Title: Revelations by Americanchick

"Olivia…You have it…No, no careful…Let him rest." Walter's voice kept fading in and out barely heard by his tired ears. He was unsure of anything going on around him except for the pain in his legs seemingly dissipating. He kept going in and out of sleep, feeling the world move underneath him one moment and warm and secure the next. His eyes were too heavy to open so he just let everything wash over him in a sea of warmth and voices.

"I am not going to sex him awake, Walter! So just get that out of your head!" Was the first thing that he heard upon waking up.

"I actually wouldn't mind that too much." He croaked out through dry lips, forcing his eyes open to look at her beautiful face.

"How do you feel?" She asked, standing up and placing her hand on his cheek, beaming down at him.

"Am I still being turned to glass?"

"No." She smiled. "Walter found a cure and gave it to both of us. I didn't have anything going on with me but after I kissed you I figured it couldn't hurt to take the antidote as well."

"Well if I'm not dying and you're not dying then I'm pretty good right now." He smiled. "Though my legs hurt like hell."

"They will for a while." Walter piped up. "It will hurt to walk for a couple of weeks but you'll be just fine…I hope."

"You hope?" Peter asked with concern in his voice.

"Well I've never actually had to create a cure for something like this before, so I just don't know how long the pain will last." Walter explained.

"But I should be fine?"

"Yes." Walter nodded and seeing that right now would be a good time to leave them alone, he excused himself from the room and went in search of Astrid.

"How long was I out for?" Peter asked as Olivia went and closed the door for privacy.

"Three days." She said and sat on the edge of his bed.

"Livia, before in the apartment, what you said. Was it true?" He asked slowly.

"Which part?" She asked running her fingers through his hair.

"That you love me."

"I do love you." She smiled and kissed him deeply, only pulling away when they were both becoming light headed from lack of oxygen.

"And what you said about our marriage and our future?" He asked afraid that it had all just been said to keep him awake longer.

"It was all true Peter. The last thing I want to do is get the marriage annulled and truthfully you are the only guy I've ever thought of having children with." She admitted. "Is this what you want too?"

"I want it more than anything." He smiled.

"Good, because there's something you should know." She said crawling up the bed and lying down beside him.

"What?" He asked, holding her close.

"When Walter gave me the cure, I was put under observation and the doctors found something that surprised me." She said cryptically.

"Is something wrong?" He asked concerned.

"No." She said and took his hand placing it on her belly and watching as realization slowly dawned on him as he felt the tiny bump under his palm.

"But I thought…" He gasped.

"The first test was right, the other two were flukes." She smiled. "I'm pregnant Peter."

"Are you sure?" He asked, trying to keep his excitement at bay.

"Yes. I've had several professionally done tests and my first ultrasound just to make sure." She said. "And there's something else you should know."


"We're having twins." She said quickly and watched it sink in, his eyes widening comically.

"Okay I'm still tired so can you repeat that?" He asked a huge smile blossoming across his face.

"We're having twins." She repeated as his lips crashed down on hers.

Olivia groaned as Rat-Snack bounded around her feet happily getting in her way as she headed into the bathroom to shower. Peter and the kids were still sleeping peacefully and she wished to keep it that way for as long as possible without having to wake Peter to take his annoying dog while hers was happily drooling all over her pillow. They had moved into the house shortly after she had given birth to the twins close to seven years ago. The twins a boy name Alaric Walter Bishop and a girl named Perrin Michelle Bishop were now six, almost seven years old and in first grade while their younger sister Solaine Lux Bishop was four years old and had just started preschool making it possible for both of the adults to work all day long. They still worked the fringe cases though they both refused to go undercover since Peter's legs had taken two months to heal completely plus they had their kids to worry about. Working the cases was slower with three kids to go home to, but somehow they managed and were still both alive at the end of the day. The couple who had been turning people to glass had been found and locked away shortly after Peter's legs had gotten better allowing both of them to testify in a specialized court that neither knew the fringe division had. The couple had been sentenced to death by the same gas that they had used to kill everyone with. Neither Peter nor Olivia had been saddened by that verdict. And it had lead to an existence where they felt a bit safer though never completely. It wasn't until they had moved into a very secure home that they had decided to expand their family to another child.

"Move." Olivia instructed pushing Shumba aka Rat-Snack out of her way as she got out of the shower and got dressed before heading to the kitchen to make breakfast for everyone. She had just gotten everything done when Peter came shuffling in with Solaine in his arms, rubbing her sleepy eyes, Alaric and Perrin following closely behind.

"Smells great." Peter said kissing her and putting their youngest child down before everyone settled in to breakfast, their morning routine starting shortly after with the twins getting ready for school and Peter packing Solaine's bag for the day. After everyone was packed and ready Alaric and Perrin were walked out to the bus by Peter while Olivia got Solaine in the car and drove her to daycare before stopping at the local drug store, waiting until she got to the lab before pulling the item she had bought out of the brown paper bag.

"Where's Olivia?" Peter asked once he had gotten to the lab.

"She's in the office I think." Astrid shrugged. "How are the kids?"

"They're great." Peter smiled and headed towards Olivia's office. He walked through the door and closed it behind him before walking over to her and kissing her gently.

"Hey." She smiled weakly with an odd look that didn't go unnoticed by him.

"What's wrong?"

"How do you feel about having another child?" She blurted out.

"What?" He asked his eyes widening as he sank down in the chair across from her.

"Apparently my birth control isn't working." She stated, pulling out a positive pregnancy test and handing it to him. "I know that we agreed on staying with three but…"

"Livia, I love you and our children including this new one. I'm okay with this, in fact I'm thrilled." He beamed. "Though I have to go kill my father now."


"Because the last time he was in the house he spent some time in the bathroom. Any bets that he has something to do with this baby?" He pointed out and saw her roll her eyes in exasperation.

"He has been on us about having more kids." She nodded and looked out her office window to see Walter watching them before literally sprinting out of the lab. "He's running."

"Great." Peter groaned and sprang to his feet, running out. "WALTER!"

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