That Girl Outtakes

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Title: Chapter 44-Showdown BPOV

POV: Bella

Type: Alternate POV

Rating: T

Chapter Synopsis: Bella's POV of the final showdown with Victoria

Chapter 44—Showdown—Bella POV


Edward and I were standing beside Renesmee's crib as she rested so innocently and obliviously to the danger her grandfather was in. Charlie . . .

I bit my lip, willing the damn phone to ring for the five hundredth time in an hour. Each minute passed by in a torturous drag that had to be outside the scope of time and space. Every second felt like an eternity.

I need them to tell me that he was alright. But the longer we went without hearing anything, the more I was sure that something was wrong.

How could the wolves have abandoned my father like that? How could they have left him vulnerable? My eyes pricked with useless tears that would never fall. Victoria could be killing him now . . . changing him into something that he would never be able to reconcile himself to.

I glanced over at Edward surreptitiously. His eyes had not left me, not even for a second. I was positive that he expected me to make a break for it at some point. And to be truthful, if he had given me the slightest opportunity, I might not have been able to control the urge to sneak away. I was torn between my need to protect what was mine, my mate and my daughter, and my love for my very human father.

The thought of Victoria harming him was more than I could take.

I growled lowly under my breath and felt Edward squeeze my hand. I just felt so damn useless. On a logical level, I understood why we couldn't go, but . . .

The phone rang. My hand gripped Edward's harder. I knew that I had to be hurting him, but he never complained—not once.

I heard Alice's voice. She was practically screaming. "Edward! Edward, you have to get out of there!"

Edward's eyes widened and he glanced at me. The dread in his gaze was horrifying to witness. I had never seen that level of fear from him before. His eyes dropped down to glance at our daughter before meeting mine again.

"What's happened, Alice?"

"Victoria! She's coming there!"

I didn't need to hear anything more. In a lightning fast movement, I dropped Edward's hand and picked up our daughter. Taking a heavy, pink receiving blanket, I tucked it around her form without waking her. My mind was processing everything that we needed to do as I considered the obviousness of Victoria's plan. We should have seen this coming and planned for it.

"Victoria has Charlie, and there is another vampire with her, Edward. You have to get Bella out of there!"

I knew right away what Alice was implying. With my father thrown into the fray, I would be unfocused, torn between the two sides of my family. I needed to save my father, but I couldn't do that at the expense of my daughter.

Pain cracked through my stone heart on a level that I could barely comprehend. I knew in the depths of my being that I was going to lose someone precious to me tonight and that there was no way I could choose who.

"We're leaving now!" Edward growled into the phone, snapping it shut.

He glanced at me briefly, the same realization that I had come to was written in every stressed line of his precious face.

Renesmee stirred in my arms and reached for my face, asking me what was happening. I tried to reassure her, but my voice cracked as I did.

"The plane," Edward said flatly.

My eyes met his, and I nodded.

I followed him as he turned and ran from the house, saving our precious daughter the thought that was forefront in my mind. I couldn't consider anything else at this point. It was just too much.

Our feet alighted from the stone landing of the porch as it was quicker and we sprinted into the woods. The dock was five minutes away at a dead run. I didn't know if we were going to make it.

Edward turned toward me when we cleared the first of three rock faces that we would scale before we got to our destination.

"Bella, when we get to the dock, I want you to take Renesmee and go!"

I shook my head, my heart fracturing. I couldn't leave him. I wouldn't. "No! You are coming with us!"

"Bella, I can't," he said, his voice pained.

"I can't lose you, Edward."


My voice was choked with tears. "No, Edward. Don't do that to us."

"She has Charlie, Bella. I have to try to save him. I will kill her, love. Don't worry about me."

I tried to hold back my tearless sobs, but the stress and my fears were eating away at me. "There are two of them, Edward. You will be killed."

