That Girl Outtakes

Title: First Sight-Chapter 30 EPOV

POV: Edward

Type: Alternate POV

Rating: T

Synopsis: Edward's POV of his daughter's birth. An outtake/alt POV from the story: That Girl. Written for Fandom for Preemies


I had never felt so helpless in all of my existence. Each contraction, each moan that had passed Bella's lips was like a knife in my heart. Watching her suffering in such a way was unbearable. I would give anything to take this pain from her—and the knowledge that there was more to come was…

She pressed backward into my chest, her hands clasped around her straining stomach as the water of the tub rolled soothingly around us. She was in transition. The pain had to be unbearable. By this time, she had become unresponsive, drawing into herself. The rhythm of her breathing matched mine.

I didn't speak; I just held her. For all my strength, I was powerless. Bella had assured me that it was natural, that the pain would be momentary and the reward great. She had asked me to trust her and I was. I would help her in whatever way I could, no matter how trivial it seemed.

She was so brave, so strong, my Bella. I was terrified. I was proud. I was in awe of this woman I had so recently made my wife.

There was the slightest shifting, tensing of her muscles. I froze in response, mirroring her actions automatically.

"What is it, Bella? What do you need?"

She gasped. "I think…I think I might need to push."

I closed my eyes briefly. If my heart were made of other than stone, it would have been pounding out of my chest. We were so close…close to not only the end of Bella's pain but also to welcoming our daughter.

My eyes burned and my hand glided gently over her belly, palpating the position of the baby. I repositioned us as smoothly as I could, pulling Bella between my bent knees and against my chest for support.

She was panting, but she managed to ask me to hold her. I gently cupped her arms, offering her the support of my body as I instructed her to push on the next contraction.

Bella nodded, resting against me slightly. It was then that she whispered the words that I most needed to hear. "I love you," she said and turned to meet my gaze. Her eyes were dark with pain and glistening with tears.

I bowed my head to her sweaty temple and placed a small kiss there. "I love you too, Bella."

There were so many things I wanted to tell her at the moment, and though they raced through my mind, it seemed like my voice failed me. I wanted to tell her how brave I thought she was. I wanted to tell her that I was in awe of her. I wanted to thank her for not giving up on us. I wanted to tell her how much this child meant to me, to our family, but I couldn't. Now was not the time.

She groaned softly, a small hiss easing out between her clenched teeth as another contraction began to build. It was time. I whispered a quick prayer. It wasn't the first time today that I had prayed.

"Now, love," I managed to choke out.

Her head fell forward, her chin resting against her chest and she leaned forward slightly. I followed her body with mine, whether in commiseration or help, I was unsure.

After timeless moments, she collapsed backward against me, panting. I leaned back, my back resting against the tub wall. Briefly, I remembered that the books recommended speaking to and encouraging your partner through the process. So I did.

We repeated the process over and over again. Each minute that passed felt like an eternity. Our family had thoughtfully decided to relocate out of the radius of my hearing so that I could focus completely on Bella. Carlisle and I had agreed earlier that he would stay close in case something went wrong, but he wasn't intrusive in his checking.

Suddenly, Bella gasped. I looked down to see her touching herself. "My God, Edward! I can feel her!"

In spite of the pain she was in, there was a small smile on her lips and a tear slipped from her right eye. She grasped my hand and pulled to downward so that I could feel what she had. My breath caught as I felt our daughter for the first time. Bella's head was tilted back, and she watched me as I experienced emotions that I could not name.

In that moment, the earth stood still. Everything focused on Bella and our child and the realization that I was a father—truly a father—crashed down upon me. A quiver ran from the top of my head to the soles of my feet. This child was a part of Bella and me. She was literally of our bones and our flesh. Fears of what she would be melt away and the same surety that Bella was convinced of—that this child was a mixture of the best of both of us—flooded through my being as my fingers brushed gently over the curve of her skull, feeling the soft curls that there.

Leaning in, I placed a gentle kiss against Bella's neck. I was humbled at the gift she was giving me. A daughter. Anticipation replaced dread and my agony over Bella's faded to the background. She was right, it was worth it. Our eyes locked and she nodded at the silent understanding that passed between us. "Bring her home, Bella. Come on, love, it's time for us to hold her in our arms."

I watched in awe as our child passed slowly from Bella's body. Together we pressed onward. As her strength failed, I caught her against my chest and helped her push. We both gasped as our daughter broke free and slipped into the warm water and we reached for her at the same moment.

My hands covered Bella's as pulled her from the water and rested our daughter against her bare chest. She inhaled sharply, a startled cry falling from her pink, bow-shaped lips. Bella was crying and I realized that I was as well.

Quickly my vampiric mind catalogued everything about my daughter from her hair that was so much like mine to her pert little nose that was like her mother's. Her cheeks were flushed pink and her little heart fluttered quickly in her chest. I smiled. A heartbeat…

"Renesmee," I murmured as the tips of my fingers stroked down her little back. Her skin was like mine, but she was warm. She was so very warm. I was really touching my daughter. My daughter…

Bella sniffed and my gaze shifted to hers. "I love you," she mouthed. Unable to help myself, I leaned in and brushed my lips across hers.

Renesmee opened my eyes and I couldn't help but smile. "Look at that. She has your eyes," I stated smugly.

"And your hair," Bella replied with a lift of her eyebrow.

I smiled and leaned in to kiss her once more. "It seems we were both right. She's so beautiful, Bella."

Reaching for the washcloth on the side of the tub, I wet it and gently cleaned the blood and mucous off our daughter. I smiled as I worked, watching the thoughts and memories flow through Renesmee's mind. Mainly her thoughts were centered on Bella, but she occasionally thought of me as well. Instinctively she seemed to know who we were. Renesmee had already connected me with the male "daddy" voice. Her thoughts were different than most human thoughts as they were two-fold…picture and emotion. I wondered if inner thought would follow as she matured or if there was a portion of her mind that would be forever silent to me—like her mother.

I gazed at Bella, struck once more with awe at this woman, my wife. I glanced quickly between her and our daughter. Never had I thought that I would have this; I had never dared to hope. I could barely contain the emotions that were welling up within me.

I was a father. A father…

I hugged my family close, feeling thankful and blessed beyond measure. Bella was right. It had all worked out. Our daughter was perfect. My wife was perfect. And for the first time in nigh a century, my existence was perfect.


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