Chapter 8

Mei smiled when she saw her own reflection at the mirror. She was wearing a black yukata (summer kimono) with pink cherry blossoms pattern which was a gift from her mom just a month before the tragic accident happened.

"Are you ready, Mei sama?" Rihito voice brought her back to reality. She gasped when she saw the taller figure standing in front of her. Rihito was wearing a grey yukata and it really does suit him.

"Yes, let's go." She replied with a big smile on her face. He took her hand and guided her carefully while they walked down the huge stairs covered in silk red carpet of Stella dormitory. Mei has managed to collect more Lucia so she finally able to upgrade her rank.

"Hurry up, Mei." Miruku who was wearing a pink yukata with sun flower pattern spoke out.

"Miruku chan, I thought those who live in Sole dormitory will have to attend the opening ceremony of today's Star Festival." Mei scratched her head.

"Rika and Izumi said that I can skip the opening ceremony." The little girl winked cheerfully.

"Miruku sama was desperate to taste fried noodle and octopus frits." Daimon who was wearing a dark blue yukata explained.

"I'm curious about the taste." Fujiko who was dressed in a red yukata added. Mei gave a confused look to her friends as first but soon realized that all of her friends have been living their life like princess so they have no idea about grade B festival foods.

"You'll like them, girls." Mei said happily.

"Let's get going before they're all sold out." Miruku started to run all of sudden.

"Wait for me, Miruku sama!" Daimon said as he followed his little mistress.

"Hurry up, you giant butler!" Miruku snapped out. Mei chuckled at them.

"Anyway, Mei. Did you prepare your wish paper?" Fujiko asked while showing a red color origami paper.

"Of course." Mei showed her yellow origami paper.

"Girls, you can hang your wish papers there." Nezu who was wearing a black yukata pointed at some bamboo leaves inside a huge vase located just beside the entrance of Stella dormitory.

"Thank you, Nezu. Anyway, you look so sexy in that yukata." Fujiko leaned forward as she circled the neck of her butler and gave a quick peck on his cheek.

"Your welcome and thank you for your compliment." Nezu replied with a wink. Mei secretly stared at Rihito who was standing beside her. She wondered if she could do the same thing with her butler. However, she shooed away the thought. Mei walked closer to the bamboo leaves and was going to tie her origami paper on the right side but she wasn't tall enough to do that.

"Let me do that for you, Mei sama." Rihito said as he gently took the paper from her hand and tie it right away.

"Thank you." She smiled at him.

"My pleasure." He replied her with a smile.

"Hmm, may there be peace on earth. That's really thoughtful." Fujiko said as she examined Mei's wish paper.

"How about you, Fujiko?" Mei asked.

"I wish to be the world's most beautiful bride in the future." Fujiko answered. Mei noticed some pink spots below her friend's cheeks.

"I'm sure that you'll be a wonderful bride in the future." Mei claimed.

"That's so nice of you, Mei. Anyway, let me tell you a secret." Fujiko placed two hands around Mei's ears and mumbled something. Mei could feel both of her cheeks burning like crazy.

"I'll see you guys somewhere at the festival!" Fujiko waved her hand before leaving the spot.

"We should be going also, Mei sama." Rihito said.


"Mei sama?" He repeated.

"Oh, sorry. Yes, let's go." She replied clumsily.

"Are you alright, Mei sama?. If you're not feeling well we can go back to our room." Rihito advised.

"I'm fine and I don't want to waste the opportunity of enjoying grade B gourmet." Mei raised a thumb.

"Please excuse me." Rihito moved his front hair upside and placed his forehead on hers.

"R-Rihito san." Mei uttered nervously.

"It seems that you're not running a fever so we shall go now." He tapped her shoulder. Mei nodded before letting out a heavy sigh. Sometimes she felt that Rihito is treating her like a little girl which makes her really upset. She knew that she doesn't have Rika's beautiful face or Fujiko's sexy body but deep inside her heart she really hopes for him to notice that she is a grown up now.

