Part 21

"Oh no! Nononononono!" Olivia argued loudly. "No. No way Carmichael!"

"Oh-liv-ia," Abbie sang merrily, "you chose truth the last three times and the generally agreed upon universal rules of Truth or Dare dictate that you cannot choose truth four times in a row. So, you have to have a dare now and that's your dare. You can't change how the game is played!"

"Abbie, I've shared more with you this morning than I have with Alex – you can't honestly expect me to do that!"

Olivia and Abbie were so focused on their argument that neither of them noticed when the door to meeting room F swung open to allow their better halves a front row seat to their argument.

"What's going on?" Alex leaned back and whispered into Serena's ear.

"I think Abbie managed to talk Olivia into playing Truth or Dare," Serena whispered back.

"Nuh uh!" Abbie shook her head emphatically. "That's your dare Benson – nut up and do it."

"Abbie," Olivia groaned. "I've told you my wildest sexual fantasy, I've dictated a letter to Penthouse as to why Alex should be their centerfold, I've given you a goddamn lap dance – you can't hold me to this one!"

"Lap dance?" Serena murmured in Alex's ear.

"Wildest sexual fantasy?" Alex whispered back, her expression indicating that she was clearly very interested in the answer to that one.

"Why you should be the next Penthouse centerfold?" Serena countered softly.

"Hey, I'm hot," Alex argued.

"Yeah, but those magazines all have girls with the king-sized ta-tas and, I hate to break it to you Cabot, but yours are more fun-sized."

"Shut up!" Alex turned to stare down her friend.

Realizing that they were no longer alone, Abbie and Olivia looked up with sheepish grins. "Hey baby," they called out simultaneously.

Serena offered Abbie a flirty little finger wave, but Alex was too focused on staring Serena down to acknowledge Olivia's greeting.

"Fun sized?" she seethed. "I know I'm not huge but, but…"

"Alex, baby," Olivia called out softly. "How did it go?"

"Do you think my breasts are fun sized?" Alex turned on her lover.

Olivia bit her lip to try and hold back the laugh that was threatening to break free and quite possibly condemn her to a slow and tortuous death. She turned to Abbie and mouthed, I hate you, before assuring Alex, "Sweetheart, I love your breasts with their cute little pink nipples."

"So you do think they're small?" Alex looked close to tears.

"I will kill you," Olivia murmured to Serena as she gently gathered Alex in her arms. "It will be slow, and painful, and I have a badge, so I will get away with it."

"Sorry," Serena mouthed, looking genuinely contrite, before she turned her attention to her own girlfriend. "Abs, we're on a short lunch recess – wanna go grab a bite?"

Sensing the complete departure of fun from the room Abbie nodded. "Sounds good, you know what I could really go for?"

"Barbeque?" Serena asked with a teasing glint in her eye.

"I knew there was a reason I loved you," Abbie drawled. "To The Ranch!" she called out dramatically as she led the way down the hall.

Olivia stuck her leg out and kicked the door closed. "Alex, baby?" she murmured softly against her lover's temple. "You okay?"

"Your pulse is racing," Alex replied, her voice sure and steady, a marked contrast to her earlier near-hysterics. "You okay?"

"I'm not the one having a near hysterical break-down over the size of my breasts," Olivia replied.

"While the fun sized comment was hurtful," Alex murmured against Olivia's neck. "I was more trying to get you out of whatever dare Carmichael had dreamed up for you to complete. If they thought that they combined to make me that upset and then left you to deal with the fallout, they'll probably let you go."

"So you weren't mad?" Olivia breathed a sigh of relieve.

"I wasn't really mad," Alex confessed. "I happen to like my body just the way it is."

"I like your body too." Olivia smiled, relieved that Alex wasn't really upset. "Should we go get some lunch?"

"Yeah," Alex nodded. "I told Serena that we'd be in my office this afternoon waiting out the remainder of the trial. Trevor only has a few witnesses to call and none of them should be on the stand long so we're expecting this thing to wrap this afternoon," she informed Olivia as they meandered down the hall toward the bank of elevators that would take them down to the Judge's entrance.

"Okay," Olivia nodded. "What do you want to do for lunch?"

"I'm easy." Alex winked. "What was the dare that you so did not want to do?"

"Ahhh, baby, c'mon," Olivia whined.

