it was peaceful on the planet Vegeta, so far no saiyans were on any missions or none returning from distant planets. a little dome house rest on the west side of the space launch. A man and his 5 year old son were sparing in the yard of the house until the man send his son flying into a tree.

" Get up!" his father demanded. the boy didn't move, Bardock went over to his son, he lifted the boy up by his right leg, the boy starred into his father's eyes. He gave a weak smile. Bardock drop his son, he walked a few steps from his son, then he face the boy in a fighting stance. The boy got up , he put his two hands together, he concentrated then out popped a weak powershot. it floated towards his father, it reached Bardock's face but burned out before it can touch him. He was mad

" What the hell was that Raditz?" he asked.

" I was trying to..." Raditz started but got cut off

"that was the worst I have ever seen, a new born infant can do better than that" his father scolded. " this is how it done" he powered up shot a energy ball from his hand, it headed towards Raditz, Raditz ducked, the ball hit the destroyed tree, the dust cleared. Raditz was crouched in the ground covering his head, he didn't know that his tail was burnt on the tip. Angry at his son he went over to him and picked him up by the tail. Raditz felt his strength slip away from him

" you are a waste of time" he said dropping the boy. Raditz quickly got up to face his father

" I'm sorry dad, I'm trying as hard as..." he started

" Raditz your a saiyan, so act like one or you'll get your self killed" Bardock started to tell him, Raditz started to form tears in his eyes.

" I'm sorry" Raditz said, Bardock glared at his son who was trying not to cry.

"cry in my face again and I'll kill you" Bardock warned.

He went into the house, but was stopped by a woman, she she had long black hair that went to her waist, she wore a blue spandex suit with strapless armor, her arms were folded across her chest she gave Bardock a glare, he glared back

" Bardock your to hard on him" she said " give him a break, he'll get it."

" no he won't Yisha, not with out the proper training" he said, him and Yisha both looked out the door way, Raditz was kicking the grass with his foot, he didn't bother to look at his parents. Yisha rested her head on Bardocks shoulder

" I bet Parpeka didn't treat you bad" she said, Bardock rolled her off his shoulder, he stormed off to a room on the left of the house, slamming the door. Yisha sighted then went back to what ever she was doing. in the yard Raditz plopped himself on the ground, his tail beating the ground, he was angry and hurt at the same time. he looked up at the sky, the two suns glowed bright in the red sky, then he saw a figure flying towards him. it got larger and larger, Raditz quickly scramble to his feet, but the figure landed in front of him.

" your comming with me kid" he said.

as you can see Yisha is my version of Raditz and Goku mother, she a character that I've been working on for years!.

and the name Parpeka, it a pun off of Paprika and it's the name for Bardock's father.

I think I'm the first person to write a fic of a young Raditz getting kidnapped.

sorry for Bardock harshness but I'm just trying to see how a male sayain would real treat his own child.