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Chapter 1: Halloween With Broyles by Americanchick

The wind whistled through the trees, scattering the last of the leaves from them and to the ground to join their fallen companions in piles. Each house was lit up with bright orange lights and Halloween decorations that glowed in the dark, eerie music rolling out of opened doors as children in various costumes went from each, holding out their bags or buckets in hopes of getting a sweet treat. Most of the children would walk past the darkened and still house at the end of the block without even a passing glance, except for a small group who thought it would be a fun Halloween prank to break into the house with the cans of spray paint that they had hidden in their bags.

"It looks like they're home man." One of them said to their ring leader.

"All the lights are off." The leader sneered. "They ain't home."

"Fine, but we better not get caught." The first one that spoke stated.

"Stop being a baby." Another one remarked as the three of them hoped the gate closing the house off from the street. They crept their way around to the back where they found a door and picked the lock almost effortlessly, having years of practice. They soon had the door open and were sneaking through the house, listening for any noises to indicate that anyone was home.

"Come on." One of them whispered, leading them through the darkened house and to the living room where they were bound to find some things of value along with large walls to leave messages on. They dared to turn on a flash light and instantly jumped back when the light shone on something on the couch.

"Man what is that?"The leader asked, pushing the younger one forward to go investigate.

"It's people." The younger one said in awe. "They glass dude."

"They just decoration." The middle one rolled his eyes.

"Don't know man, look at em, they look pretty damn real." The leader said walking over to the couple on the couch, walking over to them and reaching out and touching the man's hand only to hear a loud crack fill the room, one of the man's fingers breaking off and falling to the floor, blood instantly pooling in the vacated area and oozing to the floor.

"What the hell?" One of them yelled, backing away quickly and pulling his phone out of his pocket.

"What are you doing?" The youngest asked.

"Calling the police you idiot." The one with the phone yelled, dialing 911.

"Come on, we need to get out of here." The eldest said to the youngest, leaving the boy in the house to finish the phone call coming out shortly after them, the group running away as quickly as they could, sirens already sounding not too far away.


"Not tonight." Olivia grumbled, pulling her ringing phone out of her pocket and glaring down at the caller ID.

"What is it?" Rachel asked walking over to her.

"Work." Olivia answered and pressed the call button. "Hello?"

Rachel could tell just by her sister's body language that she wouldn't be able to spend the rest of the night with her and Ella like she had planned. It never seemed to fail, whenever they planned something as a family, Olivia got pulled away to do who knows what, only to come back days later looking haggard and disturbed making Rachel wonder just what it was her sister did for a job.

"I have to go." Olivia said apologetically, Ella joining them and looking sad.

"But aunt Liv, you are supposed to spend the night doing fun things with us." The child pouted.

"I know sweetie and I'm very sorry but I have to go to work." Olivia explained, looking at Rachel for help.

"We'll spend time with aunt Liv later." Rachel said. "Let's keep trick or treating, okay?"

"Okay." Ella sighed, walking to the next house on the block.

"I'm sorry Rach."Olivia apologized again.

"Go, your job is important." Rachel nodded. "Go." She urged and watched her sister quickly walk away.

Olivia made it to her car and dialed Peter's number, waiting a beat before he picked up.

"Please tell me this is just a social call." He groaned in place of a hello.

"Sorry." She sighed.

"Livia, Walter has been talking non-stop about tonight for ages and you want me to pull him away?" Peter huffed.

"I know Peter, but Broyles just called and he needs us to work." She explained. "I'm not exactly happy about this either, but he wouldn't call unless it was important."

"Fine…Walter!" She heard him call, only to get large amounts of grumbling in return. She could hear the two Bishop's bickering in the background before Peter sighed and turned back to the phone. "Broyles better have a good case for us." He spat out.

"Hey, this isn't exactly what I wanted to be doing tonight either, so you can be angry all you want but it's not my fault so back off." She snapped.

"You're right, sorry." Peter said and hung up, leaving her to stare at the phone before tossing it on the seat beside her and driving away.

"Are they…Glass?" Peter asked upon walking through the house and into the living room.

"It appears that way." Broyles nodded and looked to Walter who had just walked in and instantly went over to the bodies.

"Oh this is fascinating." He exclaimed, crouching down and leaning in to get a better look. "We'll have to bring them back to the lab."

"We can try." One of the agents there shrugged. "They seem pretty fragile. One of them was missing a finger when we got here and the other lost an ear shortly after we arrived."

"Is there any way to put them in packing crates?" Walter suggested and heard Peter sigh. "What, if we want them in one piece or close to it, then they need to be safe."

"Can we get him crates?" Peter asked turning to Broyles and seeing Olivia walk in, giving him a sour look.

"See what you can do for Dr. Bishop." Broyles said turning to an agent who nodded and left. "I need to speak with you and agent Dunham for a moment."

Peter and Olivia shared a look before Peter gestured for her to go first and they followed Broyles through a few rooms before stopping in the kitchen where he shooed agents out for privacy.

"There have been other cases of people turned into glass. We've been following them but haven't been able to track down the people that are responsible for it. All we know is that the targets are newly married couples that are in law enforcement of some kind." He explained.

"Okay." Olivia said slowly.

"It has been discussed to send two people from the fringe department undercover. We figured that Walter wouldn't work and Astrid is still too fresh in the FBI field. So the only people left are the two of you."

"So you want us to go undercover and pretend to be married?" Peter asked.

"Not exactly." Broyles shook his head slightly. "We believe that the people behind this are very thorough and believe that they would know if you were pretending."

"Whoa, whoa, wait." Peter said, his brows scrunched together and his arms crossed over his chest. "You want us to actually get married?"


"There isn't another way?" Olivia asked, trying to wrap her head around what her boss had just told them.

"No." Broyles stated. "The two of you will be married on Friday and start going undercover the same day."


"Get back to work." Broyles declared, walking away and leaving them to look at each other.

"If it wasn't Broyles, I would ask if he was joking." Peter sighed.

"Well there goes spending time with Ella and Rachel." Olivia groaned. "Come on, we need to get back to work."

"Livia, I'm sorry about earlier." Peter admitted. "It's just that Walter had been planning this night out for a long time and to have it cut short disappointed him a lot. He seems happier now but you should have seen him before we got here. And I shouldn't have been rude; I know you have Ella living with you. What did she go as?"

"She went as a princess." Olivia shrugged. "Where did Walter find his costume?"

"A second hand store actually. Not many places sell adult size banana suits." He smirked.

"Who would have thought?" Olivia joked with a raised eyebrow.

"Peter I need some help putting them in boxes!" Walter called out pulling both of them from the kitchen to try and help put the glass people into their protective cases.