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Chapter 2

It seemed that Jace as usual had everything planned out to the last letter. Alec and Isabelle had agreed on pulling hunting duties and Jace had managed to weasel his way out of it. They'd ate dinner and planned on "watching a movie" in his room. There wouldn't be any movie watching in his room however, the door would be locked and Transformers would be on loud enough to be convincing anyone who might be outside listening to be convinced that they were in fact just watching a movie.

Jace led her up to his room after they had eaten and eagerly locked the door behind them. "I've been waiting for this all day," he replied with a smirk. She sat down on the bed laying back and stretching her legs wide out in front of her inviting him to come and get her. Jace quickly advanced on her pouncing on top of her as she giggled and wrapped her arms around his neck.

They kissed each other with a fever of two people in love. Each experienced in the way the other person's body worked they knew just what to do to get the other person excited. He took off her shirt, pulling it over her head as he placed his hand on her breast. He squeezed it, seemingly enjoying the feel of it in his hand. The rest of her clothes came off in similar fashion as did his. Clary wanted to taste him as she moved from underneath him and had him sit on the side of the bed. Getting on her knees in front of him she licked his length with her tongue in one continuous lick. He seemed to enjoy the feel of it as she felt him grow harder against her tongue. She moved her tongue to the tip of his head lightly flicking her tongue against it before taking his length into her mouth. He moaned softly as she sucked and pulled on the length of him with her hand. Jace brought his hand up to her head, weaving his fingers into between the strands of her hair as he helped her take him deeper into her throat. It wasn't her favorite thing to do but she knew he liked it.

Before he was about to cum, he made her stop. It was obvious to her from the look on his face he was ready to get down to business. He laid down as she hovered over him, straddling his hips just above his length before placing herself on top of him. She let herself get used to the feel of him before moving herself against him. Jace was eating it up, his body reacting against hers and he bucked underneath her. They continued in this manner for a few minutes before he eventually came inside her. She kept moving up and down and up down for a few moments longer before sliding off of him and laying down beside him breathless. She'd never had to fake it before and she wasn't really sure why she hadn't gotten into it. He felt great inside of her as usual but her body just hadn't responded to him. Clary smiled over at him though, reaching out to kiss him as they laid there naked in each other's arms. "I love you Clary," he replied as he spoke softly against the side of her face.

"I love you more," she replied with a smile.

They never really said anything else as they assumed their usual cuddle positions. They never slept together over night for fear that the Lightwoods might find them out so once he fell asleep she generally gathered her things and went back to her room. Today was just like any other day. She slipped gently from out of his grasp as she pulled on the majority of her clothes. Blowing him a kiss goodbye she gently opened the door and shut it behind her. She turned to head in the opposite direction but bumped into a body that was just inches away from hers.

"Isabelle!" Clary replied nearly jumping out of her skin, "What are you doing here outside of Jace's bedroom?"

"I thought that maybe now that you were finished with him," she replied while quickly closing the distance between them. "You might want to come and play with me a bit?"

Those were almost the exact words Clary had wanted to hear come out of Isabelle's mouth for days. "I'd love to," she replied maybe a little too eagerly but she didn't care. Isabelle's hand slowly moved down the length of Clary's torso, then back up as she squeezed Clary's breast in her hand through her shirt.

Clary closed her eyes tight, licking her lips as she enjoyed the sensation. She felt her body begin to respond to Isabelle's touches, but she knew they couldn't do this out here in the hall so exposed. She quickly led Isabelle to her room, restraining herself not to take off running. She opened the door and shut it after her to find that Isabelle had already been there as she saw the spare duffle bag located beside her bed again. Isabelle stood there watching her take in the scenery and was surprised when Clary began taking the lead. Within seconds she had stripped her body of clothes, having only done so moments before and advancing on Isabelle.

"I want you out of that shirt, now!" She demanded at which point Isabelle replied with a smirk. Clary walked her backwards pressing her against the wall as she began kissing her aggressively. She needed Isabelle like fire needed oxygen to burn.

Isabelle stripped herself as Clary stepped back allowing her access to her own body. Once she was finished Clary eagerly ran her tongue over Isabelle's nipples that hardened against her touch, "tell me what you did with Jace?" Isabelle asked almost with a hint of sadness in her voice.

"I rode his cock," she replied somehow trying to make it sound like it was just sex when she didn't really know what it was. Clary felt so right with each of them, she couldn't have decided between the two.

"Did you like it?" Isabelle asked more curiously now, Clary continued flicking her tongue across the other girl's breasts as she looked up into her eyes.

