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Rose P.O.V

I don't know how long it must have been but I felt like I had been asleep for days. I awoke to see the love of my life looking down at me running his hands up and down my side. When our gazes locked I saw relief and happiness fill Dimtri's eyes.

" Roza.."

The way he said my name sent shivers down my body, unconsciously I closed what little space was there between us. I don't know why but I needed Dimitri so much right now. I had no memory of what previously happened but whatever did happen I felt so much relief and joy to see him

and I needed him, to make me his and only his. I kissed his sweet lips and enjoyed the ecstasy I was feeling. His hands started to feel up and down my body. He licked my lips and without needing to ask he slipped his tongue in. We started to fight over who was going to be in control

but Dimitri ultimately won as our kissing deepened he gripped my hips tight in his hands. I flipped us over so that I was on top he looked up to me his eyes full of passion and love nothing needed to be said because we both knew what we wanted. I leaned down and kissed him slowly

looking him in the eyes he gazed into mines as well and at the moment we both knew we were all we wanted and needed. I began kissing down to his collar bone I sucked and nipped him here and there every kiss earning me a small groan from him I smiled in self satisfaction and

continued my mission. I kept trailing kissed down his perfect rock hard stomach enjoying the feel of his masculine body the more I kissed him the more I could feel he was getting hard for me and that made me get more wet than I already was. When I reached his manhood I looked back

to him and saw lust,passion, love, much more in his eyes. As his pants and boxers came off, I could see that he was ready for me to take him as I took him in and started to slowly work my ways he gripped my hair and started to groan and moan.

" R..Roza.."

I started to suck a little faster and was rewarded with him moaning. I was ready for him to take me, I couldn't take this anymore I needed Dimtri inside me right now so I let him go and trailed kisses up his abs once again up to his collar bone and finally found his lips. He kissed me fiercely

and turned us over so that I was on the bottom. I saw animal instinct within him and no doubt I reflected the same. He kissed me and started to trail down my collar bone every kiss he gave me left a burning fire and need within me. He hands ran up and down my body each touch gentle

and delicate, my cloths came off quickly his hands found my breast and began to kneed them as he kissed me. He took one mound into his mouth and began to suck. I moaned and my back arched he positioned his hips right along mine. He looked into my eyes and I saw so much love

and devotion in them. I couldn't take it anymore I wanted him inside me this instant.

" Take me now Dimitri.." I said to him breathlessly .

He kissed me sift and delicately on the lips as he started to enter into my warmth we both moaned at this immense pleasure. He began rocking back and fourth and I rocked in perfect rhythm with him. I arched my self more and Dimitri held my back and began to suck at one of my breast

again. I moaned louder and started to loose my self in this amazing moment of ecstasy we both were feeling. I flipped us over and I began to ride him moving faster and faster with every moment that went by our moans got louder and louder until we both finally reached our peaks and

were taken into a blissful ecstasy. I laid down next to him and let him hold me in his arms. Neither of us said anything until he looked down to me.

" Oh Roza I thought I had lost you but a miracle saved you and now you're here with me."

As I tried to process what he said I remembered last nights events. The dream that had felt so real to me I saw all those dear to me killed right in front of my eyes the anguish that had filled me when I saw Dimitri's lifeless body on the floor. I could vaguely remember hearing Dimitri and

Lissa both yell to me but I was to tired to answer to them my guardian training began to kick in and I looked to my surroundings. I was in a dimly lit room the furniture was just like the ones the royal families back at the courts use the window had a long black curtain that blocked out the

sunlight from coming in and it seemed as if for the moment we were safe.

" What's going on? Why are we here? How did we get here?", Dimitri half smiled and kissed me on the forehead.

" How about I let Lilah tell you."

I looked to him confused. Who was this Lilah person he had mentioned. Just as I was about o ask him another question someone came in. I smiled and felt such relief when I saw Lissa's smiling face she looked to me and realized she had walked in at an inconvenient time her face was

very red and she looked away almost immediately .

