I am QUITE sorry that I have yet to post my alternate endings. To be perfectly honest, I have yet to write them as well.

Anyhoo, I feel obligated to write you this message thingamajig. It will most likely be deleted as soon as I get those alts written, but I have no idea when that shall be.

The reason I'm no writing them is that I HAVE STARTED MY NEXT KILLJOYS FANFICTION! *holds for applause* Oh yes, I know, I KNOW. You are all TOOOOOO EXCITED for this story. Make sure I'm on your author alerts for when that is posted ^_^

I am ALSO starting an original story which will NOT be posted on here, because 1) that's not allowed (like I care) but mostly 2) because I don't want…. *whispers* STEALERS. So, I am deeply sorry, but DON'T FRET! You can read it when it is published ;)

Lastly, I am indebted to thank some certain folks. Here's thanking all of you children who have read my story and not reviewed. I know there must be thousands of you. I'd also like to thank Chemical 30, who was the first person to read this that I did not know :)

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LASTLY, I'd MOSTLY like to thank my BEST REVIEWER IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE UNIVERSE. She lets me help her write her stories, and she's helped me out of tough spots in my story time and time again. She's gonna be almost my co- writer in my original story, and I HAVE HELPED AND HELPED AND HELPED her in writing her stories… :P HERE'S THANKING CJCLARK X3

Chloe, you are the Frankie to my Gerard. Fankoo for being my reviewer :3 THOUGH, if I remember correctly, I was YOUR first reviewer. That's how we met, when I reviewed High School Years :) Ah yes, good times.

Here's hoping we see more of each other in the near future, Killjoys.


Static*Sarah & DetonationDestination.

P.S. The aftermath is secondary, Killjoys. Don't forget it x3