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Chapter 25

Dean pounded and kicked against the metal door, but it held fast. No! There was no way in h&^% that d%$# doctor was going to get away! But no matter how hard he hit it, the door held firm. Where was some C4 when you need it?


He didn't turn at his father's call, didn't even take his focus off of tearing the door down. He could hear the footsteps behind him and recognized a few of he voices. That's when he realized that the gunfire had stopped. Looks like they won, but there was still one last loose end to tie up.

"He's in here, Dad!"

John appeared at his side, looking over the door for a weak spot. The rest of the guys stayed back, probably making sure that Poena was dead. Dean had pulled back while his father looked over the door, but was still preparing for another kick when a voice broke the relative silence.

"Hey, I know none of us of tech experts or anything," Joshua began, his voice wary. "But, doesn't a counting down clock mean we should get the h&%$ out of Dodge?"

What? Dean looked to where the other hunter was pointing as saw a digital clock with a silent countdown. How long had that been there?

"Is this guy crazy enough to blow up a building with him in it?" Caleb questioned.

John and Dean shared a look and all five of them took off down the hall. Wait … five? Dean skidded to a halt and looked around frantically. The rest stopped as well, their expressions clearly thinking he had lost it.

"Come on, Dean," John ordered.

"Where's Sam?" Dean demanded, realizing that two other hunters were missing as well.

"Jim and Jefferson already took him outside," Bobby assured him. "Now lets get out of here."

Dean nodded and raced a few more steps before skidding to a halt again. He could almost hear the others growl in frustration, but something in one of the rooms caught his eye. He bolted through the door, ignoring the angry shouts and grabbed a one of the items off the table before his father forcibly dragged him out the nearest exit, not letting go until they hit fresh air. They ran for the tree line, yelling at the three outside to do the same, when a sudden explosion threw the hunters the rest of the way. Dean was among the first to recover and immediately checked on John who had landed beside him.

"You okay, Dad?"

"Fine. Where's your brother?"

Oh God! Sammy! He looked around, spotting a mop of brown hair several yards away. Pushing himself to his feet, Dean raced over to Sam and dropped to his knees beside him.

"Sammy?" He called, rolling his little brother onto his back. "Come on Sammy, talk to me."

"Its … Sam."

He couldn't help but smirk at the soft groan, as he helped the younger man into a sitting position. Immediately he started to check him over for injuries. Who knew what being thrown like that could aggravate. But even as he tried to assess his brother, Sam was trying to assess him.

"You okay, Dean? You haven't torn any of your stitches have you?"

"My stitches are fine. How are your ribs? Anything broken?"

"I'm more worried about your ribs."

"Yeah, well, I asked first."

"Dean," Bobby ordered, "get over here."

Sam smiled and Dean wasn't sure if he wanted to protest his friend or smack his brother more. Well, the kid was already hurt, so he would protest now and do some a$* kicking later.

"Sam needs-"

"Dean," Jim said in his usual calming manner, "there are five of us who are not injured-"

"Six," John interrupted.

"Five," the other hunters said in unison.

"No use arguing," Jefferson added from the edge of the group. "I can see your bruises from here."

"So," Jim continued. "Let us help you … ALL of you."

An hour later, the hunters found themselves in a spacious cabin. Jefferson and Jim had tended to the boys injuries, while the other three took on John. Now all patched up, the Winchesters were resting while Bobby prepared dinner and the rest took care of weapons maintenance.

"You seriously ordered poached snipe egg for breakfast?" Joshua laughed.

"And toast with smurfberry jam," Sam added with a grin.

"I still want to know how they found you guys in the first place," Caleb stated.

"Who knows, who care," Dean shrugged. "They're all dead now. What I would like to know is, what the h*$^ took you guys so long?"

"You can blame your dad for that one," Bobby grumbled, bringing a tray of burgers into the room. "Idjit doesn't know how to send a d*#% text message."

"And this surprises you?" Sam asked.

The rest of the hunters snickered, while John's glare shifted between his friend and youngest son. Dean had to admit, his brother had a point. John Winchester and technology were not always on the best of terms.

"I gave you all the information you needed," John stated gruffly.

"Oh yeah?" Bobby scoffed, flipping out his phone. "Bobby, someone took the boys. Name and room number of your hotel, and nothing else."

"By the time we showed up at the massacre you left behind, you were long gone," Caleb added. "The security footage was on only lead."

"You're lucky those guys were morons," Jefferson chimed in. "If one of the guys that jumped you hadn't come into town on a supply, run we might never have found that place."

Hearing that, it suddenly hit Dean how close he had come to loosing his family. If those guys had been just a little bit more competent … No use dwelling on the what ifs. They were alive, the bad guys were dead, and they owed it all to pure stupidity. Who would have thought?

"But, I still can believe that Dean went running back into a room of a building that was about to explode, just to get his necklace"

"Well, Joshua," Dean grinned, "you have your priorities, and I have mine."

It was true though. Dean didn't have a lot in this world, and what he did have he was not going to risk loosing if he could help it. Sammy was already outside, and John was not far behind, so that just left his amulet. Though any clothes they had on them got ruined, at least he have left his favorite jacket in the car. On that note ...

"Speaking of priorities … where is my car?"

"Oh that," Joshua sucked in his breath and shook his head sadly, causing Dean to get a VERY bad feeling. "I sure hope it wasn't in the car park with all the others. Because if it was, when that building blew …"

Suddenly Dean was having trouble breathing. His car was gone? The Impala had been reduced to a pile of twisted metal and melted glass? This couldn't be happening!

"Dean!" Sam practically yelled in his ear, snapping him back to reality. "Just take breaths. It's fine."

"It is SO not fine!" Dean snapped. "Those b&s^a#ds blew up my car!"

"No they didn't, ya idjit," Bobby muttered, whacking Joshua in the back of the head. "John found it at the cemetery."

"Your car is safe and sound at your dad's hotel," Pastor Jim assured him. "Not a mark on her."

"See?" Sam asked, gently lowering himself on to the couch next to Dean. "It's okay now."

Though his ribs might disagree, he could see his little brother's point. In a couple days when he felt up to driving, they would be back on the road where they belonged, and leave this while nightmare behind them. And as he bit into his burger, listening to his fellow hunters instruct his dad on the proper way to ask for help, Dean allowed himself to relax for the first time in day. Sammy was right, everything was okay now. It was finally over.

I must say, I am feeling a bit like Dean right now, only I know the story is far from over. ;)

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