" Uh Rose I'm real uh glad to see you and I would run and give yo a bear hug but uh seems I came a bit to soon uhhh either way I also brought some cloths I was given to give to you so um I'll just put them by this chair. I'll wait outside."

With that she closed the door and Dimitri and I broke out laughing at Lissa's embarrassment don't get me wrong I felt bad but still how many times had I been sucked into Lissa's head on her love making sessions well too many to count. So now we were even. Both Dimitri and I jumped

into to the shower and took our time "cleaning" ourselves when we got out I took the cloths Liss had brought for me. Fortunately they were a pair of skinny jeans and a black long sleeve also by the chair were a pair of black converse that I so gladly slipped on. When I brushed my hair

out and put it into a ponytail I looked to Dimitri who had long been dressed and just sat there observing me.

" See something you like Comrade.", I smirked to him.

He smiled his rare gorgeous smiles to me and walked over to me.

" Yes I do and I like what I see very much."

I laughed and put my arms around him.

" Well we should get going Liss is waiting outside in case you had forgotten."

He nodded and he led the way out. Lissa was sitting on a small couch just outside the room when she looked up I felt her worry and relief sink through the bond. I let go of Dimitri and went to hug Lissa tight. She sniffled into my shoulder and I just held her there as she cried.

" I thought.. I had lost you.. I felt you slip and I felt such a loneliness it's so hard to tell you the pain I felt at having lost you for a short time.. It felt like years to me."

Lissa cried harder and I just held her there letting her emotions overwhelm me through the bond. Only repeating one sentence to her.

" I wont ever leave you, I'll always protect you."

After a few more moments she finally recomposed herself and the three of us walked over to a large dining room. There was a very long dining table in the center of the room and one side of the room were windows all covered in a fine gold fabric a chandelier hanging from the top of the

room at the end of the table was a woman with jet black hair that was in a french braid, her skin was an ivory color and her piercing blue eyes looked to us revealing an amazing smile and two sharp fangs. She stood to greet us and her blue floor length dress added more to her elegant

appearance. It wrapped just around her shoulders and the sleeves went a little past her elbow.

" Welcome My Lady."

I assumed she was talking to Liss so I stepped back letting her get a full view of Lissa. She laguhed such a sweet laugh and looked to me.

" No My Lady I was talking to you.", she said to me as she smiled warmly. I stood there with my mouth wide open. This woman here was crazy as we sat there I was inutter astonishment at all the information she was giving me. I Rosemarie Hathaway was once a Queen and Damphirs and the ShadowKissed once lived in harmony.

This all sounded like bullshit I looked over to my two most trusted friends and they both had such serious faces so this was telling me maybe Lilah wasn't so full of bullshit. It took several minutes for me to accept all this Dimitri sat at one side and he held my hand as I calmed my self down

I could feel Lissa soothing me as I received more information. Now this Master was on my ass trying to kill me for some reason and apparently almost did whoever this Master was he was so going to get it when we met no one almost kills Rose Hathaway and gets away with it. Lilah kept

explaining that I also was gifted like Moroi that I was able to harness the elements but unlike them I wielded all of the elements including Spirit which sacred not only me but Lissa and Dimitri as well. As or talk reached and end Lilah informed me that I was going to begin training to

prepeare me to face any Darklings and or the Master. As I agreed to this I remembered Lissa's wedding I told Lilah about it and she apparently knew and that she would make arrangements so that I had to for everything. We all nodded and Lissa went back to her room to get ready

because Christian and Adrian were on their way. Dimitri and I went back to our rooms and we laid there in bed enjoying each others company.

" This all seems so surreal to me Comrade."

He breathed deep and brushed my hair out of my face.

" As to me to Roza."

I held on tight to Dimitri as I kissed his cheek.

" What have I gotten myself into this time.", I said aloud.

In the Darkling Realm

There were thousands of evil soulless creatures roaming about. Like savages squirming for any scrap of food they could get. They were forming and army preparing for the downfall of the Queen once more and at the top of this malevolent mountain stood a castle withered and torn down

by years of decay. There was a man with cold violet snake like eyes watching from afar as he prepared for the down fall of the Dark Queen.

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