu looked almost clueless. "Nu knows that. Like, that Black Beast stuff was part of my programming. But Ragna is much more than just programm codes."

Don`t tell me...

Nu rested her head on his shoulder, sighing contently. "Nu didn`t sacrifice Lambda because Nu wanted Mu to live. Nu wanted Ragna to live too. Nu wanted to live together with Ragna, but in the end, only Ragna could live..."

Her voice fell silent, makeing Ragna feel even more guilty than he already did anyways.

"Nu, you.. you couldn`t have changed things if it would`ve been a different fate..." Ragna started, but Nu responded instantly.

"Nu can`t change fate at all. Only Mu and Ragna can. Nu`s fate is already written, and it doesn t seem to include Ragna.."

Just this moment, Ragna noticed how the obvious happyness and her "valley girl" personaliy were replaced by bitter seriousness.

"How would you know that..."

"Because Ragna doesn`t want Nu. Nu can feel that, she`s not just a machine."

Slowly, definately hesitateing, Ragna wrapped his arms around her, trying to comfort her with his fake arms.

"Its not like that at all.. its just.. you tried to kill me, and you could always start trying again. I can`t really warm up that way."

"But Nu could`ve killed you all this time and didn`t do it. Catching you pants down with a hardon."

Oh Jesus. She noticed? She actually noticed and didn`t even make a face? What the hell is this girl?

Ragna muttered something only he could understand, before Nu looked up to him again.

"Ragna... could you do one favor for Nu... please?"

"Sure... what is it?" After all that, there was no way he could reject a plea from her.

"Hold still." With that, her gentle, soft-as-a-virgin lips made contact with his, and she closed her eye, pulling herself closer to enjoy the contact with him.

This is so fucking wrong. She`s a clone of my sister. She wants to kill me. She wants to steal my body, virginity and freedom. Why, god why does this feel so nice?

A/N: Chapter 3 will follow shortly, i`m still writeing it...