"Does it matter if I liked it?" Clary asked playfully.

"Of course it does," Isabelle placed her hands around Clary's upper arms and pulled her up. "I like you Clary, as in like-like you. If you love him and just like messing around with me I need to know, not right now but as soon as you know."

Clary wasn't nearly as tall as Isabelle was and having to look up at her made her feel even smaller. Isabelle wrapped her arms around Clary and pulled her close, "I think that's enough for right now. I just want to lay with you here if that's alright? We don't even have to be naked; I'd just like to hold you if that's alright with you?"

"Of course it is," Clary replied happily. She broke the hug and took a running leap into bed, sprawling her naked body out so that she flashed all the good parts at a half dressed Isabelle. Izzy smiled from the other side of the room as Clary called out for her to come snuggle.

She crawled in on top of her pinning Clary to the bed, "this isn't what I had in mind for sleeping you know?"

Clary smiled, "I do but I want to at least cum once, I didn't with Jace."

Isabelle looked shocked, "but I heard you from outside the door?"

"You heard me what?" Clary replied blushing.


Clary laughed, "Then it was successful! I faked it for the first time and was scared Jace would know, although I think he's getting sick he went to sleep right after and didn't wake up which is unusual for him."

"Hmm…maybe, but I can't have you being all frustrated" Isabelle replied as she crawled back down Clary's body. "I'll make you cum baby don't you worry."

Clary had wanted this since they'd been together last; Isabelle's fingers were working deep inside of her body, touching her in ways Jace wouldn't even dream of touching her. Isabelle was taking her time getting her wet before placing her mouth anywhere near her little nub. When Izzy finally made it there she flicked it gently, mimicking what Clary had been doing only moments before to her breasts. Spreading her lips with her free hand Isabelle ate heartily from Clary, lapping up her sweetness and sliding her tongue into her folds. Clary wanted to practically consume her with her body, but she knew she couldn't.

Isabelle stopped for a moment as she went to the side table, pulling out Clary's toy. She ran her wet fingers over it before sucking on it to make it wet, not that Clary felt it needed it she was wet enough as it was. She was shaking with anticipation, Clary wanted to see how Isabelle would play with her just as much as Isabelle wanted to actually do it. Isabelle moved back to her position in front of Clary and pushed the dildo firmly inside of her. Clary almost cried out as a painful pleasure spread across her body. It had hurt but she liked it. Jace rarely hurt her when they were making love, sure he had the first time, but he was bigger than average and it was her first time after all. Not like Izzy though, she knew how to make it hurt, how to make Clary feel like she wanted to be punished and it made her feel ashamed to feel that way. "More," she whispered as she waited for Isabelle to begin sliding it in and out of her.

"What did you say?" Isabelle asked almost predatorily now.

"More!" Clary said it louder this time, gripping the covers as she did.

Isabelle simply smiled as pulled it out and shoving it back in. Clary was glad that it had a base for you to hold onto. She wasn't really sure why it had that but Isabelle had said something about a harness that you put it in, she hadn't asked just taken it and started playing with it almost every day. Clary was able to handle it, taking in the length of the toy inside her with ease. With each shove Clary held onto the covers tighter. Afraid to demand anything else of Isabelle she remained quiet for a while as Isabelle changed angles allowing Clary to experience a better pleasure.

"Faster," she eventually managed as her eyes began rolling into the back of her head. Clary bit her bottom lip as Isabelle started working faster, it wasn't hard for her to meet Clary's demands and she wondered how many women Isabelle had been with. Clary gasped when she felt Isabelle mouth move in once more, licking her clit as the orgasm began shaking her entire lower body. Isabelle kept licking but she left the toy inside of Clary's body.

Isabelle moved up to kiss Clary on the forehead, moving a few strands of hair away from her face, "better now my naughty little girl?"

"Mmmm…most definitely." She replied blissfully.

Clary removed the toy and reluctantly got up and took it to the restroom where she placed it in the bathtub to be washed in the morning. When she walked back into the room she found Isabelle with a pair of pajamas waiting for her. It wasn't really pajamas but a night gown, one that was low cut and short. It was made with red ribbons and black lace, something straight out of a gothic porno, but Clary liked it. She slipped it on over her head without putting any underwear on underneath. Isabelle, she noticed was wearing one too but hers was a dark green. Clary thought it probably would have looked better on her but she didn't mind the view that she was receiving. "Now come here, I want to cuddle." Isabelle replied, seemingly pleased to finally have Clary's attention monopolized at least for the time being.