Demon Has A Leather Flavor

The chiming echoes of falling water drops was enough to wake Sephiroth from his empty sleep. Although demons didn't require sleep, it was a luxury to have. Especially from a hard day of training, but much to Sephiroth's dismay, he wasn't going to get any sleep tonight. Knowing that, tomorrow, he was going to take his father's crown and choose his mate. Sephiroth sat up, and ran his hands through his sliver mane, trying to rub out the memory from the night before on his 26th birthday.


"Sephiroth," His father addressed him. Just minutes before, he called a family meeting. Like a classical meeting, Sephiroth, his mother, and his father gathered around their round dining table for a discussion that wanted to be avoided by each of them.

"You know what this day means don't you?" His father continued, keeping his usual cold expression.

"Today marks the day I take over the castle and crown…" Sephiroth said returning his father's cold expression.

Unfazed, his mother continued Sephiroth's sentence, "And choose your mate."

Silence was shared acrossed the dining table. His mother's delicate face clouded with worry and sadness, while his father was surprisingly quiet and stalwart as earth itself.

After minutes of dead silence, Sephiroth's mother broke. "For heaven's sake, it's not a funeral! It's the start of the new rule over demons. Not some depressing sob-story!" Sephiroth's mother blurted out with visible signs of frustration,

"Lucrecia, calm down." Sephiroth's father sighed,

"I will not join your sad choir of dead silence, Vincent." Lucrecia muttered darkly, earning a look of surprise from Vincent.

"We all knew this day was coming. Hell, we've told Sephiroth from the day he was born this was going to happen. Two days from today, you and me are leaving this castle, and Sephiroth will rule. That's a fact. So why is it so depressing now?" Lucrecia continued on,

".…" Sephiroth got up from his chair, not wanting to hear anymore. Apparently his mother feeling the same way, walked in the opposite direction leaving Vincent all alone at the table.

"Heh. Well, this went smoothly." Vincent mumbled as he layed his head down on the table.

~Flashback Ends~