"Not happening Detective," Alex said. "If I managed to get you out of it, which is still a pretty big if because Abbie traditionally does not back down from a dare once it's been issued, I deserve to know what it was."

"Fine," Olivia groaned as she put her hand over the elevator door to make sure that it didn't close on Alex. "You know that scene in Top Gun when they're all in the bar," she started to explain after the doors had closed and they were alone.

"Where Maverick sings to woo the girl?" Alex asked.

"Yeah. Well, see, Abbie dared me to be Maverick and she was going to be Goose and I was going to have to serenade you at McMullen's."

"Wow." Alex nodded her appreciation for her friend's creativity. "That's good, even by Carmichael standards. But, wouldn't I be better cast as Ice Man? I am the Ice Queen, after all."

"You are not an Ice Queen," Olivia argued. "You're warm and gooey and delicious."

"Why thank you, Detective," Alex purred. "I think. But I still want to hear about that sexual fantasy – maybe later when we're alone in my office?"

Olivia almost tripped over her own feet in surprise. Damn, just how long were they standing there? "Uhhhhm, okay?"

"And I better be the one in it," Alex lectured playfully.

"Oh, you are," Olivia assured her.


"On a scale from one to ten," Abbie asked as she took a sip of her iced tea, "exactly how pissed would you say Alex was back there?"

"Hard to tell," Serena frowned, looking around the dining room of Abbie's favorite barbeque joint as she thought her answer through carefully. "Usually she doesn't bite at a jab like that, but she's a little raw with the assault and having to testify… I'd say probably a seven or an eight."

"That's what I was thinking too," Abbie nodded as she broke open a roll and dipped it into a plate of barbeque sauce. "Think I should let Benson out of her dare?"

"What was the dare?" Serena asked as she, too, reached for a garlic roll from the basket in the middle of the table.

"You know that scene in Top Gun when they're all in the bar and Maverick sings?


"So who does Trevor have on tap to call this afternoon?" Olivia asked as she leaned back in the plush maroon leather booth.

"Some guy who works with Walker, the nurse from the hospital, and Abbie," Alex shrugged.

"I would think he'd call more witnesses in his guy's defense."

"Why?" Alex shook her head as she folded her menu and set it down on the table. "He was caught in the act of committing a felony by an NYPD Detective and his DNA matched samples recovered from three other rape victims. I'm surprised Trevor doesn't just throw his hands up and wave a little white flag in surrender."


Serena laughed. "I can't believe you would even consider letting Olivia be Maverick! Wasn't that your nickname when you were in the DA's office up here?"

Abbie nodded. "Yeah, but can't you just see Benson singing, Alex blushing and being all embarrassed, and all the cops in the joint joining in? It'd be classic!"

"It would," Serena agreed with a laugh. "You going to let her out of it?"

"I dunno." Abbie shrugged. "Do you think I should?"

"Depends," Serena said as she wiped her hands off on her napkin before resting her chin in them. "How good of a lap dancer was she?"

"Oh baby," Abbie drawled. "That girl is not made to do the lap dance. Yours are way better, don't worry."

"That's good," Serena smiled. "I guess Alex does the lap dancing in their burgeoning relationship. Did you know she takes pole-dancing exercise classes?"

"Yeah." Abbie grinned. "I'm the one who told her about 'em. Great for your core and upper body strength. Why, how did you find out about that?"

Serena smirked. "It might have come up when she was on the stand this morning."

"Oh, now I know this is good, do tell!"


"God I'm full," Olivia groaned as she dropped her stained napkin onto her plate. "I can't believe you ordered a chicken salad here, Jerry's has the best pastrami sandwiches."

Alex set her fork down beside her plate and smiled. "Am I supposed to apologize for ordering a healthy lunch instead of a fat filled sandwich?"

Olivia pouted. "I'll have you know that the pastrami is extremely lean here."

"I'm sure." Alex smirked, but was interrupted from her teasing by the beep of her phone.

"What is it?" Olivia grumbled as she lifted her glass to take a long drink of Coke.

"Text from Abbie," Alex told her lover. "They just walked into court now," she glanced at her watch. "Wow, this hour has gone by really fast."

"Should we be getting back?"

"Soon." Alex nodded. "I told Serena we'd hang out at Hogan and wait for her to call and tell us that this thing's been handed off to the jury before coming back down to wait with her and Abbie for the verdict."

