Comets, fireballs, hail, rain, snow. I was driving down the road on the day 12-11-12. I know what everyone says about 2012. It's all crap. Or at least that's what I thought. I had my sisters' two children in the backseat. One was 2. The other was 5. We were heading back to her house after her work. I babysit them each week.

"I want my mommy…" Kaden the 5 year old was saying. I love them very much. I have no children of my own. I am waiting until I'm a little older. I am 22 and my sister is 26. Her husband is stationed in Iraq, and she works 74 hours a week. I work too, 20 hours a week. We were driving at about 20 miles per hour. The snow was falling hard. We live in East New York, so what can you expect? Taylor the 2 year old, was sleeping hard in the back. Soft snores were coming from her.