I saw the fear in his eyes, but his lips twisted into his trademark cocky, lopsided grin. "I'm a better fighter than that. And as for Victoria, I can read her mind. I will see her moves before she makes them. I won't be hurt. Trust me, Bella. You have to protect our daughter."

I glanced down at Renesmee, who was snuggled so trustingly into my arms. Biting my lip, I considered Edward's request. Could I risk our daughter to protect him?

"If you die, Edward—"

"I won't," he assured, his eyes growing hard and black with the fury I knew was boiling inside of him.

The dock was in sight now. I scanned to the left as Edward looked to the right. I inhaled deeply, pulling the scent of the woods around me, tasting the air, looking for any sign that an enemy was near.

Edward and I worked in tandem as secured Renesmee to her safety seat. I flinched as the first scream reached my ears. I sounded feminine and was closing in on us at an impossible pace. I already knew that we were too late.

"Go!" Edward shouted.

My eyes met his. Terror was etched into every line of his body.

"It's too late, Edward," I stated solemnly.

Edward glanced at me, his eyes were desperate. I reached out and stroked my hands over his face softly. Pure and utter tragedy was etched into the line of every feature. His eyes roved over me like he was trying to memorize every detail about me before flickering to our daughter and doing the same.

I felt my face harden as a strange rage began to possess me. It was unlike even what I had felt when Jake had threatened my Edward. Someone was going to die this early morning, but it wasn't going to be my mate or my daughter. We would save Charlie and we were going to end this bitch once and for all.

My hand stroked across Edwards, which was hanging loosely at his side. I turned toward the opening and felt my eyes narrow as they focused on Victoria.

She stepped out of the woods slowly, and I matched her step for step, Edward strong and resolute at my side. She had a young, straggly headed blonde boy with her and they were carrying two humans. I swallowed hard as the sound of their heartbeats reached my ears. That was my father. The monster would just have to deal.

I shook my head and focused instead on the feral, self-pleased grin that lit Victoria's feline features.

They dropped their humans quickly and roughly to the ground. My eyes quickly found my father, assessing his injuries. Charlie immediately focused on Edward and me. His eyes were slightly unfocused as if he had been drugged, but he seemed to be fine with the exception of the obviously broken wrist he was holding.

My dad mouthed my name, but no sound came out. He swallowed slowly and tried again. "What's going on here?" he asked. I wanted to answer him, but Edward squeezed my hand lightly, and I knew that he was telling me to let him lead.

As much as I wanted to focus on my father, there was some instinct deep inside me that was telling me to keep my eyes on Victoria. She was the danger here. I couldn't afford to lose focus, I reminded myself.

"It's going to be alright, Charlie," Edward stated, never removing his eyes from Victoria and the young man at her side.

My eyes briefly flickered to the woman who was lying at Victoria's feet. She smelled especially appealing. I reminded myself that she probably had a family who loved her, children. It was important that I kept the knowledge of her as a person, and not food, in the forefront of my mind. I tried to keep my eyes on Victoria and Riley, but every time she whimpered, my eyes were drawn back to her. I saw Victoria grin evilly as she noticed my predicament.

She laughed manically and my eyes immediately snapped back to hers and I realized that I had once again been distracted.

"You don't know how long I've waited for this, Edward," she cackled.

Edward held her gaze, his face impassive. "Riley, she's using you," he said, his voice smooth and persuasive. "You should leave now. I would hate to kill you."

My lips twitched and I tried to ignore the faint red haze that had begun to taint my vision. I was inundated with the desire to kill, to maim, to rip apart, to drink . . .

I shook myself slightly. Edward shifted closer to me. I wondered briefly if he knew how I was struggling.

"He's lying, Riley," she purred.

My gaze jerked upward. Without realizing it, I had been staring at the woman on the ground again.

"How did you know my name?" the boy asked. He glanced at Victoria, his brow wrinkled in consternation.

Edward smirked and tapped the side of his head. "Bree was right; you should have listened to her. Victoria intends to destroy you when this is finished."

