Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer owns all characters. I'm just having my own fun with Emmett and Bella.

Chapter One


It was 75 years ago today that I was brutally attacked and murdered on my 23rd birthday. Even though physically my mortal life ended that horrible day, in that my heart stopped beating, my life ended a month and a half before when my husband was killed. He was attacked by a grizzly bear when he went out to gather fire wood. His body was never found, just pieces of his shredded bloody clothes. Most assumed that the bear carried him off somewhere, but I wouldn't give up hope that he would come back. As far as I was concerned no body no death. I never believed he was really dead until I became a vampire. I knew that is he was alive in any sense of the word he would have come back to me. I was out walking in the woods behind the house where the attack was assumed to have happened, like I had been doing every day, when I felt like I was being watched. I quickly looked around, but saw nothing. I turned to walk back to the house as fast as I could when I was grabbed by the hair and pulled back to where my husband was killed, to endure almost the same fate.

I have now been a vampire for the past 75 years. It has been a bittersweet existence. Mark has been by my side from the beginning. He saved me from those demented vampires who attacked me; he is also my sire. In order to save me form bleeding to death he had to change me. I had lost too much blood, and was too injured to have survived as a human. It isn't something he does lightly either, in his 400+ years I am the only person he has turned. He says that he instantly felt a connection to me and couldn't let me die. He was the same age as me when he turned and had a twin sister that looked a lot like me. We very quickly became as close as a brother and sister could. He helped me through my newborn phase, taught me to control my thirst, and even taught me to hunt on animals when it became clear I would never be able to kill a human. Every time I tried to hunt humans my children that I had to leave behind, and my husband would come to mind. So needless to say it wasn't possible for me to drink from humans. After the first few days of my new existence and not being able to feed I was very emotional. I saw a grizzly while we were hiding out in the woods during the sunny day and immediately went into a rage thinking it could be the same one that killed my husband. Mark had the idea that maybe I could try to drink from it. He suggested it and I went straight for the throat. From that day forward we both drank from animals. It has become some kind of perverse therapy for me to kill grizzlies. I take some kind of sick satisfaction in thinking that I might have come in contact with the bastard bear that ruined my life.

Mark also taught me to fight, and it became pretty clear after he started teaching me that I had a gift. I was an exceptional fighter, and could sense what my opponent's weaknesses were right away, and how to defeat them. I could also pick out who the greatest threats are out of any group and know how to proceed. I also have a mental shield to protect me again any mental threats that may come my way. After teaching me the basics of fighting Mark could no longer beat me, and he had 400 years of experience on me. To this day it still makes him mad, but he is a proud big brother.

Since our eyes were no longer red from drinking humans, and our thirst was controllable we decided to integrate with humans. It made our life more interesting to say the least. Humans are funny. They think we are so beautiful and want our attention, but their instincts keep them at a safe distance. We figured out if we moved every three or four years people didn't get suspicious of us not aging. We also figured out that if we used Mark's weird way of knowing how to make insane amounts of money the humans kept their distance better. Moving into a new area and buying the most expensive house, and keeping to ourselves made us to talk of the town but most everyone was too intimidated to get to close too often.

That is Mark's gift. He always just knows where we should be going and what we should be doing that would be easiest and safest for us. He plays with the stock market, and plays the lottery sometimes, then does the most random careers also. Once he was a pilot for a private company, which worked out great cause he didn't need to sleep! It can be very entertaining at times. Most of the time I just attended college. I enjoyed learning new things, and kind of made it a challenge to get as many degrees as I could.

Mark and I were on our own for 52 years until Melissa stumbled into our lives. We were getting ready to move back to America from Ireland, and were scouting out places in the New England area when we caught the scent of four vampires in the forest. Both of us had a bad feeling so we went to investigate. There was a newborn Melissa trying to fight off three male vampires who looked to be just out of their newborn phase themselves, and she was losing badly. Mark and I attacked without a second thought, Mark taking the larger one and me taking the smaller two. Mark tore the man to pieces quickly and went straight over to Melissa while I finished off my two, then burned the pieces. Melissa looked at Mark like he was some a God and was terrified of me, go figure. Me being the 5'4" woman that was about 110 lbs soaking wet was the scary one next to Mark who was 6'1" and about 195 lbs. We decided to take her under our wing, Mark being WAY more enthusiastic about it then me by the way, and help her into our world. It wasn't long before Mark and Melissa were totally in love and officially mates.

At first Melissa and I didn't exactly get along. She thought that there was more going on between Mark and I, I thought she was stupid and didn't hesitate to tell her so. She wasn't exactly thrilled about our choice of diet either. It took her some getting used to, and she had some slip ups. It took a little while but Melissa and I started getting used to each other, and things finally started to calm down. After a few years we were finally able to settle down for our 3-4 year stents with the humans again and I was grateful. After that we started getting along rather well, and Melissa and I actually became very good friends.

Melissa discovered she really enjoyed gardening. She always took it onto herself to do the landscaping at all of our homes. Soon neighbors would be asking her to help them with theirs, and next thing we would know Melissa would have the most successful landscaping business in the entire area.