just a little something i came up with.

DISCLAIMER: i am not VC Andrews. i'm nowhere near that brilliance.

POV: young Corinne

I always knew that I could have everything that I wanted. All I had to do was ask Daddy, and he would go out and get it for me, no matter how much it would hurt him in the end. I was his little princess, and he would do anything for me.

But, soon I realized that even though I had everything that I could ever want and more, my life wasn't as great as I thought it would be. I never had many friends. I could see right through each and every one of them – they only were my friends for my money and material things.

At school, I would always talk about what a great life I had – not having to do chores, having a huge house with hundreds of rooms, a Daddy that loved me and would buy me anything. But I was never really happy about how good I had it.

What's worse is that they all believed me. They all really thought that I got everything I wanted, that everything got to be decided for me. There was one thing that I never got.

I always wanted to be normal. Being rich excluded me from everyone else. Just because I got everything that I wanted with just one word made everyone jealous and not really love me for who I was.

I just want to have someone my age that I can spend time with. My brothers are never home and they aren't even close to my age. I just wanted an equal.