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Lilac, a beautiful flower that smells so sweet. Draco thought as he stood near the window looking out at the girl who was in his backyard for last hour. She was very beautiful. Long light brown hair, with a hint of curl. She looked very slim. Draco didn't know the color of her eyes but their most likely gorgeous.

"Draco." Draco jumped at the sound of his father's voice.

"Father, who is she?" Lucius sighed and looked at his son.

"Draco, she is just a girl that will be staying with us." He said plainly but Draco sensed that there was something more to it. Lucius could tell that Draco wanted to know more, "Draco, she is very close to someone important."


"Never mind Draco, mind your business."

Over the next few days, Draco got more curious. Days would pass by when he wouldn't do anything but stare at her from the back wondering what the front looked like.

Just staring at her was wonderful; he didn't need friends right now. When Draco would get his hands on her, they will be together and he wouldn't need anyone but her.

Draco smiled at the thought of dancing with her. A lot of thoughts of her made him smile.

Why was Draco so interested in this woman? Never talked to her and never been within ten feet of her. Something was controlling his emotions more than just boy hormones. It felt like it was someone telling him to like her. There was something controlling him.

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