I've been working on this since March, for the Big Bang Big Bang over at Livejournal. The requirements were the fic had to have 15,000 words minimum, it had to feature at least one character from The Big Bang Theory, and it had to have been beta-read. Today is my posting date-this fic is sixteen chapters and about 21,000 words. A big thanks to Roxanne (ennaxor) for being my beta reader, and to Amber (amtrak12) for helping me with my idea back at sign-up time. Also, thank you to all the Snowflake Snugglers over at Fanforum for your encouragement. *hugs*

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any characters that appear in this fic. Everything belongs to CBS.

It had been a year since Kurt had had a girlfriend. Sure, he'd never gone more than a week without bringing some chick home with him, but dating had advantages that casual sex just didn't. For one thing, a girlfriend, especially one that lived with him, was always at hand and ready to go. They knew him much, much better than the women he met in clubs, too. There was that whole…commitment…issue, but he certainly wouldn't make the mistake of sowing his wild oats in his own apartment again-even he admitted that doing that was pretty stupid. He never did understand exactly why Penny had gotten so mad-it wasn't like it was his fault that she had come home early and caught them, and he'd even explained to her that he was banging…Cassie? Was that one Cassie? Kurt thought so, and he'd tried to enlighten Penny to the fact that he'd been seeing Cassie in secret to spare her feelings. However, his words fell on deaf ears. Penny must have had a bad day at work, he'd reasoned, and she was using Cassie's presence in their apartment as her lame excuse to leave him. Then…then she'd had the nerve to express interest in the television set! Who did she think she was, anyway?

Kurt hadn't thought about Penny in a long time, but now that he'd decided he needed a repeat partner again, his thoughts strayed to her. She had always been an energetic and willing lay. It had taken him three and a half years to get bored with her-longer than any girl before or since. It had been years since they'd hooked up; she would almost be like something new…and he really would like to have a recurring sexual partner again. Should he get bored with Penny, he could always dump her and find someone else. It's not like there was a lack of girls in L.A; even Kurt hadn't managed to put so much as a dent in the population.

As he bid Jessica good-bye…or was this Tina? It didn't matter-it wasn't like he had to call her again-Kurt made it his mission to get Penny back, and he had no doubt that he would.

This won't be all in Kurt's POV, but some of it will. Hope I didn't do too bad of a job with him.

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