Demon Has a Leather Flavor

"Wake sleepy head~! "Chimed an unknown person above Cloud's bed. Whoever it was, it wasn't anyone Cloud knew and Cloud was too tired to care a rat's ass.

"HEY, I TOLD YOU TO WAKE THE HELL UP!" Boomed the unknown person's voice right in Cloud's ears.

"UNF." Groaned Cloud as he lazily sat up, "WHAT DO YOU WANT?" Cloud growled ferociously at the men staring at him,

"Good going, Kadaj. You made Sephy's bride-to-be mad." Yazoo chuckled,

"Shut the fuck up, Yazoo."

"Hey, come on guys. Sephiroth told us to get him ready. He's gonna be mad if he's late…" Loz shyly added,

"For what?" Cloud grumbled. 'These people are more retarded than fucktard himself, and they look a lot like Sephiroth too.'

"Your gown fitting, stupid. Ya know, for your wedding?" Kadaj mumbled, rolling his eyes at Cloud, which pissed off Cloud even more. 'I wonder if Sephiroth would get pissed if I cut Kadaj's face off….'

"Erm, well it's about time we introduced ourselves. I'm Yazoo, the shy one is Loz, and if you haven't figured it out yet the moron is Kadaj. We're Sephiroth's brothers."

"WHAT?" Loz had to hold back Kadaj as he fought desperately to escape so he could strangle Yazoo, who just chuckled at Kadaj's reaction.

"I didn't know Sephiroth had brothers." Mumbled Cloud. 'I don't know anything about Sephiroth…I wonder if he knows anything about me…'

"Anyways, back to Cloud…" Yazoo took Cloud's chin in between his index finger and his thumb, turning Cloud face side to side to look over Cloud's features. "Sephiroth has good taste. I wonder how he managed to get this one."

"W-what are you doing?"

"What kind of demon are you? Sephiroth says you wield a huge sword, so you can't be a human…" Yazoo continued. If Cloud didn't know better, he would say that he heard a glint of suspicion from Yazoo…He couldn't know could he?

"That's none of your business." Cloud muttered darkly, slapping Yazoo's hand away.

"HEY, GUYS! Quit flirtin' with Cloud and let's get him to the dress designer." Kadaj mumbled as he started walking out of Cloud and Sephiroth's room.

"Whatever. There's no way in hell Sephiroth is gonna get me in a wedding…dress…" Cloud hissed venomously,

"Maybe a kimono?" Loz nervously suggested , hoping not to upset Cloud.

"Would you rather go naked? Cause I'm sure Sephiroth wouldn't mind." Kadaj chuckled evilly, earning a look of disgust from Cloud.

"I don't even want to marry the guy!"

"Actually I'm surprised he decided to get married. Last time we had a heart-to-heart conversation, he told us that he wanted nothing to do with the throne." Loz said looking at his feet. Cloud was starting to wonder if this guy was a child or a man. But what surprised Cloud was the fact Sephiroth never wanted the crown in the first place…

"Maybe a certain blued eyed blonde changed his mind." Kadaj snickered,

"Shut the fuck up, Kadaj." Cloud growled, why are Sephiroth's brothers so annoying?

"Are we going to go to Cloud's appointment or are we gonna flirt with each other?" Kadaj grumbled, totally ignoring Cloud's death glares.

"Alright let's go." Yazoo sighed impatiently,

Three hours later~

"Bye, guys." Cloud mumbled as he flopped face-first into his bed, exhausted from trying on so many Kimonos.

"Bye Cloud. Hope to see ya soon!" Loz said cheerfully as Yazoo and Kadaj left without him.

"HEY!" Loz shouted as he finally closed Cloud's door and rushed after his brothers.

"Moron." Cloud chuckled into his bed. As Cloud got up to get his night-clothes on, he remembered about the wedding kimono that the gown designer FINALLY decided on. ' I wonder what Sephiroth would say when he sees the kimono…'

'Wait, why the fuck do I care?' Cloud mentally cursed himself as laid back down on his bed, although he knew that he really didn't feel that way...he really didn't want to believe it.

"I'm back." Sephiroth sighed as he walked through the door, exhaustion clearly showing on his face.