Victoria glanced at the boy, a sudden flash of hatred plain on her face before it smoothed into something that held a hint of affection.

"He's trying to get into your head, Riley. I love you. You know that. Ignore him, my love."

The boy hissed at Edward, so easily swayed by her false affection.

I growled involuntarily as the woman leaped to her feet, sending a fresh wave of her wonderful spicy scent in my direction, and ran toward the woods. The instinct to chase her, to consume her, was almost overwhelming.

I felt Victoria's evil gaze on me and my attention focused back on her. My eyes narrowed and the red haze took over more of my vision. I wanted to kill her.

Her eyes stayed focused on my almost hypnotic. "Bring her to me."

The vibration of Edward's growl rent the air. "Don't do it!" he hissed.

"Don't do what?" my father asked, finding his voice.

Victoria smirked. "Oh, Charlie . . ." she said, her stare locked with mine. "I think it's time that you see just what your precious, innocent little girl is."

Edward took a step forward to leave my side, but some buried instinct came roaring to life and I reached out and grabbed him, pulling him back to my side with my newborn strength. I watched in horror as Victoria jerked the woman's neck to the side. Baring her deadly teeth, she ripped viciously into the woman's throat.

Blood, rich, luscious blood, spurted from the wound. Victoria growled deeply, her crimson eyes locked with mine as she bit deeper, her lips sealing off the wound as she clutched it closer, devouring it. I flinched as the scent overwhelmed me.

Never had anything smelled so good, so right. It should be mine. It would be mine.

"Don't breathe!" Edward hissed.

The red in my vision cleared slightly, and I did as he asked. Victoria jerked her mouth away from the woman's neck, tearing the wound wide. I watched fascinated as the crimson flow of the woman's life force slipped down her neck, staining her shirt. Each pump was strong, like her heart, but it was less so with every beat as the life began to weaken and leave her.

It was such a shame. A pity, really.

On some level, I knew that the monster was taking me over, but I was helpless to stop it. Though I knew I should, I felt nothing for the thing . . . woman . . . held out like a sacrifice before me. She was mine. I could hear voices around me, but they were nothing but a bothersome buzzing.

Something grated against my ear. A sound. I struggled to recognize it. I should recognize it. It came again.

I blinked.

It came again, loud and piercing. I tilted my head to the side, trying to figure it out. A movement to the side caught my gaze.

I focused on a man. He was standing off to the side, glancing at the thing in horror. His mouth was moving soundlessly. I knew him. I focused on him harder. His heart. Mmmm . . . the sound was loud, pounding, filling my ears. I wanted . . . but something recoiled deep inside of me.

I gasped, the horrifying burn scattering my thoughts again. What was it? There was something . . .

I glanced at the man again. Hazy and dark, a memory flitted through my mind. A man bending over a pole. He was attaching something to it. It wriggled, causing the line to sway. A small dark headed girl smiled up at him and called him "Dad."

I wailed softly and the haze moved backward. Remember who you are . . .

I turned my face away from the carnage before me. Warning bells went off in my head. I knew there was some reason I needed to keep watch on the redhead, but I couldn't look. I couldn't. My hand reached for Edward's and I gripped it tightly. I was shaking with the effort to hold myself in check.

Bella. My name is Bella, I thought. Edward is my husband; Renesmee is my daughter. That is Charlie and an innocent woman. We have to protect them.

I knew I shouldn't, but I inhaled deeply. I was helpless against the need.

The blood. Oh God, the blood . . .

There was movement on our peripheral, but I couldn't bring myself to care.

Edward was speaking to me, but I couldn't hear him. His hand squeezed mine, and I caught one word. The most important word in the world: Renesmee.

"Protect her," he said quietly.

I nodded, unable to speak. I knew that I should stop breathing as the scent was destroying my sanity, but I couldn't. I struggled to focus.

Protect her. Protect them . . .

