Demyx stood against the side of the building, latching onto the bricks behind him for dear life. Axel had lost his ever-loving mind.

"Oh, stop being such a wuss! Roxas and Xion can both sit on the ledge and never cry about how high up we are," Axel called back to him, sitting in his usual spot with his usual treat in his hands.

"All of you are stark-frickin' mad!" Demyx shouted loudly, wind whipping him in the face since it was unobstructed by any other buildings.

"Dem, you have abilities, man! If you fall, warp!" Axel chuckled, taking a bite of his ice cream.

"Only Xigbar can do that," Demyx replied with his eyes closed. "For the rest of us, it's like a really powerful ninjutsu that Kakashi-sensei hasn't taught us yet!"

Oh my god, Narutard! "Well, um…still! I won't let you fall Demyx. C'mon, do you have any reason to distrust me?"

Axel's smile radiated "Don't trust me." The pyro was absolutely terrible at exuding false confidence. When he saw Demyx flinch back away from him, he gave an indignant huff and stood up. Grabbing the other's arm, he dragged them to the ledge. Demyx let out a scream that should've belonged more to Namine perhaps before latching on to his skinny waist for support.

"Don't drop me! I don't wanna die!"

"You won't, as long as you get your damn claws out of my hips," Axel growled. He unlatched Demyx and basically deposited him on the ledge. The man scrambled back on the other side to safety. Axel didn't speak to him for awhile, and once he was assured that he indeed was in a safe location, he got to his knees and crawled over to the edge. Down below him, he could see the train station entrance of Twilight Town.

"You know…once you get over the emotions of doom and gloom, this isn't a half bad hangout," he murmured. He never climbed fully up to sit next to Axel, but happily took the half melted ice cream he handed him.

"Yeah, this is where we go when we want to stall for just a few more minutes of peace before having to return to the hellish chaos that is our Organization," Axel chuckled. He grinned at Demyx over his shoulder.

The blonde momentarily forgot about his ice cream to stare back at him "Anyone ever tell you…your eyes look like a chick's?"

Well, if that didn't ruin the mood! Er, not that Axel was really in any particular mood with Demyx…he was faithful to Roxas one-hundred percent. But Axel turned the comment around and told him, "If you think that's bad, watch this. Do one of your water moves on me."

Demyx, ever being the lazy one, simply held up a hand. A second later, a blast of water hit Axel in the face, getting his entire head wet.

"Good. Now, one second," Axel told him. He turned away for a moment and kept shaking his head out like a dog. Once he was done with that, he got up and went around the corner of the tower. "Okay, watch this!"

When he strutted from around the corner, Demyx had to work hard to not let his mouth drop open. Axel's usual joking green eyes had moved way beyond that and were more or less communicating, you want me and you know it. The willowy waist worked to this advantage and with a good imagination (and ignoring that Axel lacked a chest), he possibly could've passed for being female.

Xigbar would kill Demyx if he saw the way he was gaping right now.

"Ax-Axel…um…stop l-looking at me like that," he could only barely mutter.

Axel sat back down beside him, the eyes still flirty. "Why? Do I make you uncomfortable?" He leaned in a little closer to him, as though wanting him to catch his scent. Demyx mentally kicked himself when he actually sniffed him and found that whatever he was wearing was gender neutral and didn't ruin the illusion Axel was casting.

The redhead leaned back on the ledge, staring up with closed eyes and letting his wet hair hang behind him. The gesture gave a full view of his throat, the curvature of his jawline, the soft shadows on his cheeks from his lashes. Demyx gave a hard swallow, screaming in his head to turn away, that it wasn't right to keep staring like that but he couldn't help himself.

In a move faster than he was aware of, he grabbed Axel and roughly crushed their lips together. Axel didn't fight back, but neither did he respond. He let Demyx have this, have him, but felt nothing of his tongue in his mouth, the nipping on his lips, or the breathy moan the blonde released at the passionate contact. When he'd had his fill and finally sat back, Axel stared back at him with cool, calm eyes. Almost as though he were bored. "Finished?" he asked smoothly.

The desire in the blonde's eyes had started to give away to shame. "Axel…this…this was wrong. So wrong…"

"It's lust and it about got the better of you," Axel told him calmly. "You don't really care for me any more than I care for you. You saw something that looked a little pleasant and went after it."

