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I was seven when I first laid eyes on him. My new friend, Alice Cullen, invited me over to her birthday party, a place perfectly displaying my social awkwardness.

Soon into the party, I quietly situated myself on the picnic bench awaiting the birthday cake to be brought in. We all watched the huge five layer cake, just right for Alice, be brought in. Everyone turned to stare at the cake, but at that exact moment I lost all focus from the cake.

There he was- the tall, muscular, blonde hair, blue eyed fine specimen of a man. His charming personality reflected on everyone and I was intrigued by who he was. He caught me staring and I quickly turned away blushing.

I looked back and noticed Mrs. Cullen wrap her arms around him. Being that she was married, I was very confused. My seven year old self watched the man as he handed Alice her first birthday present, "Here you go sweetie". Alice replied, "Thanks Dad!" I couldn't believe this man was Alice's dad!

That school year, I spent every evening at the Cullen house hanging out with Alice, but secretly looking at Mr. Cullen. I would find countless ways to get hurt and have Mr. Cullen stitch me up and kiss the "boo-boo" to make it all better. Off us girls would run until I could find the next reason to spend a moment with Mr. Cullen.

That year I saw my first penis. Yes, I walked in on Mr. and Mrs. Cullen, or Carlisle and Esme as I would soon find out from the moans and groans. I never saw something look so strange, like an elephant's trunk. I was fascinated by what they were doing, but soon enough they saw me staring and I ran from the house.

I wanted Carlisle to do what he was doing with Esme, with me when I was old enough. I was jealous and never stepped foot in the Cullen residence the next school year for it was too much for my heart to handle. I wanted Carlisle Cullen more than anything in the world, but couldn't have him, since he had Esme to make all his dreams come true.

This brings us to now.

I'm a little different from my seven year old self, no awkward blushing, boobs have found their place on my chest, and you could "bounce a coin off my ass" as the boys would say.

Alice and I just graduated high school with perfect 4.0s. We're off to college at the top University in the state this fall. The newly divorced Mr. Cullen wants to take us on a celebration trip this summer to celebrate our achievements. Who wouldn't accept a trip to Hawaii, one last whorah.

I have a goal this summer, more like a dream that my seven year old self started, to make Carlisle Cullen mine! I've laid out a plan that will work perfectly.

1) Make Carlisle Cullen notice me.

2) Make Carlisle Cullen want me.

3) Make Carlisle Cullen jealous.

4) Make Carlisle Cullen beg to me mine/deny Carlisle.

5) Accept Carlisle Cullen's "advances".

Which brings us to the final step, have Carlisle Cullen fuck me until my eyes fall out. This all has to happen without Alice finding out and be over and done with by the time our trip ends. Let's hope I achieve my goals and then some.