Here is some background on the story before you start reading. First off, this is taking place in the present year of 2010, but starting out in April, when Reid first came to Oakdale. He has still come to Oakdale, but not because of Luke. The Neurology wing is still being built and he is hired to be the head of the wing. Also, Luke and Noah are set to be 23 years old, so they have been together for a little over six years now. They are still living together in their apartment. Noah never had the accident and went blind. And the big thing is, Brian Wheatley. Brian started helping with Luke's foundation right off the bat, married Lucinda, and even kissed Luke a few times. Everything between them is the same as on the show, except, Brian did a little more than just kiss Luke. It all happened in 2009, so Luke was around 22 when it was all happening, not around 19 or 20 like he would have been. Enjoy, and please review.

Reid Oliver has been living in Oakdale for a little over a week. He had been offered the head job at Memorial Hospital for a new Neurology wing that was being built. For the first couple of days, Reid was living at the Lakeview Hotel, at least, that was until he met Katie Snyder and her six month old son Jacob, about three days earlier. They had run into each other at Java, the small coffee shop. Jacob wouldn't stop fussing and when Katie found out that Reid was a doctor, she wouldn't stop bugging him until he looked at Jacob, who only had an ear infection. After that Katie had offered Reid a place to stay.

Now, Reid was getting ready for a meeting. He was going to be meeting with Dr. Bob Hughes, the chief of staff at Memorial, along with the two donors making the new Neurology wing happen, which Reid had found out was being named for Katie's late husband, Brad Snyder. Reid had showered and was now dressed. He didn't really like to wear a suit and tie, but he was dressed nicely. He grabbed his wallet, phone and keys and headed into the living room where Katie was sitting with Jacob.

"Heading to that meeting with Bob, Henry and Luke?" she asked

"Yeah." Reid replied

Reid already knew Bob and Henry, but Luke he had never met before. Bob, he knew from the hospital of course and Henry was Katie's best friend, and came over just about every day to check up on her and Jacob. He and Reid didn't really get along with each other. Reid checked to make sure he had everything before saying goodbye to Katie and her son and heading out the door. It was still early so he headed to Java to grab a coffee before heading to the meeting. Before he had even jumped in the shower that morning, he had got a call from Bob saying that the meeting was no longer going to be at the hospital but at some huge company called World Wide because Luke Snyder, the biggest donor to the wing, had another meeting that morning as well. Walking into Java, Reid suddenly ran into someone.

"Sorry, wasn't watching were I was going." the guy he ran into said, not looking at Reid, but at his watch.

Suddenly the guy just took off. Reid watched as he left before going and ordering a coffee. By just one glance at the guy he had run into, he thought there was something about him. After he was handed his coffee, he turned to the dark haired guy who had handed it to him.

"That guy I ran into, who was that?"

"Luke Snyder." was all the guy said before turning to another customer.

Reid was shocked. He expected the second donor to the Neurology wing, Luke Snyder, to be a bit older. He didn't look anything older than twenty. Shaking his head, Reid took his coffee and headed out. He still had a little over an hour before his meeting. Now, he thought, would be a good time to get to know the small town he had decided to move to, in order to be the head of soon to be the top Neurology building in the whole country.

As the hour went on, Reid got a call from Bob, who was wondering where he was. Reid made his way to World Wide. He found where he was suppose to be and found Bob and Henry, along with two others, Reid assumed were on the board at Memorial. Bob was talking with a third person in the room, a woman. He was standing close enough, he could hear what they were talking about, he just didn't know who they were talking about.

"How has he been?" Bob asked the woman.

"Okay I guess." she replied, "He doesn't really talk with me or his father. He's been busying himself with work for the past couple of week since they returned from Los Angeles."

"Have you tried talking to Noah?" Bob asked, "Maybe he's been talking to him about it."

"Yes and he hasn't. He's also been pulling away from Noah, from what Noah was telling Holden and me."

"We can see if he'll talk to someone at the hospital again."

"It didn't work last time Bob, how do you know it'll work this time?"

"I don't, but all we can do is try and help him."

