Blearily awakened from her deep slumber by the odd brightness in her bedroom, easily discerned even through her closed eyelids, Dawn Summers yawned, and then she finally opened her eyes while still flat on her back in her bed.

She was looking right up at a fluffy cloud in a bright blue morning sky.

Instantly sitting straight up in her bed, Dawn clutched the bedsheets to herself, and she stared around slack-jawed at her surroundings. Instead of the familiar confines of her sleeping chamber in that woman's apartment in the Scottish castle, she and her bed had been unexpectedly relocated to the middle of a green pasture in front of an oddly-familiar road…

Abruptly twisting around on the mattress to look behind herself, Dawn stared at a small hill, over which the younger Summers sister could see the tops of the towers of the IWC's headquarters, which meant she was right at the entrance of the main road leading to the castle. What next caught her attention was an evident explanation of her current location and situation.

Vertically attached to the back of her bed's headboard by duct tape was a long wooden stick which had a very large piece of stiff, white paper stapled to the top end of the stick. There were currently two sentences printed in black ink on this placard attached to the stick, in enormous block letters meant to be seen from as far away as possible, all in the extremely recognizable (if somewhat shaky) feminine handwriting of a certain short blonde:



Descending from the bottom of the last sentence inscribed on the placard was a drawn line ending in an arrow point that would have unequivocally indicated a certain sleeping young woman.

Falling back into her bed while shrieking with laughter, Dawn joyously wrapped her arms around herself and continued her hilarity, until she finally ran out of breath. Wiping away tears of mirth with the edge of her pillowcase, Dawn beamed upwards at the heavens with their promise of a new day, enjoying it all, until she suddenly yawned.

Deciding to catch a few more winks before things livened up today due to some evil wizard, aliens from outer space, and mole men from the center of the earth digging towards the surface, or whatever combination thereof, of these beings coming along to abduct her, Dawn Summers now pulled the bedsheets over her head, and as the Key slipped back into blissful slumber, that woman now drowsily thought, *Good thing Buffy finally caved. She really wouldn't have enjoyed next week at all, if I had to keep up the pressure. Still, my main babysitter back in Sunnydale would've been totally proud of me, and it took a lot to impress Anyanka the vengeance demon.*