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Part One, Chapter One - Night Class

Although they were in the cab, John knew that the hard bit was still to come - telling Sherlock where they were going.

"Is there a destination for this delightful outing?" Sherlock asked while staring out of the cab window; the streets of London passed slowly by.

"The building down by the Thames, where they do community stuff, and other things like that. You know... night classes and youth clubs."

"Which class have you enroled me in?"

John sighed. He knew Sherlock would work it out quickly. All he had to hope for now was a good reaction from his flatmate.


"Really? How interesting." John could hear the sarcasm dripping from every word.

"It's from seven till eight," he continued.

Sherlock said nothing.

"The course runs for ten weeks. Shorter if not enough people go."

Still nothing.

John couldn't believe his luck. Sherlock wasn't making him feel like an idiot by sprouting out complicated nonsense about how useless it would be.

"Erm, Sherlock, are you OK? Because normally you'd be complaining well by now."

"You're being ridiculous, John. I am not complaining because I know that there is quite simply no point. You wouldn't understand my reasons. However, at the same time, I am not going because it would be wasting an hour of my life. Driver, take us back."

"Ignore him, you know what they're like when they don't want to go somewhere. Now, seriously Sherlock, don't be so stubborn!" John said exasperatedly. "This course could change your life completely. I mean, you might even find yourself with a few more friends afterwards."

Little did John know just how true those words would be...

"OK, so, to start off I'm just going to ask you some questions, find out how much you already know."

Sherlock, bored already, leant back in his seat and glanced round the class. Everyone there was so easy. In a minute he knew everything about all twenty of them. The only one to have caught his interest at all was the lady in the corner. She was young, about twenty-eight, and was a bit of a loner. No boyfriend. In fact, only one 'friend' at - her flatmate - but the fact that she was here showed that they weren't close friends. She had been close to her father, who had died about ten years previous, but not to her mother. Youngest child out of at least three, if not more. Family didn't have much money when she was a child. She still didn't, but the same couldn't be said for her family, who'd come into lots of money before her father's death. She was clever, he noted, she answered the question about Dwarf planets easily, without even thinking properly. but did she know about important things as well?

He'd worked it all out in less than ten seconds. So why was he still watching her?

"Man at the back: Curly hair; Coat; Scarf."

Sherlock looked away from the woman.

"I'll give you a nice easy one," the man said, grinning at him. "What is the centre of our Solar System?"

All the people who'd got their hardish questions wrong groaned. Some muttered about favoritism and how it wasn't fair.

"Don't know don't care," Sherlock replied, his gaze flicking back to the corner.

The room fell silent.

"You- you don't know?" the drunkard sat at the table in front of them said in shock.

"Why would I need to?" Sherlock replied.

"Well, it's... it's primary school stuff!"

"I'll give you a clue," the teacher quickly butted in before Sherlock could answer. "The Earth and other planets go round it."

"I really don't give one."

"Sherlock, it's the Sun," John told him quietly.

"Does it matter?" Sherlock asked. "Do I really need to know if the Earth goes round the Sun, round the Moon or 'round and round the garden like a teddy bear'?" He put on a silly voice for the last bit. "I am not going to fill up useful space in my brain with useless information that I will never need. Instead, I only remember important things that will help me with my life's work."

Everyone stared at him.

"Come on, John. We're leaving."

Sherlock stood and, after one last sweeping, disinterested pan of the room, left the classroom with a billow of ashen-grey wool.

John hurried after him, but just as he was about to have a go at Sherlock, a new voice spoke.

"Interesting speech. But what do you consider important? Logic and the like?"

Sherlock stopped halfway down the stairs and smiled. Spinning round, he faced the woman from the corner of the room.


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