the sayain Korgo and Pepisk were chatting and laughing among there selves. but a big blast blowing a chunk out of there apartment room made them noticed , Sheetrock, wood and bricks buried them, they emerged from the pile.

" What the hell Man " Pepisk asked, , Korgo was the next to emerge. standing out side the hole was Bardock, he glared at the two fools

" what did you do with my son?" he asked

" oh you want to know?" the leader came out of the shadows, in his left arm he had Raditz slung over like a sack of potatoes, the boy wasn't moving, Bardock turn his attention to the leader

" You" he said recognizing him " I should of know, you sick bastard"

" ah ah" the leader held up the boy " I would think before you speak Bardock" with his free hand he made a little Ki ball, it was the size of a gobstopper " this is enough to kill the boy" Bardock did move

"Caborga , I'm giving you the count of three to let my son go?" Bardock demanded.

Raditz's eyes slowly opened. his vision was blurry but standing before him was his father, realizing who it was his eyes shot open

" Dad!" the boy squeaked but remembered from his training lesson looked away thinking Bardock was ashamed of him.

Bardock started to feel regret for what he said earlier to him, but now was not the time, his eyes focused on Caborga

" one" he started. " two" he got into a stance " THREE!" he lunged at Caborga but Pepisk got in the way and punched Bardock in the stomach. laughing Bardock didn't even feel that

" wow Caborga must have hired a weakling" he said, he threw Pepisk through the cealing creating another hole, and with his left hand he fired up a ki blast and shot it right at the sayain killing him.

Turning to Korgo, the other sayain charged only to have Bardock punch a hole in his chest with heart in his hand. Korgo coughed up blood as Bardock ripped his arm out, the sayin fell with a pool of blood spilling on the floor.

Facing Caborga he tossed away the heart, Raditz watching his father couldn't believe that the man was able to do that easily. Caborga tossed Raditz aside and got into a stance, the cfell with a thud his arms still tied up he was only able to sit up.

" last chance Caborga" Bardock called.

" No" the sayain replied " I WILL SEND YOU TOO HELL!" and attacked

Been along time !. I wasn't sure if Sayains are capable of punching threw a person's body but if they are then DAMN!

Caborga= pun off of Cabbage ( not the Nappa Cabage like Nappa was but a regular Cabbage)

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