So in life I believe that everyone should come with a playlist. A list of songs that play during important events or times. So that is why my playlist inspired me to write this Phoenix Wright Fanfiction. I am going to be writing from different perspectives during the fiction, and this chapter's song is "Stay Together For the Kids" by Blink182. I do not own anything except for the plot!

Apollo's POV

I was sitting at the Wright Anything Agency reading through some of Phoenix's old case files with Trucy practicing a new magic trick next to me. I glanced up to see Phoenix sitting on the sofa across from us looking through an old album. He glanced down at his watch and noticed the time.

"Alright you two, I'm going to bed. See you two in the morning." Phoenix said standing up and placing the album back on the shelf before leaving the room. I turned towards Trucy and raised an eyebrow.

"What was he looking at?" I asked glancing back over at the shelf.

Trucy shrugged, "I don't know. All I know is that he looks at it every Friday." Every Friday? That's kind of odd…

"Now I'm curious." I sighed looking back over at the shelf. That's when Trucy stood up and marched over to the shelf.

"Me too. But today is the day we are going to find out once and for all." She said standing on her tippy toes and reaching for the book. She pulled it down and raced back over to her seat next to me on the sofa. Trucy flipped the front cover open to reveal a title page that said To Nick, Love Maya and Pearl.

"Who's Maya and Pearl?" I asked thinking that maybe they were family friends of theirs.

"I'm not sure. I never met anyone named Maya or Pearl." She said flipping to the first page which showed an article about the murder of a woman named Mia Fey, but a certain part was highlighted. "It says New defense attorney, Phoenix Wright, won his second trial defending Maya Fey, the victim's sister. Wow, this must be when he met this Maya. I think I heard him mention that Mia was originally his mentor before she passed away."

"Oh yeah, I remember him mentioning something about her. He said she taught him everything he knows." Trucy said placing a finger on her chin. We flipped to the next page and saw a photo of Phoenix with two girls dressed in matching costumes. They were at a circus, and then on the next page the three of them were in front of an old building that said Fey Manor in front of it. The whole album was mostly of the three of them at different places or at the office.

"I wonder who these girls are. I guess Phoenix defended Maya, but were they friends or something?" I asked turning a few more pages. Finally on the last page there was a note that was written in purple pen. The note said Dear Nick, Pearly and I are really going to miss you. Sorry I can't stay and help out around the office, but duties as the Master calls. We'll stay in touch by letters and maybe we can visit. Give us a call sometime, lots of love Maya. We shut the book and looked at each other.

"Do you think they had a fight and don't want to see each other anymore?" Trucy asked putting the book away.

"I don't know, if we can get along then I would guess that they could. I bet they would want to see each other again." I sighed before Trucy came back to the couch.

"I just want to know why they were so close with my Daddy." Trucy said leaning back on the couch.

"Because we were best friends." Trucy and I slowly turned around to find Phoenix standing in the doorway. He walked in and took the album off the shelf again and sat down on the table opening the book. "This is Maya and this is Pearls." He said pointing to the two girls in the photos with him.

"How do you know them Daddy?" Trucy asked looking up at him tilting her head to the side.

"Well, Mia was Maya's older sister and Maya was framed for Mia's murder. After that she became my assistant and worked here at the office with me." He said flipping through the album looking at his old memories.

"But what about the other girl?" I asked thinking of the other younger girl, Pearl I think.

"That was Maya's younger cousin Pearl. I met her when I was defending Maya for the second time." Wow, twice he had to defend Maya, talk about being unlucky.

"What happened to them? I mean, why don't you talk to them anymore?" Trucy asked the question that I was afraid to ask.

"Well, after I got disbarred I was ashamed to talk to them. We would write letters back and forth every once and a while, but we never saw each other after that. Maya become the Master of Kurain village and Pearl stayed there with her." Phoenix sighed closing the book. "There, now you know what was in the book. Now I think that it's about time we all head to bed."

"Night Daddy." Trucy said.

"Night." I said watching Phoenix walk out the door back to his room.

Once Phoenix was out of the room Trucy turned back to me with a strange look in her eye. "I don't like the look in your eye." I said turning to walk away before she grabbed my sleeve.

"I want Daddy to see Maya again. I can tell that they were really good friends, I think they might have even liked each other. I think we need to set something up so they can see each other again!" Trucy said with a determined look on her face.

"I don't know, we really shouldn't get involved in his personal life." I replied scratching my head.

"Come on Polly. Please, I want Daddy to be happy again. You know, he used to be a lot different than he is now. He used to be happy and he cared so much about the truth. I want him to be able to defend people again, but I don't think he can without Maya, just like how you wouldn't be able to do anything without me." Trucy said with a sad smile.

"Alright, I'll help." I said running my hands through my hair. As I said that Trucy's eyes lit up.

"We should bring Maya back down here somehow. How though?" Trucy asked plopping back down on the couch.

"I'm not sure, it's not like we can contact her or anything." I shrugged sitting back down next to her.

"Why not? I'm sure that Daddy has her address somewhere, we could send her a letter but not tell her who we are." She exclaimed overjoyed by her plan.

"But how do we know she would even show up?" I asked as Trucy leapt up and got a pad of paper, a pen and her dad's address book.

"I just have a feeling that she is the kind of person to follow orders from a letter. Someone willing to take a chance." Trucy sighed as she started flipping through the address book. "Here it is." Trucy quickly scribbled down Maya's address on an envelope and then pulled out a piece of paper.

"What are you going to write?" I asked sitting back down.

"Well, let's pick a place. How about the restaurant down the street, we can have her meet us there on Saturday at seven!" Trucy started to write out the note. Finally she looked satisfied and stuck it in the envelope and sealed it.

"Why didn't you let me read it?" I practically shouted.

"Sh, you'll wake Daddy. You know what, I'm kind of tired. How bout we mail it first thing in the morning? Night Polly!" And with that Trucy skipped off to bed without a single worry.

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