Title: American Beauty

Genre: Drama, Romance

Summary: Edward and Bella have finished raising their daughter. They now live alone together traveling the world. It has been forty-years and Edward has not seen his "family" in awhile. After the death of both Bella's parents a couple of years ago she spiraled into a depression he has not been able to get her out of. And she refuses to see the Cullen's, even if its for him. Being forever young, beautiful, and immortal isn't as pleasant as she thought it would be and she blames them all… Edward decides she needs a break and time for herself, he leaves to go find his family, but only finds Rose. Beautiful Rose….

Disclaimer: Characters belong to Stephanie Meyer, nothing of twilight is mine.

WARNING: Edward is unfaithful in this story with Rosalie. If that disappoints you in some way, do not read. You've been warned!

Rated- MATURE. Adult language and content.


Why had I never noticed how graceful, and wonderfully attractive Rose was? She was so beautiful, flawless, and different..

How could I be thinking these thoughts. Did I really have no soul?

Stop it Edward, I yelled into my head. My head didn't listen.

We were in the city of Paris, all alone in a small building in the middle of it all. The romance, the lights, and everything around us had led me to this point. The point of irresistibility.

A candle flickered across the small living room, we had no electricity, our "family" owned this building for decades and we had never thought to install any.

Her perfect figure was turned away from me, she stood over a small wooden table reading a book quietly. I was provoked to read her thoughts, but forced myself not to.

My walk had still not made these lustful and horrid thoughts leave my mind, and anything that she could have been thinking would worsen it.

Before I realized it I was behind her, holding her waist between my hands, such a tiny waist. Had she worn a skirt to tempt me further?

I felt her shudder at my touch. "Edward, what are you doing," She whispered sensually.

At the sound of her voice, I was instantly hard and pressing against her firm bottom.

My lips slowly, and tentatively traced kisses down her neck and I pressed my fully erect manhood against her skirt further. She extended her arm back and began to pull on my hair as I kissed her.

This was so wrong, but all I needed was her at that moment. The craving for her needed to be sated..

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