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This couldn't be happening, what was I doing, this was wrong…I broke away from the kiss and without looking back, left.

Her full red lips waiting back at the apartment, beckoning for my return haunted me. Why was I in such denial? For the first time in a while I actually had feelings. And I felt needed.

A couple passed as I walked towards nowhere bound, they held hands and stared into each other's eyes lovingly. The woman had icy blue-eyes, I thought of Rosalie when she had been human.

Had I really been denying myself all this time, back then I initially thought her to be a nuisance, a vain and envious creature who thought she deserved the world because of her beauty. Rose did deserve everything, she was beautiful both inside and out.

And I had loved her at one point, and I had yearned for her. . I was a devil to be thinking of what I wanted to do at this moment. A soul-less Fein.

Using the speed I was gifted being the animal I was, I returned to the front of the building and stared.

Pure Rosalie filled my nostrils as her smell called to me, she was quiet, and I wondered how she managed to keep her thoughts so still.

Hesitantly, I made my way back inside.

Why had I never noticed how graceful, and wonderfully attractive Rose was? She was so beautiful, flawless, and different..

How could I be thinking these thoughts. Did I really have no soul?

Stop it Edward, I yelled into my head. My head didn't listen.

We were in the city of Paris, all alone in a small building in the middle of it all. The romance, the lights, and everything around us had led me to this point. The point of irresistibility.

A candle flickered across the small living room, we had no electricity, our "family" owned this building for decades and we had never thought to install any.

Her perfect figure was turned away from me, she stood over a small wooden table reading a book quietly. I was provoked to read her thoughts, but forced myself not to.

My walk had still not made these lustful and horrid thoughts leave my mind, and anything that she could have been thinking would worsen it.

Before I realized it I was behind her, holding her waist between my hands, such a tiny waist. Had she worn a skirt to tempt me further?

I felt her shudder at my touch. "Edward, what are you doing," She whispered sensually.

At the sound of her voice, I was instantly hard and pressing against her firm bottom.

My lips slowly, and tentatively traced kisses down her neck and I pressed my fully erect manhood against her skirt further. She extended her arm back and began to pull on my hair as I kissed her.

This was so wrong, but all I needed was her at that moment. The craving for her needed to be sated..

She pulled at her underwear and impatiently I ripped them off as I pinned her against the nearest wall her butt still pressing against me. Rosalie was shaped magnificently, like an hour glass, I pulled my pants down and released what had been begging to be inside of her for so many years.

Finally, I would take Rosalie.

Please, she begged in her mind filling my head with images of all the things we could do and promises of everything she would let me do.

Rosalie arched her back as I put my tip to her opening and with one quick thrust I entered her clinging to her like a lifeline, she moaned making my body shake.

This was very wrong, but it felt entirely right not to continue. I reached under her shirt to cup her breast as I thrust in deeper and deeper, while she screamed with pleasure.

Fighting the urge to scream with her I bit on her neck as her bottom cheeks bounced on my manhood making it harder to fight the urge to release soon.

Climax with me Edward! She yelled in her head and I bid as she desired as we both reached what one could only describe as heaven.

Minutes later, we were on floor completely naked her on top of me riding me wildly as I tugged on her hair. Her breasts bouncing against my chest, her lips swollen looking like a pure Angel. How would I ever be able to get enough of her? Nothing had ever felt this good in my entire existence.

"Scream my name Edward," She whispered hoarsely.

"Rosalie!" I yelled as she rode me harder and harder and I held her waist between my hands, the floor shaking beneath us.

Our entire night continued the same way, we did things in positions that I would have found unimaginable and in places that would be considered unholy. Nothing in the apartment was intact, the furniture was broken into pieces and the walls had many cracks. Evidence of what we had done here would be difficult to hide, but at that point it didn't matter. Nothing mattered but her and I.

In the morning Rosalie laid naked on top of a rug in her bedroom, her lids closed, a smile on her lovely face. She was recalling everything we had just done in her head, enjoying every sinful image of it. And I was as well. Holding her in my arms felt, whole. As if I had just solved an intricate puzzle and she had been that missing piece.

Not feeling fully sated I crawled back and began to kiss her naked long legs causing her to shudder. Reading every pleasurable thought as I kissed my way up, I felt like my sole mission was to please Rose.

My mouth touched the lips to her vagina and I began to suck, the way a vampire knew how. Her body began to writhe uncontrollably underneath me as my tongue entered her.

Everything we were doing was shameful, wrong… and completely wonderful. She tasted so good, I lived for her.

Her lids flew open, her eyes once again lust filled. "Promise we can stay like this forever." Not bothering to disguise how her voice was hoarse.

Looking up, I smiled crookedly. "I promise Rosalie."