"They're not going to go to the tower to wait?"

"Nah." Alex shook her head. "It should be a fast verdict."


Serena glanced quickly at her watch as she waited through Trevor's tedious examination of his first witness. Like anyone really cares that Walker was an Eagle Scout or that he volunteers for a handful of charities through his accounting firm, she thought to herself as she doodled aimlessly on her yellow legal pad.

"Ms. Southerlyn?" Brennan's booming voice brought her attention back to what was happening in the courtroom.

Serena looked up and arched her brows questioningly.

"Would the People care to cross examine this witness?"

"Oh, yes, Your Honor," she stood and purposefully refused to look behind her to where she was sure Abbie was sitting in the gallery trying not to laugh at her lack of concentration. "Mister Travis," she remained standing behind the prosecution's table and addressed the witness. "Did you accompany Mister Walker to Sugarland on the seventh, fourteenth, twenty first, twenty-eighth of last month?"

"No I did not."

"So you cannot offer any evidence as to Mister Walker's actions on those nights."

"No I cannot."

"So you don't know about how he subdued and raped three women, shot a decorated NYPD Detective or assaulted an Assistant District Attorney?"

Trevor stood to argue but Serena beat him to the punch.

"Withdrawn," she waved her hand dismissively. "No more questions your honor."

"Mister Travis," Judge Brennan looked down at the witness. "You are free to go. The state of New York thanks you for your time in this matter."

"Thank you sir," Travis muttered as he quickly climbed down from the witness stand and walked as fast as he could down the aisle and out the double doors at the back of the room.

"Next witness Mister Langan?" Brennan prompted.

Trevor nodded and called out, "The defense calls Ms. Heather Finnerty."

At his pronouncement, a petite woman in the middle of the gallery stood and made her way up to the witness stand. Everybody watched impassively as she was sworn in, and once she was seated Trevor strolled out to the patch of floor in front of the witness stand and began his line questioning.

"Could you please state your name and occupation for the court?"

"Heather Finnerty, I'm a nurse at Mount Sinai Hospital."

"Your Honor," Serena said as she stood and addressed the court. "May we approach the bench?"

Brennan nodded and Serena and Trevor walked up to the bench but he shook his head no and motioned toward the door leading to his private chambers. Serena and Trevor followed him inside and the second the bailiff pulled the door closed behind them she began her argument.

"Your Honor," Serena addressed the judge. "The People motion for this witness to be dismissed on the grounds that as per section 602 of the Federal Rules of Evidence she is not a viable witness as she does not possess any first-hand knowledge of the events that affected Detective Benson and ADA Cabot. We also file a preemptive motion for Ms. Carmichael to be excused on the same grounds."

"Mister Langan?"

"I have called them to comment on what they observed when Ms. Cabot and Detective Benson were hospitalized."

"Nurses are covered under the umbrella of doctor patient privilege," Serena argued.

"I'm not going to ask about treatment or anything else that would fall under that umbrella, just what she was able to observe," Trevor tried again. "Any civilian walking past their room would have been able to look in and see them, and as such her observations do not fall under the scope of doctor patient privilege."

"Why are you calling these women to testify Mister Langan?" Brennan demanded.

"Character witnesses, Your Honor," Trevor replied quickly.

"Neither of these women know your client Mister Langan," Brennan frowned.

"No sir," Trevor agreed. "But they both have had contact with Detective Benson and ADA Cabot."

"So you're going to put these women on the stand to try and discredit a Detective, who will be getting another ribbon for heroism, and a highly decorated, well respected, Assistant District Attorney."

Trevor nodded. "Yes sir."

"I will give you the rope you need to hang yourself Mister Langan," Brennan informed them. "But be warned you are on very thin ice and I will not hesitate to jail you on contempt charges should you try to put sexuality on trial one more time in my courtroom. Understood?"

"Yes sir," Trevor nodded thankfully and fell into position behind the judge as he led them all back out to the courtroom.

"Ms. Finnerty," Trevor began again. "How long have you been a nurse at Mount Sinai?"

"Fifteen years."

"I see." Trevor nodded. "So, you've pretty much seen it all."

"I guess."

"Did you observe Ms. Cabot and Detective Benson interacting while they were hospitalized?"

"I did."

"What did you see?"

