Title: Bragging Rights
Pairing: Quinn/Santana
Summary: "Think of the pride, the bragging rights. You getting a girl before me, the Puckster," he tried convincingly, his voice almost a hiss, "you would be a legend. Especially if you managed to lez it up with the straightest girl in this joint." Femslash. Quinn/Santana.
A/N: Just a short little chapter. Sometimes I will update fast with small chapters, sometimes slow with longer ones...thanks again for reading, and for the reviews! I was surprised that there were so many people interested.

Mr Schuester had entered the room not long after that, smiling and clapping along in a way that made Santana want to barf, before he asked them to take their seat. She had managed to, somehow, keep a convincing smile on her face as she sang along with the rest of the geeks around her.

"Nicely done," Puck laughed as she walked past him and to her seat beside Brittany. She immediately skimmed the room for Quinn, and as luck would have it, the girl sat on the seat directly in front of her and beside Puck. Santana couldn't prevent the small laugh that she released at the irony of the situation.

"Hey babe," Puck smiled, looking at Quinn through what he thought were seductive eyes.

The blonde glared at him in reply. "Don't call me babe," she said simply, eyes focusing back on Mr Schuester as he stood before them, about to begin.

Santana snickered into her hand, receiving a look from the boy. "Nicely done," she mouthed mockingly, causing Puck to turn angrily and Brittany to give her a confused raise of an eyebrow.

"Duets," Mr Schuester declared simply, causing Rachel to gasp in excitement at the word. He laughed at her enthusiasm, before realising that the rest of the room were sharing none of it, frowns and the rolling of eyes evident amongst them. "You know the drill," he continued, moving slowly away from the piano and closer to the students, "pick your partner, pick a song, an emotion; and go for it."

Almost instantly, Santana knew what she was going to do. She would have to apologise to Brittany later; do that thing that always made the blonde forget why she was even mad in the first place, but it was worth it. Fifty bucks. She could really use fifty bucks right now.

"I'll take Quinn," she announced loudly, stopping the man from continuing his instructions and causing a few confused glances to be thrown her way. She shrugged at their inquiring eyes, making sure that she smiled when hazel eyes fell on hers. She looked a little frightened and a lot confused. "You're cool with that, right Q?" she asked, seeing Puck's look of defeat in the corner of her eye and smiling wider. She had the looks and the brains, and the boy was sadly lacking in the latter.

Quinn raised her eyebrows, nodding slowly. "I guess..." she replied, an unsure smile on her face as she turned away from the Latina.

Santana's lips turned into a smug grin as she turned her attention to Puck, who was glaring at her angrily. She lifted her right hand into the air, her finger and thumb rubbing together in a 'I'm-going-to-be-fifty-dollars-richer-in-a-week' motion. He grunted and turned around, causing her to laugh victoriously under her breath.

"San," Brittany's sad voice came seconds later, "...why didn't you pick me?"

"I'll tell you later," Santana whispered, leaning closer and making sure that Quinn couldn't hear their exchange. "You're still my favourite, Britt," she winked, squeezing her leg affectionately. That was enough to case a bright smile to dance back onto the girl's face and for her to look away, satisfied with the reply.

Point two for Santana.