Author's Note: So I know I'm supposed to be working on my other stories, but I've been taking a break, trying to get back into the school schedule. And as I was doing my homework, this popped into my head, and I really had to write it. Sorry to anyone waiting on my others. I apologize and hope to work on them soon.

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It was nothing he hadn't done before. Nothing that would be different from the last time. His robes still fit. His mask still covered the same face. His hair was still as blonde. But…

This time, everything would be different. This time he would not just be fighting for what his master believed. No. This time, Lucius Malfoy was fighting what he believed. Because if he did not go back. If he did not apparate directly to his now-despised master. If he turned his back on the Dark Lord, like he wanted so much to do. He would suffer. His family would suffer.

So as he took the uniform from its hiding place and hurriedly put it on, all he could think of was how to protect his loves. How to keep them from harm. From death.

Because the years since the Dark Lord's fall had taught Lucius Malfoy many things. And although he didn't necessarily like all of those lessons, there was one he would not forget.

So as he left the house. As he dissapperated to the graveyard. He locked away all of the hate he felt towards the man who stood before him. He buried all of the love he felt for his wife and son. He hid whatever pity he felt while gazing at the dead boy beside him, Amos Diggory's boy. And he tried to forget the emotions caused by the Potter Boy's pained expression.

Because if any of that showed. If any of those thoughts were given to the Dark Lord. He would have all that he cared for taken from him. Draco, not Cedric, would be the dead boy on the lawn. Narcissia, not Potter, would wear the pained expression. And he, Lucius, would suffer until he finally died.

Yes, it was nothing he hadn't done before. He only had more to lose.

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