"Well, Ms. Cabot, she's the blonde one – right?" She asked, and when Trevor nodded she continued, "Yes, well Ms. Cabot climbed into bed with Detective Benson and refused to move."

"Is that typical behavior?"

The nurse smiled. "That was definitely a first for me."

"Were Ms. Cabot and Detective Benson assigned to the same room?"

"Not originally. Ms. Cabot started off on a private floor but demanded to be moved into Detective Benson's room once Detective Benson was released from surgery."

"Who authorized the move?"

"The Chief. Ms. Cabot's aunt is on the hospital board and rumor has it that she made the request personally."

"Objection," Serena argued what she could. "Hearsay."

Brennan nodded his agreement. "The jury is to ignore Ms. Finnerty's comment about ADA Cabot's aunt."

Trevor shrugged and tried again. "Were Ms. Cabot and Detective Benson allowed to remain in the same bed?"

"No. Doctor Webber saw them both and ordered Ms. Cabot into her own bed."

"Sounds about right." Trevor nodded as if he actually had a point. "So was that the end of their antics?"

"Well, when I came on for my next shift Ms. Cabot was indeed in her own bed, but it was pushed up right next to Detective Benson's."

"Who moved the bed?"

"The nurses who were on duty at the time told me that her visitors were responsible for the move."

"So would it be safe to say that Ms. Cabot was not a model patient?"

"Objection!" Serena called out, exasperation clear in her tone. "Argumentative!"

"I agree." Brennan scowled at Trevor.

"No more questions Your Honor," Trevor mumbled.

"Ms. Finnerty," Serena stood and addressed the witness. "Were you at the club Sugarland on the night of the twenty eighth?"

"No I was not."

"Did you witness the defendant shooting Detective Benson or assaulting ADA Cabot?"

"No I did not. I only saw them during the time they were hospitalized for their injuries."

Serena nodded. "How many rape and or assault victims have you tended to during your tenure as a nurse at Mount Sinai hospital?"

"A handful. But we don't get a whole lot of them on the surgical floor," she confessed.

"In your opinion, do victims of attempted rape and or assault generally tend to seek comfort from their friends and family?"

"They do."

"Thank you," Serena said dismissively. "No more questions your honor."

"Mister Langan-" Brennan looked to Trevor "-redirect?"

Trevor shook his head. "No, Your Honor."


"Wonder how it's going?" Olivia mumbled as she reclined on the couch in Alex's office. They'd been back at Hogan for almost half an hour and her full belly from lunch was making her sleepy.

Alex looked up from the screen of her phone and her watch before she replied, "Fast. Abs just texted me that the nurse is done and she's up next."

"Court's only been back in session for what, an hour?" Olivia frowned.

Alex nodded. "About that, yeah."


"The defense calls Abigail Carmichael," Trevor called out, his voice sounding defeated and tired.

Abbie stood and gave Serena a quick smile as she passed the prosecution's table en route to the witness stand. After she was sworn-in, Trevor started in on his last Hail Mary. "Please state your name and occupation for the court.

"Abigail Carmichael, Federal Prosecutor for the US Attorney's office."

Serena had to bite her lip to keep from smiling at the awed murmurs that rolled through the courtroom after Abbie stated her occupation.

"Ms. Carmichael, how do you know Detective Benson and Ms. Cabot?"

"I worked with ADA Cabot for a time here in New York at the District Attorney's office before I accepted a job with the US Attorney's office, and I know Detective Benson from the time that I worked as a prosecutor with the Special Victims Unit."

"You have quite the reputation of the playgirl, have you dated either of them?"

"OBJECTION!" Serena shouted, incensed.

"Sustained!" Brennan scowled at Trevor. "Remember our talk Mister Langan. I will not tolerate one more slip from you."

Trevor nodded his understanding. "Ms. Carmichael, were you one of the friends and family who were responsible for moving Ms. Cabot's bed when she was in the hospital?"

"I was," Abbie drawled, a pleased smile tweaking her lips.

"Why did you do that?"

"They asked me to," she said with a shrug.

"You didn't think that was an odd request?"

"Not at all."

"Really, may I ask why?"

"Sure," Abbie drawled. "When I was raped in college I slept in my roommate's bed for a month after the attack. I was afraid to be alone. The nightmares of the attack were less severe when I knew that I had a friendly body there to protect me."

Trevor could only stare. "I see," he murmured, obviously surprised by Abbie's statement.

