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"Look alive, sunshine. Shit's all fucked up in the zones."

Fifteen year old Mikey Way groaned and glanced up at his older brother Gerard, looking down at him with a sad expression of knowing on his face. Getting up off his little cot, he followed Gerard out of their small shelter for the night, one of the only left- standing houses in zone 2.

Outside, total chaos was occurring. People were running around and screaming, little fires exploding and charring small plants. But this was nothing new. Sighing, Gee and Mikey walked back into the old, collapsing building and almost crashed into a sprinting, panting Frankie.

"I heard the zones… the zones were…" He breathed, putting his hands on his knees to steady himself.

Gerard nodded, and gestured to the rickety door with his head, causing his overlong black hair to fall into his eyes. Frankie looked out the door, and then closed it just as quickly, as a small explosion went off right in front of him.

"Jesus!" He cried, and opened the door once again to get a better look. But this time, they heard a loud buzzing noise, which kept getting louder, and, confused, the three teens gazed up at the sky.

Screaming down at them was a fire- blazing torpedo.

Mikey slammed the door, and, heels skidding on the slick, yet rubble covered floors, he jerked open the trapdoor to the bomb- safety room. It wasn't coincidence that there was a safety room there; every building added one under their floors after the apocalypse occurred.

Gee screamed orders to the rest of the Group, and they scattered from the rooms they happened to be in, and slid down the long corridors, and jumped into the hole in the floor. Mikey, after being the last to jump down, slammed the trapdoor shut just as a bone jarring BOOM hit the floor above them, sending little pebbles flying down on their heads.

Gerard, brushing some dirt and rocks off his clothes, glanced at the Group and asked, "Everyone okay?"

Nods all around relived Gerard, because he didn't know what he would do without the rest of his Group. Looking around the circle of people, he examined everyone. Besides him, Mikey and Frankie, there was thirteen year old Alyxx, her best friend Trevor, who was also thirteen, little Star, who was only eight, and Ray, who was one year younger than Gerard at seventeen. Frankie was sixteen.

Turning to Alyxx, who was the technologist in the Group, Gee asked," Can you check the morning scans? I wanna see if there's too much damage to stay here."

Opening the tiny laptop she always carried with her, Alyxx quickly started checking the early scans for nuke damage. Once she got onto the site, everyone watched her as her eyes darted back and forth along the damaged screen. Closing the mini- computer, she doled out the bad news. "AM scans reporting the stacks emitting green smoke. So if the air starts smelling like limeade, evacuate at once!"

Star sniffled, and Frankie picked her up and held her close.

"So… what are we doing, Gee?" asked Mikey. "Are we staying here, or going?"

"We'll go wherever's safest." replied Gerard. "So, any ideas on where that might be?"

"I heard there's minimal scorching in zone three." Mused Trevor thoughtfully. "Maybe we ought to head there."

Sensing a decision being made, they all looked up at the leader of their Group.

"So, Gerard, what's it gonna be?" Ray inquired.

After a moment's hesitation, Gee replied, "Let's head to Hyperthrusts, then."

About eight hours later, the group arrived, exhausted, at Hyperthrusts. Pushing open the door to the only standing structure in the past three miles, they entered after their long journey. There were only two people there; the man who worked the carts, and the woman who stood behind the ill- stocked bar area. Gee sauntered over to the counter and pulled their coins out of his pocket. "Seven tickets to zone three, please."

The lady smiled. "Lotsa people headed that way, I hear. Might meet some folks on your way over, the cart's got a few stops along the way."

"Why's it that many people are headed there?" Gee asked, curious to see if they were going for the same reasons they were.

The lady cocked her head and said, thoughtfully, "Well, I hear there's minimal scorching." Trevor broke into a pleased, cocky smirk.

Handing Gerard back their change of three coins, she said, "The train'll be here in a couple minutes. Can I get ya anything else?"

Mikey gazed at the coins. "I didn't know we would have any change!"

Placing the coins back on the counter, Gee said, "Actually, you can. Can I get a can of energe? The big kind, if you got it. My friend Frankie here got a case of dustmouth while we were crossing a very small part of a very big desert, and hasn't stopped complaining about it since. Which doesn't make much sense, because talking worsens dustmouth. He just can't keep his fuckin' trap shut, can you Frankie?"

Frankie, looking sullen, scowled at Gerard but stayed quiet.

The woman behind the counter sighed, looking sad. "Wish I could help you," She said, "But energe has been growing more and more difficult to find since the main branch of the factories was destroyed. Can't even really call this old thing a bar anymore, I mean, all we have is water. I know, I know, that shit's so 2015, but it's all I got. Want it?"

Gee shrugged. "Better than nothing, I guess."

Reaching under her counter, she pulled a jug of fresh water out of a small fridge. She handed it to Frankie, who had approached the counter with a look of desperation on his face. After he chugged most of it, he handed what remained to Ray, who passed it to Alyxx, and so on.

After a bit more mindless chit- chat with the server, their cart rumbled into the station. Bidding goodbye to their new friend, the lady behind the counter, they boarded the small, futuristic train.

"Good luck…" mumbled the young man who worked it. "Wish I could leave, too, before this place gets bombed like everything in this hell hole of a zone."

Star, from her place between Alyxx and Frankie, just replied cheerfully and ever- optimistic, "Well, besides the threat of poison air, it's gonna be a bright and sunny day!"

But then the cart roared away, (through air, no track), but Star was pretty sure she could see a tiny flicker of a smile on the man's face.

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