With that, Reid looked away and towards the doors that had just opened that lead into a board room. A small group of people walked out, nodded at the group waiting outside and left. The woman Bob was talking to then ushered them all inside the board room. Reid was the last one in, right behind Henry. Through the small crowd of heads, he could see the blond from Java, Luke Snyder. Luke was sitting at the long table in the middle of the room, scribbling down some notes from the meeting that had just finished.

The woman that had ushered them inside, Reid found out was Lily Snyder, mother of Luke Snyder, introduced him to Luke. When they looked at each other in the eyes and shook hands, Reid was more intrigued with the younger man. The other two people with them were of course, others from the Memorial board of staff. For the first half hour of the meeting, Bob and the other two board members talked to Luke, Reid and Henry about the wing, of which Reid had practically designed himself.

Every once in a while, Reid would throw in a comment, only to be shut up by Bob or the other board members, who would start to talk again. Reid wasn't use to not saying what he wanted, but he also knew the hospital needed Henry Coleman and Luke Snyder's donations for the new wing, or there was no point in him moving to Oakdale in the first place.

The rest of the time was just going over papers. Reid couldn't stop looking over at Mr. Snyder, and from time to time, he would catch Mr. Snyder looking at him the same way. Reid wanted to know more about this young man. Obviously, he knew that everyone else in the board room with them, knew a lot about him, so after the meeting broke up, Reid made his way over to Henry, who made a comment on something Reid had said in the meeting, but he didn't remember what he had even said.

"Hank," Reid started, "What do you know about Mr. Snyder?"

Henry seemed a little hesitant to say anything, which made Reid want to know that much more. Since Henry wasn't going to tell him anything, he made his way over to Bob, who was on his way out the door. Reid followed him.

"Bob, what do you know about Mr. Snyder?"

"What do you want to know?"

Reid thought that was a stupid question, "Well, to me he looks a little young to be running such a foundation that he does."

"Well, it's his foundation." Bob replied, "It is called The Luke Snyder Foundation. He started it when he was eighteen with his boyfriend and the help of his grandmother, who owns World Wide."

Reid's eyes widened when Bob had said Mr. Snyder started the foundation with his boyfriend. He did not take from the two times he had met the younger man, that he was gay, at all. They left and Bob headed back to the hospital. Reid had the rest of the day off, so he returned to Katie's. Katie was still there with Jacob. He thought she would have been at work by then. He than decided to ask Katie about Luke.

"What can you tell me about Luke Snyder?" was all he asked, as he raided the fridge for everything he needed to make a sandwich.

"Why?" Katie asked, a little surprised Reid was asking about someone.

Even after just knowing Reid Oliver for a little over a three days, she already knew, he didn't care about other people, or their feelings. Reid sat at the kitchen table with everything to make his sandwich. Katie sat Jacob in his playpen before taking a seat next to him at the table. She put her chin in her hand, and was watching Jacob.

"If I'm going to be working with him and Hank on this Neurology wing, I want to know a little about him." Reid replied

"Well," she started, "He's twenty-three, started his foundation with the inheritance he got from his biological father, who is not really in his life anymore and he's been with his boyfriend, Noah Mayer, since just about forever."

Reid looked up at the name Noah. He had heard Bob and Lily Snyder talking about someone and mention the name Noah. That was when it clicked for him. The person they were talking about was Luke Snyder. He just didn't know what all of it was really about. He finished making his sandwich in silence, before looking back up at Katie, who was tearing up a piece of lettuce.

"What else do you know?" he asked, "I heard Bob talking with, I guess Luke's mother. They were talking about getting him to talk with someone at the hospital, again?"

Reid saw the hesitation on Katie's face, same as when he had asked Henry about him. She stood up and started putting everything Reid had pulled out of the fridge for his sandwich, back into the fridge before she returned to the table and looked at Reid.

"Something happened to him a few months ago," she told him, "But it's not really my place to say anything about it. But I will say this. It took a toll on him and his family. He hasn't really been the same since. So, I know this will be hard for you, but try and be nice to him. Don't go blurting out the first thing that comes to that genius head of yours."

"Who me?" Reid said, before taking a bite of his sandwich.