"How do I not go after it?" Demyx whimpered pathetically.

"Ahh, if I had the answer to that, nobody would ever cheat on their spouse," Axel smiled wistfully. "Easiest way is just weighing your options. What will you gain with me? What will you be giving up? Are either really worth it? In this case, I gotta tell ya. Roxas just rocks. Not lookin' forward to losing him. I didn't expect you to haul off and kiss me considering your own relationship status."

Axel didn't miss Demyx calling him a bastard under his breath. Out loud he whispered, "Promise me…you won't tell him. About this." He knew he meant Xigbar.

"Pfft, like I'd really do that! Xigbar wouldn't lay a finger on you, but he'd murder me! Then, when he's done, Roxas will murder me three times over! You'd get off scotch-free."

Demyx gave him an appreciative smile, then looked behind him up at the clock. "Whoa. Speaking of them, perhaps we should get back. Our day of switching is basically over. I wonder how Roxas and Xigbar fared?"

Axel smiled at the thought of getting back to his ahem, boy-toy and stood up. "Well, let's hope they didn't make out too, haha!"

"So not funny," Demyx grumbled as he followed him into a dark portal.


"Five thousand, five hundred and fifty two! Five thousand, five hundred and fifty three! Five thousand, five hundred and fifty four!" Roxas kept hitting the ball into the air with his Keyblade, his face shining with childish delight as he watched it soar high up, then slowly drift back down to him again.

Xigbar on the other hand was dying. No, seriously, he was dying. He could feel his lifeforce slipping away as he sat there on the park bench and watched him hit the ball. Each whack was like a stab to his soul and he would fade just a little bit more inside. The boredom. Oh, the fucking boredom!

That's it! He couldn't take it anymore!

Roxas was standing there looking up in the sky and waiting for the ball to come back when he saw a red light flash through the sky and the ball burst. With horrified eyes, he turned to the other man, who wore a wicked grin. Xigbar lifted up one of his guns and blew the barrel of it cheekily before making it disappear again.

"There! Now let's do something fun!"

"That…that was fun," Roxas told him, eyes filling up with tears. "I've never gotten it to stay off the ground that long. You ruined it! You monster!" He pointed a harsh, accusing finger at the man, trembling in fury.

Axel and Demyx chose that moment to appear from their portal. Axel's eyes immediately locked onto Roxas and he ran forward. "Roxy! What's wrong? Why is my sweet little Roxy-cakes crying?"

Demyx and Xigbar stared on with horrified expressions. "Call me that and I'll kill you," Xigbar told him.

"Deal," Demyx readily agreed.

Axel turned to the Freeshooter. "You DARE upset Roxas? I'm so PISSED!" The entire park went up in flames as Axel completely released his powers. Holding his arms up to the side, his chakrams appeared, spinning in the air before he caught them. He leveled Xigbar with a ferocious scowl as he crouched slightly in a fighting position.

"Aww, cool your jets, hotshot," Demyx told him. In a huge tidal wave, the flames were washed away. Nobody had expected him to be the one to put an end to the broiling feud, but it would seem Demyx finally figured out that he had Axel beat, at least in the elements.

"Hmph!" Axel snorted. He wrapped an arm around Roxas and steered him away from them. "Don't worry about those meanie-faces, Roxy; we'll get you a new ball! I'll even join you. How's that sound?"

"Really! Oh boy, this is the best day ever!" Roxas said in a voice that was as far removed from his regular personality as could be imagined.

Back in the park, Xigbar smiled fondly at Demyx. "Thank you for saving me. And I'm not talking about the ginger either."

Demyx blushed. "Heh, it was nothing."

Xigbar fished in his coat pockets for a bit before producing two slim pieces of paper. "Tickets. To Metallica. Wanna go?"

"Hellz yes! You'll never believe what Axel took me to!" As they walked, he recounted the events of the day, of course skimming over the incident on the clock tower. An hour later, they were rocking along with all the other fans in the crowd, screaming their heads off and risking going deaf from the noise.

Hours later when they left, still high off of adrenaline, Demyx didn't miss Xigbar sliding his arm around his waist and dragging him closer, damned be anyone who saw it. He thought back on what Axel had said about what he might've lost by following lust.

Love. He would've been giving up love.

In the picture-perfect moment, he leaned his head on Xigbar's shoulder and smiled to himself.

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