A/N: So how many of you shit your pants a little when you saw this update? *cackles* I'm so evil I'm sorry, this isn't an update on this story, but is an update for another story I wanted to tell you guys about! I've written up a Shiro/Ichi version of SAV called Paint Me In Red and I'd love it for you to go and check it out ^^ I wanted to put this up because I know not everybody who likes this story has me on updates for new stories, or may see it and just pass by it cause I don't announce that it's a Shiro/Ichi SAV story in the discretion because of lack of room lol. So I wanted everybody to have a chance to read it if they want to check it out ^^ I hope you all like it and just so you know, it's not an exact copy of SAV, it's their own story and lots of changes have been made, but lots of things have been kept as well. I've never done this in a story before, so it's a bit different but again I hope you all enjoy.

UPDATE! After I finish up Paint Me In Red I will be in fact starting up the next half of SAV. *insert epic cheer here* lol! Now PMIR won't be anywhere near as long as SAV was, maybe 10 chapters or so? So don't expect it to drag like SAV did.

Thanks for reading this guys and of course, happy reading!