"Is there anything else Counselor?" Abbie drawled, arching a brow questioningly as she appraised the flustered attorney with a lopsided smirk.

"Ms. Carmichael," Brennan chastised, but she could see that he was trying his damndest not to smile. "Please remember that you are in this court as a witness and not as a prosecutor. You are to answer questions that are presented to you, not ask ones of your own."

"Of course." Abbie smiled. "I sincerely apologize, Your Honor."

"Mister Langan-" Brennan looked at Trevor "-do you have any more questions for this witness?"

"No, sir." Trevor shook his head and quickly reclaimed his seat.

"Ms. Southerlyn, would the People like to cross examine this witness?"

Serena smiled brightly. "Oh, I don't think that's necessary, Your Honor," she replied, fighting to keep from laughing.

Brennan nodded his agreement and turned to Abbie. "Ms. Carmichael, you are excused as a witness in this matter and I sincerely apologize for taking up your valuable time."

"Not a problem." Abbie grinned as she stood and walked jauntily down the aisle between the attorney's tables to reclaim her seat in the gallery.

"Ms. Southerlyn," Judge Brennan said as he turned toward the smiling blonde. "Are the People ready to present their closing argument?"

Serena smiled. "We certainly are Your Honor."

"Very well-" he nodded "-you may proceed."


"Holy shit," Alex murmured as she read the newest message on her phone.

"Hmm?" Olivia murmured distractedly as she turned into her lover and nuzzled her face into Alex's stomach.

"God Liv," Alex groaned. "You don't know how hard it's been for me to keep my hands to myself this whole time you've been resting, can you please not start trouble?"

"Sorry." Olivia smiled and moved her lips from Alex's stomach to her crotch. "Better?" She asked playfully, her warm breath sneaking through the thin material of the blonde's skirt to dance teasingly over her skin.

"No," Alex groaned.

Deciding to take pity on her lover Olivia rolled over onto her back to look up into Alex's eyes. "What's going on?"

"I've ruined my panties," Alex grumbled as she shifted her hips somewhat uncomfortably under the brunette's head.

"Well, I'd apologize, but I did tell you earlier how much I wanted to lay you down on your desk and have my evil way with you, so any apology at this point for getting you riled up would be disingenuous."

"And you complain about me sounding like a lawyer," Alex chuckled. "Abbie just texted that they're onto closing arguments now."

Olivia glanced at her watch. "So Abbie was only on the stand for fifteen minutes? Total?"

Alex nodded. "So now you see why my current predicament is not a good one," she threaded her fingers through Olivia's short spiky hair.

"Mmm, I promise to take care of you later," Olivia murmured.

"I'm counting on it Detective," Alex purred.

"Can I ask you a question?" Olivia asked as she captured Alex's left hand with her own.


"What were you thinking about earlier when I was resting?"

"How did you know I was thinking?" Alex asked playfully.

Olivia smiled. "Sometimes, when you're really lost in thought about something, your lips move with whatever words are going through you head."

"They do not," Alex frowned.

"They do," Olivia nodded. "But, it's okay. I still love you even though you talk to yourself. What were you thinking about that was so serious?"

"If I should ask you something or not," Alex hedged, still undecided as to whether or not she wanted to risk Olivia and their budding relationship to the full onslaught of a Cabot Thanksgiving.

"You can't scare me off," Olivia murmured, moving their joined hands to the spot between her breasts that was directly over her heart.

"Promise?" Alex asked, a small sliver of fear slipping into her tone.

"I swear," Olivia assured her. "In case you hadn't caught on, you're pretty much it for me Cabot. I'm not running off anywhere. What's going on in that beautiful brain of yours?"

"Would you like to come to Massachusetts with me for Thanksgiving?" Alex asked hesitantly. "All the Cabots will be there, so it might be a little overwhelming for you, but I'd really love…"

"Alex, I would be honored to join you and your family for the holiday," Olivia interrupted her lover's rambling.


"Really, really," Olivia smiled.


"Members of the Jury," Judge Brennan addressed the group in the box. "Do you understand these instructions as they've been given to you?"

Twelve heads nodded their understanding.

"Very well," Brennan nodded. "As it is now only three o'clock, I will ask you to adjourn to the jury deliberation room to begin discussions on the charges in this case. If you have any questions or need to review materials, please let the bailiff know and we will do our best to accommodate those needs as expediently as possible."