Later that night, Reid was sitting on the couch, watching television, keeping the volume down so Katie and Jacob could sleep. He was thinking about what Katie had said to him about Luke Snyder, and that he should try and be nice to him. Everything she had said, was just making Reid want to get to know the younger man, that much more still. He also knew if something happened to Mr. Snyder, if it was something he needed to go to the hospital for, it would probably be on his file. But Reid also knew that he shouldn't just go snooping through someone's file because he wanted to know something, especially since Luke Snyder was not a patient of Reid's, or of the hospital, at the moment.

The following day, Reid was making his rounds at the hospital when he spotted the blond he was so intrigued by the day before. He watched him as he talked to a nurse. He couldn't make out what they were saying but then Mr. Snyder looked up and saw him watching them. Reid went back to the charts he had been looking at before he even saw him. A minute later, Luke Snyder was standing in front of him, leaning on the nurses station they were both standing next to.

"You really like to eavesdrop on others conversations don't you."

"I couldn't hear what you were talking about." Reid replied, "Not like I wanted to know anyways."

Reid started walking off. He heard the younger man laugh, and than follow him a little ways down the hall. Reid stopped walking and turned around. The younger man stopped as well.

"Bob tells me you were asking about me yesterday after the meeting."

Reid didn't know what to say. He didn't think Bob of all people would actually go and tell the man that he was wanting to know something about someone else. He was about to say something sarcastically but remembered what Katie had said to him and closed his mouth.

"It's alright." Luke told him, "It's not like I didn't ask Bob about you. I wanted to know who was going to be heading the Neurology wing that my foundation was donating to build."

"Yeah, and what did he tell you?"

"That you are one of the countries best Neurosurgeons and we were lucky that you agreed to take on the job." he replied, "But next time if you want to know something about me, just ask. I'm always at Al's Diner or at World Wide working."

Luke than turned and left, leaving Reid standing in the middle of the hall, staring after him. When he was out of sight, a smile appeared on his face. He turned back around, only to run into one of the many nurses that did not like him because he was so mean.

"Watch where you're going." he snapped, walking around her and down the hall.

Reid had just got off work and after thinking about Luke Snyder most of the day, the mystery of the younger man finally got to Reid. He pulled Luke Snyder's medical history and took it home with him. He knew he shouldn't have, but he wanted to know why people were so cautious on telling him about the younger man. When Reid walked in the door, Katie and Jacob were not home. He sat down on the couch and opened the file, catching Luke's birth name, Luciano Eduardo Grimaldi as he glanced at the first page. He was going to have to ask Katie about that when she returned home with Jacob.

Reid kept reading when he fell upon all the times Luke was admitted to the hospital. He couldn't believe what he was reading, as he read everything. He had been admitted to the hospital for kidney failure at sixteen, being shot and paralyzed when he was eighteen, injured in a hit and run when he was nineteen than when he reached the last time Luke had been admitted to the hospital, he couldn't believe it. Just than, Katie walked in with Jacob.

"Oh, you're home." she said, "I thought I would have run into you at the hospital. Jacob had a check-up."

"Katie, why does Luke go by Snyder and not Grimaldi?"

"Why do you ask?" she said, before she noticed the file in Reid's hands, "Reid Oliver, is that Luke's medical file?"

"Yes." he couldn't lie to her.

"What are you doing with that?" she asked, "That is private, for Luke's doctor only. And last time I checked, that was Bob, not you."

"What ever." he replied, "Why does he go by Snyder?"

"Because he grew up a Snyder. His mother married Holden Snyder, who raised him as his own son."

"And his biological father?"

"He was never really in Luke's life." she said, setting Jacob in his playpen, "I am not talking about this anymore. You better give that back to Bob tomorrow."

"He doesn't even know I have it."

Katie looked at Reid, complete shock on her face. "What do you mean? You just took Luke's medical file without Bob knowing. Why?"

"I wanted to know why everyone was so cautious when talking about him."

"Well, now you know right. So leave it alone, okay?"

Reid didn't say anything. He closed the file and placed it on the table before getting up, said goodnight to Katie and Jacob, and headed to bed.