"Stupid Daimon!. I want that huge bunny rabbit so make sure that you put four rings inside that spot." Miruku snapped at her butler while pointing at the right corner of the ringtoss stall.

"I'll try my best, Miruku sama." Daimon gave his mistress an army salutation. Mei smiled at the scenery in front of her.

"Mei sama, would you like me to join the game and get some merchandise for you?" Rihito offered.

"Thank you, Rihito san. I guess we should buy some snacks and find a comfortable place to sit." She replied.

"Certainly. I will get some octopus frits and fried noodle for you so please wait here." He ordered before leaving the place. Mei examined her surroundings and found out Clarisse who was still dressed in her school uniform laughing out loud endlessly at Leon who wore an ogre mask. She must admit that sometimes she envied them because they always looked so happy together and they can teased each other at school without being worried to get scold since they're childhood friends. All of sudden, she recalled what Fujiko told her when they were inside the Stella dormitory.

The legend said that any couple who kissed underneath the Milky Way will never be apart.

Mei started to explore the night sky above her seriously. The Milky Way won't be seen during the rainy day and when the moon if out. Since today was sunny and the moon wasn't out she was sure enough that she'll be able to see it. However, she flushed when she realized that she needed to ask Rihito to kiss her in order to fulfill the legend.

"Sorry to keep you waiting, Mei sama." Mei immediately averted her look from the night sky when she heard his voice.

"Is there something wrong with the sky?" Rihito asked confusedly before he started to examine the night sky.

"I was just searching for the Milky Way." Mei replied shortly.

"I know the best place where we can see the Milky Way. I'll show you the way." Rihito smiled at his mistress. Mei nodded happily as she followed him proceeding his way to the school garden. After about fifteen minutes of walking they finally arrived in front of a fountain.

"That's the Milky Way." Rihito pointed at the silvery clouds on the West. Mei looked at the same direction and lost her words when she saw the beautiful scenery beyond. Rihito quickly spread a picnic sheet and set the food he bought on paper plates before pouring a cold barley tea into a paper cup.

"Mei sama, please have a drink. It's quite hot today and it might cause dehydration." Rihito said as he offered the paper cup.

"Thank you, Rihito san." She received the cup and took a sip. When she finished her drink she grabbed the tea bottle and a paper cup.

"Mei sama." Rihito was about to take the tea bottle from her when she stopped him.

"I don't want you to collapse from dehydration too, Rihito san." she insisted as she gave him the paper cup filled with barley tea.

"Thank you very much." He said before gulping his tea. Mei bit her lips while staring at the night sky. She gasped when she noticed some black clouds proceeding their way.

"Is everything alright?" Rihito asked anxiously when he saw his mistress panicked. Mei swallowed the lump in her throat and took a deep breath.

"Rihito san."

"Yes, Mei sama?"

"I want us to kiss underneath the Milky Way now." She felt as if her face was going to explode from embarrassment. Rihito gave a look of doubt at his mistress.

"Please, Rihito san." She continued.

"Your wish is my command." He leaned forward and planted his lips fully on hers. After a moment that seemed like forever they broke the kiss. Mei looked up to the sky and let out a relief sigh when she found no more black clouds in the sky.

"So, from now on we shall never be apart." Rihito concluded.

"H-How d-did you…." Mei could feel her cheeks burning.

"I asked Natsume sama about what she told you when I met her at the fried noodles stall." Rihito smiled. Mei covered her face with both hands feeling ashamed.

"You should not be shy, Mei sama." He said as he pulled her right arm gently and made her sat on his lap.

"You always treat me as if I'm a five years old girl." Mei complained. In a speed of light Rihito pushed her to the ground and crashed his lips on hers. She didn't expect his sudden action so her eyes were remaining open. She was about to move away from him but his arms locked her so tight and his weight on her kept her still.

"I love you, Mei sama but the love between mistress and butler is prohibited here so we must keep our relationship as a secret. However, I want us to behave like ordinary couple when no one is around." He whispered after he broke the kiss.

"I love you too, Rihito san and I'm glad that we could share a kiss underneath the Milky Way." She replied.

To Be Continued