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Getting a call out of the blue from Booth asking me to meet him and Tempe at the diner, I figured they were going to announce that they were finally together. Turns out, he wanted to question me about the Gloater's death. But there was something different about them. First they were being polite to each other, but it wasn't just that. There was just something weird there that I couldn't put my finger on. I've told Tempe before that I thought she and Booth would just get rid of all the nonsense and finally settle down; I thought maybe there was less of that nonsense clouding the air between them.

They confirmed it when I talked them into showing some affection. You just can't manufacture affection like that, not the comfortableness of being so close and I don't think I've ever heard Tempe giggle like that ever. Booth was even more obvious with the happy grin on his face and not being able to take his eyes off my daughter. Most men, I would have threatened to keep their eyes off my Tempe. And it's not because Booth is FBI that I didn't threaten him. I had to roll away before I said something. Those too have had too many setbacks and I wasn't about to accidentally cause another one, not when the nonsense is finally over.


"I'm pregnant….you're the father"

There was a split second where I thought maybe I was just dreaming that she said that, the incredibly worried look on her face quickly confirmed it was true and my face split into a huge grin. I wasn't able to think or say anything coherent for what seemed like a really long time. Bones is having my baby. I'm going to be a father again. A baby, with Bones!

It is almost too much. A couple months ago I wasn't even sure if I was going to be able to open my heart to her again and now, just one month into this thing we're having a baby. A baby! I thought that I needed marriage, but I don't. Looking at Bones' face, how happy she is about this baby…we're in this together. Her and my kids, that's all I'll ever need. I have the overwhelming urge to kiss her senseless, to thank her waiting, for letting me see the real her, for letting me comfort her and love her...To thank her for choosing me.