By sheer force of will, I caught and held my last breath. The tormenting fire in my throat was unbelievable, but I couldn't focus on that. I pulled a memory of our daughter to the forefront of my mind. I kept it before my eyes, stilling my body, freezing each and every muscle group until I knew I had control.

When I felt suitably under control, I turned back to the scene of carnage before us. I needed a different target. I was just going to have to trust that Edward could destroy Victoria. Everything in me argued that she was mine, but the logical side of my mind wrestled with it and won.

I focused on Riley. I could kill him. I would. I snarled at him, falling into an instinctive crouch.

"Do you remember what Jasper showed you today, Bella?"

Quick memories of the lessons I had learned earlier flitted through my mind. I was going to destroy this threat to my family. I nodded, my eyes narrowing.

I was waiting on Edward before I made a move. Right now, we were all statue still—frozen in a standoff, waiting for something to happen, for someone to move.

There was a thud from the general vicinity of Victoria. I glanced over reflexively and everything went red.

I snarled. Everything faded away and focused on the woman, now on the ground, and the now slow pulse of her blood as it was wasted against her writhing body. Edward moved in front of me, but I didn't even acknowledge the danger. I was too focused on the hypnotic, seducing beat of her heart, on the slick rush of her blood.

There was a horrendous ripping sound and my gaze briefly flickered to the scene before me, but it didn't register. I watched in curious amusement as Edward kicked Riley back while yanking his arm loose at the shoulder. Victoria was crouched low snarling at us, but I couldn't be bothered by her.

Not when there was so much blood. Hot, glorious blood.

She sprung at us, but it didn't matter. Edward would take care of her and I would . . . feast.

She crashed backward into a tree, Riley's twitching arm resting on the ground beside her. Edward had knocked her back there with it when she had sprung at him. Victoria was on her feet again, snarling.

I glanced at Victoria and snarled back at her, warning her that it was mine. I turned to glance at Edward when I heard garbled screech that was cut abruptly short with the sound of more tearing. Riley's head rolled from his shoulders and landed on the ground with a muted thud. A small smile teased the corner of my lips. Edward's eyes were black and his chin glistened with venom. He growled at Victoria who was glancing at the dark haired, mustached man again.

Another whimper from the thing caught my attention. It was so fussy. Every time it writhed on the ground, a new spurt of blood was released.

Mine, all mine.

I snarled. I wasn't going to wait a second longer. Such waste was unconscionable. I moved forward to finish her and relieve the horrifying burn in my throat when suddenly Edward was in front of me.

"No, Bella."


"Get out of my way, Edward!"

I moved to step around him, but found myself crashing into a tree instead. I was immediately up on my feet, a loud snarl ripping from my throat.

How dare he deny me it! It was mine, not his!

I prepared to leap at the woman and devour her, as Edward moved in the opposite direction toward the man, when the sound of a furious snarl ripped through the silence of the forest.

A pungent and musty scent filled my nose and it wrinkled immediately. What the hell was that?

My mouth fell open with shock and I straightened from my aborted spring as the bloodlust abruptly dissipated. I watched in horror as a huge wolf leaped out of the woods toward Edward.

My world seized and pain crashed through my entire being. The imperative to protect my mate filled my mind and I leaped forward, the woman forgotten, prepared to attack and defend.

I landed just behind Edward, a furious snarl rumbling in my throat. Shocked, I stilled and quieted as I watched Victoria, eyes wide with horror, try to run. The wolf was on her before she made three steps. His great jaws locked around her head and a sickening high-pitched squeal pierced my ears. It was half horrified scream and half the squealing crunch of crushed vampire flesh.

The old, brown and russet wolf slung his head back and forth powerfully, ripping the head off of Victoria's body. She fell at his feet, broken in two, venom leaking from her cracked and torn flesh.

Edward's body bumped into mine as he backed slowly away from the wolf. I stayed behind him, stepping back in tandem. He had one arm wrapped around my torso, holding to him.

Halfway between the body of the woman and the plane, Edward stopped, unwilling the let the wolf any closer to our daughter.

