I closed all the windows and shut the blinds. I told my sister what was happening, again, and she called her husband. The children were scared and I tried keeping them calm. I finally went back outside and asked the men what they wanted. When I got outside, I noticed someone who looked strangely familiar. I suddenly realized that it was my boss, Yuri. He told me something was about to happen. Something bad. I knew what he was talking about. The apocalypse was about to happen. I told my sister and we took the children. We went with Yuri and rushed into the car. We hurried to the airport at the time that her husband came in. We took him with us and we went to a gas station to fill up.

"What are we doing here?" Chase asked suddenly. I knew that he was probably frazzled with all that was happening, because, well, so was everybody else.

"We are going to get gas. We have a long ride to D.C." Yuri said. Two men got out of the car and went into the station. Probably to get food I guessed. When they got back, they had about 3 bags, full of food and drinks, for us to take on the ride. It was a very long ride, and most of it, I was squished between 3 people. 2 Russian men were next to me, and on the right, was Chase. My sister, Erin, was sitting in between the kids, and they were all sleeping. The highway was packed full, and we were in the middle of it.

"This is going to take forever," I mumbled. Both men just looked at me. I could feel their icy stares piercing my soul as we finally crossed into D.C. We got to the airport, and we went into the terminal. A black smoky haze was following us as we went in. Firemen and police were surrounding the area. Yuri found the pilot, I was guessing, another Russian man, but I wasn't wrong. He was very charming. Cold blue eyes, tall frame, he was gorgeous. I couldn't help myself not to stare. There was a girl following him; quite pretty, I supposed it was his girlfriend. I was crushed, I was in love. He introduced himself. His name was Sasha. I thought it was kind of funny, because in America, that's a girl's name. We found a plane, about twice the size of a 747.

"That is a BIG plane. What the hell is in there?" Chase said. Right then, the ground started cracking. Earthquake I thought. We all rushed into the plane. There were show cars in the plane. Bentleys, Corvettes, Mustangs, and Porches we some of the exquisite cars that were in there. We all scrambled into the bottom portion and Sasha started up the plane. The earthquake was really bad. The ground started cracking, and we got into the air. I looked out the window and saw flames.