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Do you believe in myths? No not the kind with unicorns and fairies, I'm talking about the ones with vampires, werewolves and witches. The kind that gave you nightmares as a kid and as you got older left you in awe. You were left thinking how cool it would be if something like that where real. When I was a kid one of my favorite costumes for Halloween was a vampire. I always wondered what one would look like in real life because we all know that the movies have them wrong.

Now I ask you this, what would you do if you where to find out that vampires really did exist? What would you do if you soon found out that said vampire was trying to coax you into being his mate? Well I'll tell you what I did, I ran. I ran not because he was a vampire and not because I couldn't accept them, there actually quite adapted to human lifestyle and all, very human people actually. No I ran because he wanted me to be his and when it comes to love, I have trust issues and a little bit of commitment issues. That's why I am now on a plane back home, school has started again and I want to just forget about everything and pray that he lets it go.


As I walked through the doors of my university, I was quite pleased to see my best friend standing at the end of the hall waving at me like a mad man, with a grin that could split his face in two. Oh it had been way to long since I last saw him. I had been sent aboard for some months to study at some prestigious art school whose name I have already forgotten. I hated it at that school, everyone seemed to have gotten a hate on for me the moment I showed up. The only good thing at that school was the blue haired vampire that I had roomed with. Yes I roomed with a vampire, it was quiet the shock for me to, you see I found out by accident. But I accepted him and thought it was pretty cool to, not to mention I have an extremely huge crush on said vampire but we'll just ignore that facture.

"Oi! Lookin good strawberry! It's been too long!" Renji called as he came up and gave me a full on hug.

"Ya man it has and don't fucking call me strawberry, ya damn pineapple!" I said with a light punch to the arm.

"So how does it feel to be back home man?" Renji asked as we rounded the corner to our class room, me and Renji both had our homeroom together. School had already started and I was a week behind, not that I cared or anything but it was still a pain.

"Feels fuckin great man, I never realized I missed you guys so much until I got off that damn plane. Though I must admit I didn't fuckin miss these damn uniforms." The uniform it's self was black on black, it came in tow with a crimson red silk tie and thankfully you had the option of whether or not you wore the blazer, which was also black but had the accented, TZA in red on the blazer collar. It was simple yes, but a killer in the summer time. I thanked the lords that the school had AC.

Now ill give ya a little info about TZA (I can never remember the whole name, it was to damn long. Something like, Tensa Zangetsu's elite academic university blah blah blah) Anyway it's no ordinary university. First off it house's about maybe a hundred student's who either have amazing academic skill, have incredibly rich parents or sometimes both. It caters to all its students with fine care and the thing about this school is if you go here, you are a hundred percent guaranteed to do well in life. Everyone has there own skills and are at a constant battle with each other to be the best.

Now this school suited me for a couple reasons. One I love a good battle, whether it's academically or physically I'm always up for a good fight. Two I am extremely good at art, all forms in that matter but painting in particular. I can bring the most boring object to life and even make the most gruesome act have light to it. No one can deny the beauty and depth of my art work. Now I'm not one to brag but I know what I'm good at and I'm damn proud of it. Any way rather then focusing us to become a teacher or a scientist, the school focuses on molding us into being the next Andy Warhol or David Beckham.

As we entered the classroom I instantly noticed that my ex-boyfriend, Shuhei Hisagi was currently perched on some guy's desk. Not that I cared, he had cheated on me so I made it quiet clear that I wanted him to stay the hell out of my life. I didn't need some asshole like that for a boyfriend. What kicked me was that I had never seen this guy before and I pretty much new every person at this school due to how small it was, not to mention it took a hell of a lot of skill to get in here and the only thing this guy looked like he was good at was sleeping.

The guy had a sleepy yet smug look on his face and his brown hair sat at his shoulders in a wavy mass, all in all he was a pretty good looking guy. Now the moment that Hisagi noticed me though, he quickly got his cheating ass off of the sleepy guy's desk and stared at me with mild shock.

"Ichi….I thought you weren't getting back for another two months…Why are you here?" He asked with a light dusting of pink on his face at my old pet name.

"First off don't ever call me Ichi again and secondly I finished the program two months ahead of schedule because I wanted to come home. " Shit I wonder what Grimmjow had done when he found out I left, I wonder if he was upset. Probably not, it's not like he couldn't find someone else the moment he walked out of the dorm. Dammit Ichigo stop thinking about him!

"Ichigo, you're back! It's so nice to have my number one student back in school. I heard you exceeded the school's expectations quit nicely, as I expected of course." Urahara said with a proud smirk. Urahara sensei was my art instructor and mentor, his art was absolutely amazing and made me wish that one day I could paint as well as he did. He was well known across Japan and America for his work and was the one who pushed me to go to the other school in the first place. I don't know whether I should thank him or kill him.

"Ya it was pretty easy, but I gotta say the school was full of a bunch of snobby rich kids who couldn't take a little competition, geez I couldn't stand it." I said as I huffed out my anger.

"As apposed to this school that is full of a bunch of snobby rich kids who love the competition, right?" He laughed as he ruffled my hair. "Go take a set so I can get started, we can catch up later."

I quickly scanned the room for an empty seat, only a couple seats left and I opted for one by the window. Just as I sat down the doors to the classroom where flung open in.

"Honestly, do you always have to make such a loud entrance every where you go?" A monotone voice asked.

"Hell ya I do, makes an impression!" A familiar rumbling voice answered.

At that moment I was stuck to my seat, I literally had forgotten how to make my limbs work. At the mere sight of his blue hair my heart started to go into over drive and my hands started to shake. I couldn't even look at the rest of him in fear that I might pass out from shock. 'Oh my dear god, what the hell are they doing here?' I thought as my heart beat at a pace that would rip out of my chest at any moment.

"Oh you must be the new students! It's a pleasure to meet you both I'm Urahara sensei and-"

Sensei's voice was cut out by the blood pounding in my ears. I couldn't move to raise my head, my eyes where shut as tight as they could go and my hands clenched the fabric of my pants. 'No way, I must be dreaming, there's no way that they're here. It's impossible, he wouldn't follow me.' But all thoughts went to a screeching halt as I felt his breath ghost over my ear.

"It's so nice to see you Ichi, oh how I've missed my little kitten." Yes, Grimmjow had a tendency of calling me kitten, but that's whole other story. Oh god I couldn't even get pissed about that nickname because that voice that was smooth as silk ran into my ears and made me gasp for breath. My nose smelt his scent. It was musky and spicy and was sexual all at the same time, it sent blood pooling to my crotch the moment I smelt it. As I opened my eyes they quickly shot up to his own, warm honey orbs met sensual cerulean ones.

"Grimmjow" I quietly spoke as I felt my cheeks burn a deep red.

"Ichigo, did you really think you could get away from me that easily?" He husked out with a smile that showed off his prominent canines. At that moment my mind gave out and went black. Oh geez, well it's just like they say right? You can run but you can't hide.

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