Oh God, our daughter.

How could I have forgotten about our daughter? She could have been killed. My breath caught and my hands clutched around my middle. I was so ashamed. I glanced at Charlie. He was standing at the edge of the woods, his eyes wide.

My God . . . Charlie. I couldn't even begin to imagine what he had to be thinking. I had almost killed a woman in front of him.

I am a monster . . .

A quiet sob was torn from my throat. Edward's hand grabbed mine and squeezed.

The wolf stood protectively in front of the woman who was writhing on the ground, screaming in pain from the venom. Unwilling to let temptation grab hold of me once more, I buried my face in Edward's back and breathed his scent deeply, letting it center me, calm me.

He howled mournfully and my heart clenched. This woman meant something to him.

"Is that . . . Jacob?" I asked, inquiring about the wolf.

Edward shook his head, but remained silent. I felt him tense. I peeked around his arm to glance at the wolf before quickly hiding my face again.

"She's a newborn—not like the others," he stated calmly, but I could feel the barely leashed tension flowing through him. He was coiled tight, ready to defend if given the slightest provocation.

"Kill me," an inhumane voice screamed.

Edward stepped forward slightly. I moved with him, wrapping an arm around his waist. "We can help her," he said imploringly. "She won't be like them."

The air crackled around us, full and alive with energy. Unable to contain myself, I looked again and gasped as the wolf became a man. He stood slowly, standing naked and unashamed before us.

He looked familiar. I searched the murky memories, trying to place him. A brief flash of a wheelchair flitted through my mind.


Edward shook his head. "No, that's not Billy."

I slid around Edward, keeping my hand around his waist and came to a stop beside him.

"He's Billy's brother, Hank Black."

A phasing Quileute in Ketchikan . . . what were the odds?

He glanced down at the woman. "She's changing, isn't she? She's turning into one of you."

The palpable grief in his voice made my eyes sting with venom. I realized then that she was his wife, Jake's aunt.

"Yes, she is. I'm sorry," Edward said sincerely, his voice and features pained.

"Oh, Mary," he cried, his voice breaking with agony. He cradled her in his arms, tears dripping from his chin. His voice was raspy and aged with despair as he said, "They just came and took her, snatched her away from me. There was nothing I could do . . ."

"I'm sorry," Edward said.

"How long does she have?"

Edward sighed, his face pensive. "Three days, maybe less."

Hank Black pulled his Mary close and hugged her gently to his shaking frame. His grief was evident in every line of his body. I glanced at my father. He stood still, unmoving, yet his cheeks were glistening with tears. His eyes met Edward's, avoiding my gaze. At the moment, he wasn't processing what he had seen, he was just absorbing it all.

I glanced back at the wolf when Edward spoke harshly, his body rigid and his unoccupied hand was clenched at his side. "It doesn't have to be that way! We can help her. We will help her, if you'll let us," he said, his words softening as he finished speaking.

Renesmee could stop this. She could stop the spread of the venom in this woman, like she did in me. "Edward, Renesmee could . . ."

He shook his head abruptly and I frowned. I knew he didn't want to reveal her gifts or endanger her, but this woman was dying.

"It's too late, love; she's lost too much . . ."

He stopped speaking and shifted uncomfortably, watching me for any sign of distress. I then realized what he wasn't saying. She had lost too much blood. Renesmee could reverse the effects of the venom, but . . .

"The venom is the only thing that is keeping her alive at this point."

I closed my eyes in pain, but I could hear the sluggish beat of her heart, the whisper of the much depleted blood in her veins. He was right.

"What's he going to do?" I whispered.

Edward frowned, his eyes never leaving the man. "He hasn't decided."

Hank Black stood slowly, his eyes never leaving the face of his wife. A dark, trembling hand brushed back her hair, and he cradled her close. I opened my mouth to speak, but he just turned away and disappeared into the forest.

I turned into Edward's chest and tearlessly sobbed. We didn't even get a chance to thank him.

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