"Where were you all day?" Cloud mumbled back at Sephiroth,

"I thought I told you yesterday, my little rain Cloud, I was making the arrangements for our wedding." Sephiroth said cheerfully as he walked over to their bed,


"Sassy more than usual today are we?"

"I'm exhausted from today," Cloud glared at Sephiroth, "And it's all thanks to all to your idiot brothers."

"Awww," Sephiroth said sympathetically as he sat on the other side of the bed, "Want me to make it better?" Much to Cloud's surprise, Sephiroth took Cloud from his resting place onto Sephiroth's lap, caging Cloud's sides with his legs.-basiclly, Cloud was trapped in between Sephiroth's legs.

"Uhn! S-stop, you pervert!" Cloud struggled to break free from Sephiroth's death trap.

"Why? You might as well not resist, I will have you soon, whether it's consensual or not."

"Y-you're gonna…r-rape me? You sick bastard! Drop dead!" Cloud hissed back, still hopelessly struggling to break free.

Sephiroth smiled, and nibbled slightly on top edge of Cloud's ear. Hoping that was enough to calm his mate down, at least until Sephiroth got what he wanted. "Why do you resist me so much? Do you know what it means to have a handsome Demon lord fall so passionately in love with you?"

Cloud shuttered from the love the bite, but Cloud keened his neck away from Sephiroth, trying to push away pleasure the best he could. "F-first of all you just popped up and claimed me as yours, and then announce that we're getting married, but you don't a thing about me, and I don't know a thing about you!"

Sephiroth gave Cloud a pathetic look of hurt that made Cloud regret saying anything at all. "You don't believe love at first sight…?"


"You accepted me invitation battle me, knowing that you would lose your freedom if you lost. So actually," Sephiroth leaned forward, biting down hard on the sensitive flesh on Cloud's neck, earning a pain filled scream from Cloud. A slim line of warm blood rolled down from Sephiroth's mouth to Cloud's chest, making Cloud cringe up in pain. "I officially own you." Sephiroth continued as he unlatched his teeth from Cloud. He stared at the bite until it finally formed a black circular pattern on top of the bite, giving Sephiroth a reason to smile deviously to himself.

"WHY THE F-FUCK DID YOU BITE ME?" Cloud stuttered from the unexpected bite,

"I marked you as my mate," Sephiroth said proudly as he let Cloud go, "That black mark on your neck is a symbol of my ownership."

"YOU WHAT?" Cloud screamed as he scurried off to the edge of the bed, trying to get far away from Sephiroth as possible.

"That mark is like a contract, if you screw around with someone else the mark will disappear."

"YOU'RE KEEPING TRACK OF ME? YOU ASSHOLE!" Cloud yelled before jumping on Sephiroth, hoping to strangle the life out of him.

"I don't think so, my little uke." Sephiroth said deviously as he grabbed Cloud's thin wrists, pushing Cloud down against the bed. "You just lost to me again."

"Let me go now!" Cloud demanded his face beet red from embarrassment.

"Ha! You are in no position to order me around…" Sephiroth hovered over Cloud, pushing his face closer to Cloud's, making him turn his head to the side. "…Especially since you're such a beautiful blonde in a defenseless position." Sephiroth chuckled before he slipped his hand into Cloud's nightshirt.

"P-please stop!" Cloud said struggling desperately to hide the pleasure in his voice,

"Are you begging?"

"Sephiroth," Cloud looked up at Sephiroth with saddening sapphire eyes, "Please let me go…"

Sephiroth gave Cloud a surprised look, before getting up off of Cloud. "…Alright, but only because you asked sooo nicely."


"I won't be here tonight, so you'll have to settle sleeping by yourself again," Sephiroth smiled back at Cloud. "Don't fret, I'll be here a lot more often after we get married."

And with that Sephiroth left the room, leaving Cloud alone once again. The worst part was that Cloud found himself missing Sephiroth's touch.

"D-do I really…love him?" Cloud said as he clutched his heart, hoping to strangle the feelings his heart felt.

"No I don't love him. He only wants me for sex-" Cloud stopped himself. That's not true is it? Damn…why is that man so confusing?

"Why is love so confusing?" Cloud mumbled as he buried his head in his knees, trying to fall asleep to drown out the painful thoughts. "Does he love me?"