Serena stood and watched the jurors shuffle out of the room, waiting for the door to close behind them before she gathered her papers, files, and notes to begin putting them away into her satchel.

"So, what's the over under at?" Abbie drawled playfully from behind the banister separating the gallery from the prosecution table.

"An hour?" Serena shrugged.

"I'm taking the under on that one Counselor," Abbie grinned. "I'd better call Alex and tell them to get their asses down her A-SAP," she muttered to herself as she dug her phone out of her pocket and quickly dialed Cabot's cell.

"Are you guys done already?" Alex's surprised voice answered on the first ring.

"Yup." Abbie grinned. "You two should probably put your clothes back on and get down here, we've set the over/under at an hour."

"I'm betting on the under," Alex muttered.

"Exactly, so get that tight pole-dancing ass down here Cabot – you don't want to miss this one."


"Abbie?" Olivia asked as she sat up.

Alex nodded. "Yes. The jury has it now, so we'd probably better get down there for the verdict."

Olivia nodded her understanding and stood, carefully running her hand over her trousers to smooth any wrinkles that might have been created from her impromptu siesta. "You ready for this?"

"I'll be ready to get this past us," Alex nodded. "I'd like to just be able to focus on us and not what happened to us."

"Yeah," Olivia nodded. "But, can I tell you something?" she asked as she held the door to the ADA's office open for Alex to leave before her.

"Hmm?" Alex murmured.

"Getting shot-" Olivia tilted her head toward her injured shoulder "-was totally worth it to find the courage to finally tell you how I felt."

Alex smiled. "That whole evening was a nice little push to get us to stop dancing around our attraction wasn't it?"

"Indeed it was Counselor," Olivia nodded. "So let's go close this chapter of our lives so we can focus on the future."


"Hey Elliot," Serena smiled as the Detective led the small posse of SVU Detectives into the courthouse. "John, Fin-" she nodded at the pair behind him "-where's Cragen?"

"Somebody had to stay behind to hold down the fort," Elliot explained. "Dad told us to get down here for Liv and to call him as soon as the verdict is in."

"What's the over/under at?" Munch asked.

"An hour," Abbie said. "You want in?"

"Sure," Much replied as he pulled out a twenty. "Is anybody taking the over?" he asked before he handed the money over to the grinning brunette.

"Nope." Abbie shook her head.

"Nope what?" Olivia's voice interrupted their playful banter.

"Nothin'." Fin smiled. "How you doing Olivia?"

"Fine, Fin," Olivia said with a smile.

"Ms. Cabot, you are looking as beautiful as always," Munch said, smiling at his ADA.

Alex blushed and looked down. "Thank you," she murmured but she was saved from further embarrassment by the bailiff who had just emerged from the courtroom.

"Ms. Southerlyn," he said, cocking his head toward the courtroom. "The jury is back with a verdict."

"How long did it take?" Abbie asked.

"Forty five minutes," Serena reported. "Let's go get our verdict."

Alex and Olivia stood in the front row of the gallery flanked on their right by Munch and Fin, and on their left by Abbie and Elliot. Serena stood before them, shoulders square to the bench as Judge Brennan accepted the verdict sheet from the jury foreman and glanced at it before handing it back to the bailiff to return to the foreman.

"Has the jury reached a verdict in the case of the People vs. Chase Walker?"

"We have Your Honor," the foreman, a graying professor type with a tweed jacket, replied.

"And what say you on the first count of rape in the first degree?"


"The second?"


"The third?"


"And the charge of illegal possession of a firearm in the first degree?"


"The charge of aggravated assault on a police officer in the first degree?"


"And the single charge of assault in the second degree."


"Does Counsel request a poll?" Brennan asked Langan.

"No, Your Honor," Trevor replied dejectedly.

Brennan nodded and smiled his thanks to the jury. "Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, let me express my profound thanks to you all for your participation in this matter. The State of New York appreciates your hard work, and you are hereby dismissed from all obligations in relation to this trial. Court is adjourned."

"So-" Serena turned and smiled at her friends after the jury had left "-what do you want to do to celebrate?"

"We heard Alex does some pole dancing," Fin smirked.

"Not for you I don't," Alex laughed.

"Let's go over to McMullen's." Abbie grinned. "Detective Benson owes me a song."


THE END. For now. Continued in Game Face.