Japan: I wanted to stress each sound in the Japanese alphabet to the utmost extent of my ability. How does this sound? *breathes in slowly and deeply, then starts to soothingly sing* MaruKITE chikyuu, MaruKITE chikyuu. Ni-ya-hon to moushimasu! *bows gracefully* Arigato, Himaruya-san.

America: Maroo kaitee chick… erm… maroo kait… um… maro kaitey… Hey, guess what? I'm the hero!

France: *arrives in a very elegant white suit and summons all the ballerinas and other dancers he brought along with him to follow him into the studio. Suddenly, opera music plays and the dancers go about spinning and twirling all around France as they throw flower wreaths and velvet curtains and glitter all about the walls the decorate the studio as France is performing* MARUKAITE CHIKYUU MARUKAITE CHIKYUU MARUKAITE CHIKYUU ORE FURANSU! *once France is done belching out all the lyrics in his best opera voice, the dancers stop and the music in the background does as well. France stands there in the middle of the studio, awaiting a reply from shocked Hidekaz* Well, how did that sound?

Hidekaz: *adjusts his glasses and tries to get the blown away expression off of his face* Huh? You were singing?

Italy: Marukaite Chikyuu! Marukaite Chikyuu! Marukaite… PAAAAASTAAAAA!

Hidekaz: *smiles at the foolish boy* No, Italy. Your word is bologna.

Italy: Huh? What is bologna?

Hidekaz: It's what America's full of.

Italy: Ohhhh, now I get… wait, what?

England: Ma- Ru- Kai- Te- Chik- Y- Oo? You expect me to bloody sing that?

Canada: Marukaite Chikyuu. Marukaite Chikyuu. Marukaite Chikyuu. I am NOT America!

Sweden: …

Hidekaz: *nervously laughs and tugs on his collar because he was sweating like crazy* EXCELLENT JOB! THAT WAS AMAZING! PURE GENIUS… NEEEEXT PLEASE!

Lol, I got the idea when I was listening to everybody's Marukaite chikyuus on my ipod. Japan's I noticed sounded different from the others so I wrote his exactly how it sounded to me. And... fun fact: Bologna is actually some kind of city in Italy. Americans just name their sausage after it, lol. And one more thing. I will continue this if you guys want me to. Just request who you want to see in here and I'll try to make it happen. Of course the ones that just come to me will naturally be funnier but I'll try to do my best on any request you give me! :)